COVID-19, Mask Nonsense, and Climate Nonsense

From Guess what this mask mandate accomplished by Tom Woods

(Note: the Soho Forums’ Climate Debate is over, but the libertarian think tank is still worth a visit.)

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One of the most maddening parts of the nuthouse we’ve been living in for close to 30 solid months now is that real-life events constantly contradict the official version of things, yet that version still persists as if nothing ever happened.

I expect politicians to refuse to understand things. But even your own neighbors pretend these things don’t exist.

Florida’s age-adjusted Covid mortality is better than that of most states. That should not be possible. Not a single, solitary Covid hysteric would have predicted that outcome, and they would have called you crazy and irresponsible for predicting it. Yet it occurred, and it didn’t change their minds one iota, even though it explodes their entire worldview.

When it lifted its state-level restrictions in February 2021 Iowa was called by the media “the state that doesn’t care if you live or die,” but then when you track its health outcomes against other Midwestern states over the ensuing months you cannot tell the difference between Iowa and any other state. If the hysterics were right, this could not be possible. Yet it occurred, and it didn’t change their minds one iota.

Having said all that, let me now share with you another chart from the heroic Ian Miller. This chart, like the other pieces of evidence I’ve mentioned, will likewise do nothing to change anyone’s mind, even though it obviously should.

Athens, Georgia, recently brought back its mask mandate. Athens, Georgia must therefore be doing so much better than other places in Georgia that it just jumps right off the chart, right?

See for yourself:

Wait, what’s that? It’s indistinguishable from its neighbors — like all other such charts?

How about that.

Not to mention: Athens and its neighbors imposed and lifted mask mandates at all different times, and yet their numbers are identical.

Now, for your edification:

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Tom Woods

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