COVID-19: New York did better than Florida, say the liars

September 14, 2022: Lying About Florida

From New York did better than Florida, say the liars by Tom Woods

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They just can’t let Florida go.

They need Florida to have been a disaster, because if it isn’t/wasn’t, then all their destruction was pointless.

So we’ve just had to endure Vincent Rajkumar, editor of Blood Cancer Journal, showing us this graph depicting Florida surpassing New York in Covid deaths:

Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya responded, “How is it that an editor of a medical journal still does not understand the concept of ‘age adjustment’ when comparing states on covid mortality? It’s been 2.5 years. More than enough time for people like him to understand the thousand-fold difference in mortality risk by age.”

A reporter from the Palm Beach Post made a similar claim, to which Kyle Lamb responded with this data, showing Florida better than key lockdown states of California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York:

But look again at that first chart. Adjusting for age is obviously necessary for an apples-to-apples comparison. But suppose age weren’t a factor, and that the graph above was a reliable indicator of how Florida and New York did when compared to each other.

The difference is completely trivial.

Suppose in March 2020 we had asked the crazies, “If Florida more or less defies all the recommendations you’re making, what do you think the results will be?” They would have answered: absolute carnage. They would have predicted that Florida would wind up at least an order of magnitude worse than states with lockdowns and vax passports.

No matter what charts they try to mislead you with or what nit-picking they do, there is no escaping this fact: nothing like what they would have predicted actually occurred.

So now they’re reduced to: look at this tiny difference between Florida and New York — a difference that more than goes away when correcting for age.

That’s pretty sad.

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September 12, 2022: Politics Over Science in Scientific American

From Covid liars caught in another lie by Tom Woods

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When I was younger I never read Scientific American, but like most people I assumed it was a reputable publication featuring articles by lots of smart people.

During Covid it’s been a complete train wreck, utterly embarrassing in its contempt for science.

Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya says the publication “has embarrassed itself throughout the pandemic with its innumeracy and embrace of lockdowners. It desperately needs new editorial management that cares more about science than politics.”

Just the other day, in an article called “The Number of Children Orphaned by COVID Keeps Rising,” the magazine claimed that some 10.5 million American children had been orphaned by Covid.

Imagine how deliberately misinformed you would have to be to find that number even remotely plausible — and actually allow it to be published in your magazine! The figure is literally impossible, as any reasonably informed person knows even without investigating the details, yet Scientific American published it in all seriousness.

Nobody on the editorial team stopped and said: hold on, this is obviously incorrect.

Let’s leave aside the vexed question of classifying Covid deaths, even though it’s obvious that they’ve been overcounted (this is yet another thing we realists were right about, that the hysterics later admitted but never credited us for).

Let’s take the numbers at face value. It turns out, first, that “orphaned” takes on a special meaning in the world of Covid fixationists — it doesn’t mean, as it does to you and me, the loss of both of one’s parent’s, but instead the loss of any parent or caregiver.

We can still grant, obviously, that the loss of even one parent is devastating. But 10.5 million children experiencing this in a country with only a million deaths attributed to Covid?

It turns out that Scientific American took a figure that some researchers produced for the entire world, not the United States (which amounts to only four percent of the world’s population).

And incidentally, two of the people who cooked up this figure were among the folks claiming several months ago that Covid was a leading killer of children. Again, how does an error of that magnitude happen by accident?

Nothing these people say can be trusted.

That should be obvious after two and a half years of propaganda.

Consider these charts, which accurately depict where we are right now when it comes to major Covid metrics:

Despite what you see in the chart, the U.S. government is still declaring Covid a “national emergency,” and ten states have emergency orders still in place.

Is this how rational people, dedicated only to the truth and no other agenda, would behave?

The result of political and media propaganda is that a huge percentage of Americans hold a cartoonish view not just of Covid, but of current events in general. And history, too. They believe the opposite of the truth on issue after issue.

And by what I’m sure is entirely a coincidence, the cartoon version of events that they believe just happens to cast the American regime in a favorable light, and demonizes its critics.

The truth, by contrast, is rather less favorable to the ruling class.

And here’s where I tell it:
Tom Woods

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September 1: Science Suppression, not Science Discussion, From On High

From Biden’s suppression of dissident voices is coming out by Tom Woods

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Attorney Jenin Younes, whom I interviewed on episode #1947 of the Tom Woods Show, discussed a lawsuit today in which her firm is representing prominent lockdown critics Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford), Martin Kulldorff (Harvard), and others who were victims of censorship campaigns at the direction of the federal government.

“Thousands of pages of documents have exposed a censorship campaign both unprecedented and formerly unimagined in scale and in scope,” said Younes.

We also heard today from the attorney general of Missouri; an excerpt follows:

In May, we filed a landmark lawsuit against top ranking Biden Administration officials for colluding with social media companies to censor free speech. We have already received documents that show their cozy relationship, and now we’re demanding more.

In July of 2022, MO and LA served discovery requests and third-party subpoenas, demanding documents from top-ranking Biden Administration officials and social media companies over their alleged collusion to suppress freedom of speech.

The Department of Justice is refusing to produce communications between the most senior officials and social media companies – yesterday we filed a joint petition asking the Court to compel them to produce those documents.

Here’s what we know so far. DOJ identified 45 federal officials who have interacted with social media companies on misinformation.

Beyond DOJ, Meta identified 32 additional federal officials including White House Officials who communicated with them, and YouTube identified 11 federal officials including White House Officials who communicated with them, many of whom were not disclosed by DOJ.

This is a vast censorship enterprise, and the American people deserve to see the truth. Here are examples that already prove that federal officials and social media companies are coordinating on censorship, and we’re not close to being done yet:

A senior FB official sent an email to the Surgeon General stating, “I know our teams met today to better understand the scope of what the White House expects from us on misinformation going forward.” This email chain follows the SG’s “misinformation health advisory” in July 2021.

The same senior official sent a later email to HHS and noted, “Thanks again for taking the time to meet earlier today.” Then, the official continued to discuss how Facebook is taking even more steps to censor freedom of speech.

Further communications show that Facebook is “increasing the strength of our demotions for COVID and vaccine-related content that third party fact checkers rate as ‘Partly False’ or ‘Missing Context.’ That content will now be demoted at the same strength that we demote any content on our platform rated ‘False.’”

Twitter scheduled a meeting to debrief top White House Officials on “vaccine misinformation.”

There are several instances where Facebook wouldn’t proceed with censoring freedom of speech on their platform until they had input, or a “debunking” from the CDC. Twitter followed the same course in at least one email.

The CDC also proposed a monthly debunking meeting with Facebook to help them censor free speech as well as regular “Be on the Lookout” calls with major social media outlets.

A White House official was even concerned about parody Fauci accounts and coordinated with Facebook to take them down.

As some of you know, I finally had to take my Tom Woods Show Elite group off Facebook because the suppression of dissident opinion and the laughable “fact-checking” got to be too much. Eventually, Facebook told me I would have to personally review and approve every single post to the group myself — an impossible task for a group as robust as mine.

So we moved to a no-censorship platform, where we’ve been happy as clams ever since.

The smart, fearless, informed people inside my Elite group won’t tell you to eat bugs or transition your 8-year-old, or want to deprive you of reliable energy. You get enough of that in normal life.

Instead of that, I offer you the Tom Woods Show Elite.

Now I shall officially warn you: it costs the princely sum of $5 per month to be in the group.

But you know what? That $5 keeps the crazies away, for whatever reason.

The link:
Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

We are the ones appointed to care.

To care is to take responsibility.

Responsibility, handled well, leads to authority.


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