A One-Off, or a New Trend?

(A modified excerpt from the other blog)

It’s rather surprising that the Forever-Losers stopped losing. At least for today: June 24, 2022.

Whenever this is a one-off, or the start of a new trend, remains to be seen.

They would be wise to publicly thank God, consider what they did right for a change, and ponder how to build upon their victory.

They would also be wise not to rely on the powers and decisions of a 5-4 (or even 7-2) ruling of the judges. Pinning all of your hopes on the will of a few powerful Nobles & Mighty Men is an unwise long-term strategy.

More is needed. Much more.

The task remains the same. We do not seek to just make abortion illegal; we seek to make it unthinkable. So we preach the Gospel. We preach justice. We preach mercy. We preach the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Roe Is Overturned: What It Means And Doesn’t Mean.
John Reasnor, Lamb’s Reign

But also…

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