Public Health Care Systems in Trouble

A.K.A., “Idols Fall.”

The United Kingdom

Patients are waiting for a record time for treatment in the NHS after being referred by a specialist. A&E is particularly affected as more than 1,000 people are seeing waiting times longer than 12 hours every day.


Canada’s health-care system on the verge of collapse, says head of CMA: CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart says challenges facing the health care system must stay top of mind for Canadians. Emergency departments are overwhelmed and ‘Canadians aren’t getting healthcare.’


L’hôpital public français en crise : manque de personnel et urgences fermées • FRANCE 24: En quelques semaines, des dizaines de services d’urgences à travers la France ont fermé partiellement, la nuit et parfois le week-end. Tandis que d’autres ont adopté un mode de fonctionnement dégradé, divisant par deux voire trois la capacité d’accueil des patients. La période estivale s’annonce particulièrement mouvementée. Jehane Fadlallah, médecin à l’hôpital St Louis à Paris, était l’invitée de France 24.

Google Translate:

The French public hospital in crisis: lack of staff and closed emergencies • FRANCE 24: In a few weeks, dozens of emergency departments across France have partially closed, at night and sometimes at weekends. While others have adopted a degraded mode of operation, halving or even tripling the capacity to accommodate patients. The summer period promises to be particularly eventful. Jehane Fadlallah, a doctor at St Louis Hospital in Paris, was the guest of France 24.

It’s going to take a while for Our PseudoSaviour, The Healing God-State kindly shoves off and die.

Especially as millions and millions love the idea of Free Healthcare.

But the money ain’t there. Neither are the doctors & nurses… not in the Civilized West.1

One by one, they will be degraded, then broken up, then forgotten. Faster in some nations than others.

Christians must start getting re-acquainted with medicinal skills and practice. Yes, even now, when quite a lot of Western medical professionals, schools, and institutions specifically looks to lock out Christians from graduation and work any chance they get.

When the government money runs out, the feral dogs will wander away from the dead and stripped carcass.

“No easy money in medicine? No power & control over the Inferiors in medicine? I’m out of here!”

“They aren’t stuffing our mouths with gold anymore!”

And we believing Christians will be left to deal with the wounded, the sexually mutilated, the multitudes of infirm and senile, those harmed by COVID-19 vaccines and all the other creative medical & social experiments of our Cultural Superiors.

We will be learning on the job, with precious few resources, doing what nobody cares about anymore, since the political promises about Free Stuff (and Free Healing, and Free Food) have gone bust.

No, it isn’t fair.

But the work must be done, anyways.

God demands it.

Might as well get serious about it.

1 “The Civilized West.” What a joke.

But once, it was — at times — something of a reality.

We Christians will have to rebuild, reconstruct, and improve upon the Christendom that the contemptuous and lawless Secularists carved up, perverted and raped, and finally flung into the gutter to rot and die.

Done in the name of “equality”, “empire”, “race”, “nation”, “party”… even “public health” and “science”.

Busted idols, already half-crumbled into dust.

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