We Don’t Need the CIA

Chris Hedges is politically the polar opposite of a Christian Reconstructionist: but, unlike the lazy government cheerleaders of todays Progressive Ruling Class, the man’s an old school antiwar leftist.

When he talks about the corruption and failures of the CIA, I’ll listen.

From: Why You Should Pay Attention to One of My Loudest Critics on the Left by Gary North

—<Quote begins>—

It’s Saturday. You may have time for this long video. It’s an interview on C-Span of Leftist journalist Chris Hedges. It covers a number of his books. Hedges has attacked me in print. I am a public figure. I am fair game. He is not the first. In any case, I am not his main problem these days. Obama is.

Watch the first 7 minutes. In it he makes these claims.

1. The American empire is pushing the nation into bankruptcy. But listen to his examples of this bankruptcy. They are all from the domestic welfare state. What he is saying is that the military is bankrupting the welfare state.

He of course ignored Medicare, which is the real producer of red ink. But his point is legitimate. The goals of the military cannot be paid for much longer. It really is guns or butter. It wasn’t in 1965. It is now.

2. He says that the U.S. is now run by the corporate interests. It is. But he dates this with Clinton, whose political legacy he really hates. This is chronologically silly. Corporate interests have dominated the U.S. at least since 1900. They were powerful as early as the end of the Civil War.

3. He refers to Obama as a brand. He’s got that right! There is no substance there.

That should get you hooked.

—<Quote ends>—

VIDEO: “The American Empire is over and its descent is going to be horrifying.”
(2012, three hours, C-Span)

Well, it’s 10 years later and the Empire isn’t over.

Will it still be standing 10 years from now?

I think so. But, with the free healthcare services in Canada, the UK and France failing now, the US welfare-warfare state will be more than a bit wobbly in 2032.

If you want “Fall of the Empire”, you should wait to 2042.

It will be an exciting time. Be prepared locally.


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