Cutting It Off

From Quora:

—<Quote begins>—

Jude Bennett Studied Political Science at Los Angeles Valley College (Graduated 1978)

How many children must be gunned down for you to start considering gun control?

Ban swimming pools-to many drownings, ban cars-to many accidents, ban marriage-to many divorces, ban fast-food & junk food-to many overweight people. It is the people not the gun, take responsibility.

—<Quote ends>—

Progressives – and all the other collectivists – are not known for their love and concern for children.

  • Not for their lives (see: abortion).
  • Not for their intelligence (see: public school education)
  • Not for their sexuality, maturity, or happiness (see: sexual mutilation)
    • Yes, they actually do encourage cutting off a little boys’ penis “if he feels like a girl” And if he commits suicide later at 24, because of a perverse choice the Betters encouraged when he was 6 – after taking him away from his parents, of course?

      “Not my problem”.

And of course, we know how the USSR was the first modern nation to legalize abortion, and how China disposed of its future because of the raw delight the Central Government had in cramming its fist through the teeth of million of poor women, and in tearing apart/drowning millions of infants before the eyes of their mothers.

(Yes, I’m talking about you, Chairman Deng.)

To see how Progressives love children, watch their actions.

(Especially children of the wrong skin shade: see Margaret Sanger, eugenist, for details. Or Kermit Gosnell.)

But Progressives do enjoy making pious “for the sake of the children” noises, if it means stripping Inferiors of both the right and the ability of self-defence, of placing the same value on their lives as God does.

Far better to place the disarmed public under the care of the armed police. Who have no legal requirement to protect the public, and will place Officer Safety above the lives of small children, never mind the Mundanes.

Christians should be suspicious, when Secular governments show a deep concern for their safety… and think that the very best way to protect them is to disarm them.

Unarmed Christians fare poorly under Secularist governments. Or Islamic governments, for that matter. For remarkably similar reasons.

“Thou shall have no god above US!”
declares Our Betters,
“And your life has the value that WE set on it!”

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