A Preview of the November Election Results

From LewRockwell’s Blog, “Political Theatre”: A Preview of the November Election Results

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Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

I read the above noted post today from Tom DiLorenzo. This appears to be a new tactic to ensure no outsiders get in. There is a gentleman named Royce White who is a former NBA player and now a very outspoken anti-globalist. He appears fairly regularly on Jason Whitlock’s podcast to speak on a variety of topics. He is very well versed on globalist’s, the Davos crowd etc. He says things virtually no other political candidate from either party will say. He is from the Minneapolis area going back several generations and ran as a Republican in the US congressional district now represented by Ilian Ohmar (?). Had he won the primary it would have created a very interesting race for the general election. According to his account of the primary it was a very close race between himself and the ultimate winner. On the last day available to register, another candidate showed up out of nowhere in the Republican primary. According to Royce no one knew who the guy was or where he came from. Yet even with last minute entry and no name recognition, no campaigning, etc. the “ghost” candidate “somehow” managed I believe 15% of the primary vote. That 15% turned out to be more than the amount Royce lost by in the primary. His main opponent who wound up winning the primary was of course a typical Republican party hack.

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The Loving Masters are here to help you.

I still think it’s worth fighting it out, against all of scummy dirty tricks of our repulsive Betters. But it will take perseverance, commitment, resilience.

Most of us who really think we should go into politics, but lack the budget (time/ money/ social), should stick to Gary North’s Dogcatcher Strategy. Build the base, network the locals, stone by stone, brick by brick.

Begin the process that ends a generation – quite likely two generations – from now.

Step by step, we will retake the land.


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