The God-Emperor, Whose Word is Truth

“If you see an article about how Xi Jinping eradicated poverty in China, don’t just pay attention to this clip, but pay attention to the fact that you’re not allowed — we talked about this — it’s not that poverty was eliminated, it was that Xi Jinping said poverty was eliminated.

So if you talk about it now then you’re gonna get in trouble because poverty is supposed to, supposed to have been eliminated. It’s not the reality…”

“It’s virtual reality.”

“It is. So this poor guy just goes and looks at this wedding, puts the video out. Then he gets arrested because you’re not allowed to show poverty anymore. It’s not that poverty’s not allowed to exist…”

“He got arrested by the local government for, um, making China look bad. Yes that’s exactly that’s actually what the charge was, yeah.”

Additional evidence to support my charge of idolatry, before the One Who Sees:

NANCHANG, June 10 (Xinhua) — Huang Kunming, a senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official, on Friday underscored the necessity of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

Huang, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks while addressing a seminar on the subject held in Jinggangshan, east China’s Jiangxi Province.

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has put forward a range of new ideas, viewpoints and affirmations based on China’s actual situations, said Huang. It represents a new breakthrough in adapting Marxism to the context of China.

Under its guidance, historic achievements and changes were made in the cause of the Party and the country, said Huang. He called for solid efforts in studying, understanding and publicizing the thought. ■

Senior CPC official underscores studying, implementing Xi Thought

Devotional material, read by millions daily. Written by a man who much prefers pictures of Christ taken down in private homes, to be replaced by pictures of himself.

So the man in North Korea isn’t the only God-Emperor out there, after all!

But God will judge these lawless impostors.

But after the frauds are gone, who will finally teach the nations the right way to live and grow?

Will Christians finally do what Jesus told us to do? To disciple the nations?

Or will we merely cry out for more new kings, more new gods, and more new laws, just backed with different lies?

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