The Fruits of Faithlessness

Quora: What is something socially accepted in Russia but totally disgusts you?

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Georgy Djaparidze Investment Manager (2010–present)

I left Russia in 2011. I had a good job in Moscow and a very nice life. Yet, I was planning to have children and under no circumstances did I want my children to grow up there. At that time Russia was not a pariah state, it did not yet start troubles/war/genocide in Ukraine. It was mildly authoritarian and except for occupying 20% of Georgia (which NOBODY in the whole world paid any attention to) was almost a model world citizen. Well, in any case a dynamically growing important economy. But, as I said, I did not want my children to grow up there. On to “why”.

Russians of my age are overwhelmingly and terminally cynical. In all fairness, this is probably not something they’re to blame for. Generations of people who lived under the Soviet Rule used to having two different lives – public, where they professed to be good communist citizens and acted accordingly, and private – where they hated communism, laughed at it, feared it, and were by no means communist. This schizophrenic existence for 70(!) years under the communist rule must have left deep scars in the collective psyche of the people. That’s the first explanation that I have for why an upper class educated Muscovite would commonly profess things like “Post-truth” (i.e. truth doesn’t matter, the whole world lives a big lie), acceptance of corruption (everybody is corrupted and corrupt, people in Western countries just hide it better than us – goes a common belief), belief that democracy/human rights are otiose. I think the communist regime is only partly to blame for it – as a nation Russians are amazingly lazy. Magnificently so. Being the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources, Russia is so very used to living off rent of its immense territory and many riches, that it influenced the nation, rendering it rather slothful as a whole (yes, there are always exceptions). So, instead of changing the country and their lives – difficult and time-consuming, during the last 15–20 years Russians simply preferred to be cynical about the world, making excuses and not tackling problems head on, when they still had a chance.

So, yes, the cynicism is something that is completely accepted socially in Russia and really disgusts me.

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Live Not by Lies.

Even if they are pushed 24/7 by the Power Elite of the West. Just as the lies of the Communist were pushed 24/7 by their Ruling Class.

The lies will fail, sooner or later.

We must be in a position to live – we and our children – and inherit the future, when the Betters fall apart and crumble into dust.

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