Not Discipling the Nations? Lawless Progressive Power

Welcome to the Progressive World of Power Over Law.

The focus of my quote below is on the sanctions on Russia, and the distinct lack of legal procedure here.

(Not too dissimilar from the COVID lockdowns, another illustration of Progressive Power over Law.)

Christians will have to change this. But first, they have to want to; second, they must have the faith that they can change it; and finally, will have to take God’s Law seriously, to know what they are doing after they have the lawful authority and legitimacy to change things.

Christians can’t replace something with nothing.

Quote from the video below:

—<Quote begins>—

Now, looking forward here, there is a significant negative outcome of this kind of half-assed approach to sanctions because the United States has now shown, the west has now shown that it is willing to abrogate financial commitments from its citizens, from its companies inits currency, to other countries, even major countries.

No legislation was required.

No court case was required.

There was no public comment, period.

It was just that the federal government decided to make this happen.

I’m not overly concerned about the impact that this will have on the willingness of foreign countries to raise money and issue debt in the American market because it’s not like there’s a lot of other places to go. All of the world’s hard currencies are following the US lead here, every single one of them. So there is no back marketplace you can go.

But there is a definite point of concern for the American investors that were willing to go into foreign countries in the first place. Their concern has always been about legal protection and rule of law in places like China or Russia or Venezuela or wherever else. But it never occurred to them that there might have actually been a risk on the American side of that equation.

Because now they have to consider that not only will the United States not potentially provide them with legal protection on the American side should something go wrong in the foreign country, but the US government might actually be the reason that the investment fails because of a decision made by fiat. That’s something that hasn’t been true since beforeWorld War II, but suddenly now is.

Again, this is going to redirect a lot of capital away from the world’s developing and frontier markets because all of a sudden they don’t have a method to do it safely. And it doesn’t matter if they’ve got a well written bond agreement, it doesn’t matter if they’ve got an army of lawyers.

If the controller of the global currency says no, the answer is no.

And that’s something they now have to factor in.

And so if you’re looking to borrow money on an American exchange, all of a sudden you’re going to have to work a lot harder to get American and Western investors to go along with it because they no longer have that backstop of guarantee that they’re used to.

And that changes everything for the developing world.

Every time the United States does something that on a financial point of view, other countries are annoyed by this, conversation bubbles up again.This has been happening back and back and back since the 1980s, and every single time, the dollar becomes more central.

So the big shift this time around is that the Japanese and the Europeans both basically sublimated their own sanctions program to the US.Fed and the US. Dollar.So they have seen a significant reduction in their global use over the course of the last few months, and the dollar has just gone up and up.

—<Quote begins>—

It’s going to take a long time, before gold and silver becomes actual spendable money again: at the start, outside the United States and the West.

But I can see it coming, probably after the United States pulls a massive rip-off operation. Perhaps a formal default on all US debts when the time comes. Or some banking stunt that cuts off the international investor from his funds within the US.

Who knows what the details will be? Lawless people are lawless.

Seeing the foolishness of the European Union, I would still suggest that the US dollar will last longer than the Euro. Perhaps by several decades.

Truth: a lawless era hurts the weakest the most, who have little or no access to power. The Law exists to put the strong and the weak on a level platform before God the judge, after all.

Even so… if, say, Black Africa decided to ditch their socialism, their corruption and their statism, and went strictly to the Law of Moses, very limited state power, a free trade/free market position, and hard money (more Rothbard than Mises, but either would do), they would grow comfortable – perhaps even wealthy – in about two generations.

(Maybe three, but I don’t think it will take that long.)

But as of 2022, they simply won’t do it. Nor will Brazil, or Argentina, or India, or Indonesia. Certainly not Egypt nor Pakistan nor Nigeria or any of the other potential Great Powers.1

Singapore might, but they won’t do it alone. And they depend on the US Navy for protection, so they won’t twist the tail. Understandable — and also a demonstration on how a strong Rule of Law situation truly benefits a nation, even if they are only partially, not fully, lawful (and therefore free).

We wait for the day when Christians will tutor the nations, and make them disciples of Christ.

1 China? Please. Even if they went on a bi-metallic standard, they have quite literally killed their future. What they do will increasingly matter less and less, as they enter the land of the dead, like all the other hardened rebels against God.

Even if tomorrow, for some impossible reason, both the State and the People called Christ their Lord and put His laws into the legal books — and enforced them! — this would only put a floor on how hard China will fall.

And the fall would still be very hard. Genuine repentance after great evil may well save a soul, but the repentant murderer must still be executed.

Same song, different verse, for Russia. Not as bad as China, but Stage III cancer isn’t that much better than Stage IV cancer.

As the Law is for collective nations, so it is for individual men.


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