Twitter Mobs, Big Money, and an Op-Gyn Student

GetReligion recently published an article, The New Yorker profiles a pro-life ob-gyn student and the Twitter mobs descend by Julia Duin

Some good info here:

—<Quote begins>—

When Emma Green announced she was leaving the religion beat at The Atlantic to cover cultural conflicts in academia for the New Yorker, many of us hoped that she could squeeze a bit of religion reporting into the mix.

I’ve got to say this about her first piece for the latter: One cannot accuse her of dodging controversy. This is the story of a pro-life obstetrics student in an occupation that is formidably bent in the other direction and what it’s like to get consistently slammed by one’s professional peers.

Green had no sooner posted the story on Twitter than a cascade of hateful responses sprung up.

In the past there have been many stories in the mainstream media about what aspiring pro-abortion-rights ob-gyns go through in terms of training — but this is the first one I’ve seen in a major publication about what the abortion opponents go through.

—<Quote ends>—

Expect unpleasantness.

But victory must be gained, the price must be paid.

—<Quote begins>—

The hatred shown toward such young professionals is almost pathological. There’s no middle ground here.

—<Quote ends>—

Evil old people are evil old people.

They are not the future, regardless of their wealth and power and networks.

—<Quote begins>—

As I made my way through the story, I felt a lot of ink was devoted to why Buskmiller could be wrong, with plenty of abortion advocates were given space in which to talk.

This story was way kinder to the opposing point of view than its opposite would have been, if the tables were turned. That is, the pro-life resident was forced to admit the validity of abortion in certain cases; a mirror image article about a pro-choice resident would have never given credence to the pro-life view.

—<Quote ends>—

Christians are always invited to kneel and beg and waver before their contemptuous enemies.

Lots of Christians – pastors and priests and laymen alike – are desperately eager to kneel to who they truly fear, and win even a little drop of approval from the Right Sort.

Who you fear is who you truly worship.

—<Quote begins>—

I’m glad the article noted the central role of billionaire Warren Buffett and his late wife, Susan, in abortion funding. We’re talking some $5 billion poured into abortion advocacy, think tanks; what some call the “abortion-industrial complex.”

Had this been a conservative effort, the media would have been all over it years ago but because it has to do with funding by the Left, few people -– unless you read Philanthropy Roundtable — know about the river of abortion funding from the Buffetts’ largesse.

—<Quote ends>—

This sort of thing has been going on for quite a while.

You might want to ask Rockefeller about it.

Losers remain losers, though. Their time dwindles to nothingness. And their wealth is inherited by the righteous, who uphold the rule of God in their lives, public and private.

We win the future. For more than one reason…
…but, in truth, primarily by the mighty hand of God.

—<Quote begins>—

Since so many pro-choice practitioners were mentioned, I am curious why someone the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists wasn’t quoted. Here you have a whole group of people who had to navigate their way through hostile residencies.

—<Quote ends>—

Best that the commoner Christian trash be kept in ignorance, in the eyes of the New York Times.

—<Quote begins>—

That said, it was radical for the New Yorker to cover this point of view at all. At the end of the piece, cast a glance at links on related topics and all of them are pro-abortion rights. And if you don’t think there’s a lot of hate out there toward abortion opponents, read the Twitter comments.

We know the Twitter universe is largely inhabited by the secular Left; mainly well-paid guys in their 20s and 30s, and the vicious replies to Green’s tweet shows it.

Obviously I hope she ignores the rancor, which shows the ire of people not used to hearing a different point of view in the pages of the New Yorker. As she plumbs other cultural divides, these folks had better get used to hearing different voices and that Green pushes ahead with her ability to showcase them. It’s called journalism.

—<Quote ends>—

Nice to know the demographics of the Twitter yappers. I always thought that they were just a lot of women with time on their hand, but I am very wrong.

Imagine those vicious gossiping guys in their 40s and 50s: quite well paid, quite well connected, and the whole world has passed them by. Tailor-made for an era that no longer exists.

We need to stay young, stay flexible, get entrepreneurial, get self-disciplined (also seriously self-governing!), and work to build the future, rather than enjoy the pleasures of being part of a prosperous echo chamber.

The future calls.

Really, God calls.

We must answer, hear and obey.

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