COVID-19: The Year the World Went Mad

From Top scientist writes book: The Year the World Went Mad by Tom Woods

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Joe Biden declared the pandemic over a few days ago, and that made some people very unhappy.

I look at it this way: without a doubt we are at the stage now where what matters most is making sure we get the story of what happened right, so future generations are not misled.

Mark Woolhouse, one of Scotland’s top infectious disease epidemiologists, just released The Year the World Went Mad: A Scientific Memoir. It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

I thought I’d share bits and pieces with you (I’ve preserved the UK spelling):

“My main aim in writing this book is that lockdown scepticism will become the mainstream view.”

“There is comfort in following the crowd even while it is stampeding in the wrong direction. We wouldn’t let go of lockdown even after the evidence of the harm it was causing became so compelling that the WHO itself came to reject it.”

“The advisory system was dominated by clinicians and public health specialists who weren’t looking at the bigger picture, such as economists, ethicists…which is why they kept recommending lockdown…. The response was being driven too much by epidemiology, and I’m an epidemiologist.”

“Richard Horton — editor of the Lancet — and others continued to rail against their straw man version of a herd immunity strategy…the debate descended into farce…like the tide, herd immunity happens whether you believe in it or not.”

“Lockdown was never going to solve the problem, it just deferred it to another day, and it did so at great cost…everyone needs to understand what such a harmful intervention can and cannot achieve before we introduce it. They didn’t.”

“Lockdown was conceived by the WHO and China as a means of eradicating the virus once and for all from the face of the earth. With hindsight, this plan was doomed to fail from the outset.”

“During the pandemic, several politicians adopted the position that ‘no death from covid is acceptable’…. This made it impossible to tackle the virus in a rational manner…. We do not treat any other public health issue this way.”

“Will the cure turn out to be worse than the disease?… As early as April 2020, ONS used quality adjusted life years (QALY) lost to weigh harms and benefits…. The best estimate was three times more harm…we got the balance wrong.”

“As far back as March 2020 there was evidence from China that outdoor transmission was extremely rare…. To my knowledge, no outbreaks have been linked to a beach anywhere in the world, ever.”

“The average age of death in the UK is 78 years old…. The average age of death from covid-19 up to October 2020 was 80 years…. I’d say that was a reasonable definition of a disease of old age.”

“Even more important: never rely on a single model…. Many people believed [the UK fall 2020 lockdown] occurred on the basis of a ‘dodgy dossier’ — a term used in the build up to the Iraq War in 2003.”

“I was not prepared for the hate mail either, as vicious as any I received throughout the pandemic…. People who spent the past year indoors did not want to be told that it had been safe to go out all along…. Decision-makers had lost all sense of proportion.”

An interesting book, as you can see.

And it reminds us of all the looniness from “public health” officials and even from your local doctor, who more often than not endorsed these measures. Your local doctor to this day thinks he’s saving lives by separating the “clean” pens from the used pens.

Who can blame all those people who watched this spectacle and reached the obvious conclusion that if the medical establishment could take such consistently irrational and destructive decisions, that maybe there’s something rotten at the heart of it?

At the very least, there are today a lot more people in favor of medical freedom for themselves than there were three years ago.

Some of them aren’t really sure what to do next, or whether or how they should speak up without alienating people close to them.

I have a podcast guest and listener named Susan May who has built a community of people who are new to medical freedom and who help each other, and it seemed like a natural thing to let my readers know about.

She’s running a free challenge to help get you where you want to be. Enjoy:
Tom Woods

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Amazon:com: The Year the World Went Mad, by Mark Woolhouse  (Author), Matt Ridley (Foreword)

We all know that no one with power will be held responsible: say, The Imperial College people, or the Lancet, or Cuomo.

Just as not a single Warsaw Pact leader got what he deserved.

(Outside of Romania. And a few Stasi East Germans.)

Even so: while the Master Class laughs and counts their profits, we Christians need to remember. And teach the lessons to our brothers and sisters.

And plan out a few strategies for the next time Our Betters decide to generate a crisis.

With the full complicity of the Media and the Scientists and the Certified Experts.

Just like last time.


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