Teaching Children the Will to Resist

From Providing Your Children With the Will to Resist by Gary North

—<Quote begins>—

Teenagers need guidance. They need role models. They need adult supervision from people who say, “Do as I say, just as I do.”

Here is a home school course on civics, or economics, or history. Or maybe a summer school course in between the junior and senior year. Do not send a student to college without this.

Week One: Morality

The basis of resistance is the knowledge of good and evil. Start the teenager with the first eight chapters of Proverbs. Spend time discussing them. This was aimed at young men. Use a document that has worked for 3,000 years.

Next, application. Assign the Book of Micah. The basics are there. Then assign Lamentations. There is a price to pay for national moral rebellion.

Week Two: Confrontation

The Book of Esther. It is the story of one woman’s resistance.

The Book of Acts. It is a story of community resistance.

Week Three: The Myth of Neutrality

C. S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength. It is the fictional story of modern bureaucracy, backed by government money, to extend the power of scientific elites. There is a price to pay. There are risks in life. There is no neutrality. (Read page 283.)

Week Four: Nazi Resistance

Corrie Ten Boom [BOHM], The Hiding Place, the story of a family that resisted the Nazis. There is always a price to pay.

Week Five: Communist Resistance

Vladimir Bukovksy, To Build a Castle. Unless you can buy two used copies, this will cost $80 (for two). This is worth every penny.

Week Six: Economics

Frederic Bastiat, The Law. (http://bastiat.org/en/the_law.html)

The Reader’s Digest version of F. A. Hayek’s book, The Road to Serfdom. (http://bit.ly/RoadRD)

Ludwig von Mises, Bureaucracy.

Week Seven: Economics

Mises, Planning for Freedom. (http://bit.ly/MisesPlanning)

Week Eight: Economics

Joel McDurmon, How to Argue With a Liberal . . . And Win.

Week Nine: Politics

The full version of The Road to Serfdom.

Weeks Ten-?: Theology and Tactics

If you want to go whole hog, selections from my two books:

Theology of Christian Resistance (http://GaryNorth.com/TheologyCR.pdf)
Tactics of Christian Resistance (http://GaryNorth.com/TacticsCR.pdf)

—<Quote ends>—

To defeat the morally filthy enemy, we must resist.

Resist and break the evil within our own hearts, all that challenges and defy’s God rule. All those liars in our thoughts must have their fangs ripped out.

Resist and break the evil outside of our own hearts. This is going to be a much slower and difficult affair. But Christians must expand the Kingdom of God into the outer world, as Jesus commanded.

Resist what is evil.

Hold fast to what is good.

From our hearts to our families. From our families to our congregations. and our businesses. And our neighborhoods, counties, towns.

Then, after we have earned our stripes, to the cities, the states, the nation, the world.

Gary North has some good advice, for our children and even for ourselves.

Let’s take it!

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