COVID-19 Crimes for the Under Fives

Especially if you are under five in a poor nation.

Is this the Covid crazies’ worst crime? by Tom Woods

—<Quote begins>—

Earlier this week I wrote about the drive to give the shots to children as young as six months, and not long before that I wrote about how the hysterics manipulated the numbers to make Covid seem like a worse threat to children than it really is.

So what we have, then, is a disease that is of essentially zero danger to children, but in response to it the lizard people — and this is the understatement of the century — implemented a series of policies that did serious harm to children.

I just read (I had somehow missed it) from several months ago the first paper that attempts to estimate the mortality effects on children caused by economic damage done by lockdowns and restrictions.

Remember when people tried claiming that you and I cared only about the economy, but they, being morally superior to us, cared about saving lives?

And remember how we understood that implementing a strategy that wasn’t going to save lives anyway but that would do massive and gratuitous damage to the economy would itself wind up taking people’s lives? Remember how we understood that this dichotomy between “the economy” and “saving lives” was juvenile and inane?

We were right yet again.

And by the way, I’m not looking for kudos here. Anyone without brain damage had to know what the consequences of these things would be.

The paper, by the way, which has five authors and was published in the peer-reviewed PLOS ONE, is called “Estimated impact of the 2020 economic downturn on under-5 mortality for 129 countries.”

From the paper:

Between 1990 and 2019, there has been a sustained trend of decline in global poverty and infant mortality in LMICs [Low and Middle Income Countries]. However, as hypothesized above, COVID-19 related economic downturns of 2020 are likely to reverse these positive trends…. 

We estimate that the economic downturns of 2020 significantly increased loss of life among children younger than five years old in LMICs. Many of the countries in this analysis have relatively young populations with tenuous access to stable housing, clean water, food, and primary care. The health of these children is highly susceptible to reductions in the economic well-being of their families. Children in these lower income countries are also subject to a high rate of exposure to other infectious diseases, besides COVID-19, which makes them more susceptible when the economy reduces their access to nutrition, housing, water, sanitation, and parental care. Disruptions to primary health care service supply and demand will compound these threats, and thus may be a likely driver of increased mortality in these settings.

According to the study, assuming a conservative scenario of a five percent reduction in GDP per capita, the additional number of under-5 deaths (in other words, over and above the number of deaths that would have occurred under normal conditions) is 282,996. In the scenarios of 10 or 15 percent reductions in GDP per capita, the excess loss of life among children under age five is 585,802 and 911,026, respectively.

You have surely heard some people in our camp call for hearings, trials, imprisonments, and maybe some of you have thought those demands are over the top.

Look at those numbers again, and then consider what the perpetrators of this catastrophe deserve.

Finally, a quick reminder that Ryan Levesque, the author of Ask (one of the most important business books of all time, in my opinion), is joining my folks (that includes you, dear reader) live tonight to discuss a best practice called “quiz funnels” that could well help keep you afloat and even thrive at a time when it seems as if the lizard people are doing their level best to make it hard to run a successful business.

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Tom Woods

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You can download the study in a number of places:

I bet that Our Betters have already half-way forgotten about COVID-19.

(Except for the Chinese government and their go-fers.

Still squeezing political capital from this synthetic mania, most pointedly destroying their economy in the name of power… and neo-Maoism.)

And that costly (in multiple ways) economic downturn is just getting started. When people go hungry, the children die first.

As if the death of children ever stayed the hands of our Ruling Class before.

We need a new Ruling Class.

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