A Bit of Climate Reality

As shown with objective data.

This doesn’t matter to the Progressives:

“The Party Line comes first. Always.”

This stems from the core Darwinian tenant:

“Power Justifies All Things.”

After all, Darwin hated the concept of Divine Law above all things. As did most European Intellectuals.

As third-tier groupies of the intellectuals, I will include the Religious Professional Class, the solid majority of whom eagerly followed the lead of the contemptuous, pointedly antiChristian intellectuals in all things.

This is true in Darwin’s day, and ours.

But believing Christians MUST respect actual facts. Or God will most certainly make us pay for any wilful ignorance we hold on to. And rightfully so.

This stems from the core Christian tenet:

“God makes the Law, which shapes reality.
We Conform to His Law and prosper,
or stand against His Law and suffer.”

So: Fear God, or Fear Powerful Men.

Choose this day whom ye will serve.

From Arctic Ice at Decade-High Level: Can Doomsayers Explain? by Vijay Jayaraj

—<Quote begins>—

With ice coverage for July and August remaining above the 10-year average of 2010-20, the extent of summer sea ice in the Arctic has surprised experts who once predicted that such levels would be impossible.

This stands in stark contrast to the dominant climate narrative that predicts the dwindling of summer ice in the Arctic. Some politicians had even claimed that parts of the Arctic would be ice-free by now.

With the seasonal Arctic melt technically over, it is fair to conclude that the extent of ice in the summer of 2022 has been greater than the 10-year average. On most days in July and August, sea-ice levels were above the 10-year average and significantly more than in the previous few years.

The Japanese National Institute of Polar Research provides a useful visualization in the graph below. This year’s Arctic sea ice — shown in red — is compared with the 10-year average and the levels of the previous few years, including that of 2012 when ice had reached its lowest of the period tracked.

Data of sea-ice extent in square kilometers in the Arctic Ocean from June 2002 to the present and decadal averages of 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s are included.  Source: National Institute of Polar Research.

—<Quote ends>—


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