Darwinian Racism, Ape-Human Hybrids, and White Nationalists

From Evolution News: Listen: How Darwinian Materialism Poisoned Mainstream Ethics

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A new ID the Future episode again features Darwinian Racism author and historian Richard Weikart and radio host Hank Hanegraaff exploring the pernicious impact Charles Darwin and Darwinism have had on modern ethics. Ideas laid out in Darwin’s The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man fueled scientific racism in the United States and Nazi Germany, Weikart says, and undergird the ideas of contemporary white nationalists, who tend to be virulently anti-Christian and pro-Darwin.

We can take some comfort from the fact that white nationalists are a fringe movement and that most evolutionists today are anti-racist, but Weikart notes that Darwinian materialism has poisoned mainstream ethics in another way, by devaluing humans generally. This is why someone as mainstream as Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins felt free to publicly encourage experimentation in ape-human hybrids, work that Dawkins hopes will undermine the idea that humans are anything special. When the biblical idea that humans are made in the image of God is replaced with the idea that we are just a collocation of atoms spit out by a blind evolutionary process, all manner of evil against humans becomes far easier to justify.

Fortunately the scientific evidence has turned against evolutionary theory. To learn more about that, check out the short videos at Discovery Science, beginning with the series Science Uprising. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

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The dying Darwinian era is dying.

But, as White Nationalists remain unrepentant on their drive to dehumanize men (and women, and children) with “inferior genetics”, however defined, Christians will have to remain vigilant and hostile regarding whatever repulsive evil they’re planning.

Note that the entire point of Darwinism is to attack and destroy any law systems and any appeal beyond the control of the Right Sort of White Men.

Christians in response have remained as passive, complicit, and cravenly cowardly as you please, so long as their own comforts are secure.

This is evil on the part of Christians.

God demands the protection of all human life, and respect for His handiwork, for the Image of God. He demands this in His Law, and it is the duty of obedient Christians to not only obey this Law himself, but to teach the nations to do so as well.

The Kingdom of God must increase, in time and on earth.

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