Pagan Epistemological Self-consciousness, Christian Victory

Or, as the healthy wheat and the poisonous tares mature, it becomes real easy to tell them apart.

An excerpt from Epistemological Self-Consciousness, by R. J. Rushdoony:

The more the enemy becomes what he is, the more his epistemological self-consciousness matures, the more im­potent he becomes. What competition is a “hippie” for a truly Christian man? What competition is a de Kooning or a Bob Dylan for a Johann Sebastian Bach? But if we rear up a generation on humanistic premises, they will follow humanistic leaders. Humanism is progressively decaying; the more it becomes itself, the more repulsive and impotent it becomes. Nothing is more deadly for tares than maturity: they are then openly identified as tares, as worthless and poisonous, as definitely not wheat.

Today, the impotence and confusion of humanism is marked. It is wal­lowing in failure all over the world, in failure, but not in defeat, because there is no consistent Christian force to challenge and overthrow it.

That Christian cowardice – itself, a kind of tare – is fading away, as it also increasing shows what compromising with the Secularists and the Humanists, the Powerful Men, always was.

The road to failure and impotence.

Actual Christian believers are increasingly able to taste it, detect it, and spit it out.

(The brighter lights – not necessarily smarter, but definitely more welcoming of the Holy Spirit — can spot it on sight, and get the weed whacker/herbicide/chainsaw.)

And that is half the battle. The other half is to take in the wheat.

Half a victory is a big step up from where we were before — no thanks to the priests, the pastors, the Christian seminary system, or the fourth-rate Christian colleges and universities, by the way.

But we should press on, to get the whole victory!

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