Re-Commissioning and Re-Capitalizing Christendom

Decommissioning & Decapitalization

For about 200+ years, we have taken the talents our ancestors have built up — from Peter and Paul, to Calvin and Luther — and methodically, self-consciously wasted them all to please our secularist betters.

  • “Why fear God when you can fear intelligent, powerful and wealthy men instead?”
  • “Power you can see. Authority you can touch. REAL Gods.”

Well, at least the mainstream denominations – excluding the Catholic and Orthodox Church – will be dead and gone in about fifty years. They made their choice, God gave them their desire, and we won’t have to worry about them in the future.

The Conservative and Evangelical and Reformed Churches? They may well endure longer, to the extent that they actually believe that God created the universe in six days, and that God enforces His laws today. Maybe they can hold out for a few centuries.

But so long as they hold on to their seminaries and deny that the Holy Spirit speaks today, they won’t grow. They will be safely stagnant instead.

Then, inevitably, with long stagnation comes a withering, a rotting… then a sudden snap and break.


“Church growth” today is strictly Pentecostal, as they make room for the Holy Spirit, and don’t place much value on Proper Certification or the gelding-factories we call seminaries. However, this simply isn’t enough: Christians must change the world, extend Christ’s reign into all the world – every nation, every science, every legal order. All the world must be a disciple of Christ, most explicitly every nation.

Just as Christ explicitly commanded.

Keep an eye out for the November 2022 edition of Arise and Build, and it’s article “Mediocre Commission?” by Martin G. Selbrede, describing and deflating the increasing attacks on the Great Commission. It should appear here in a few weeks.

It’s time for God’s people to tune out the stability-loving forever failures — the ones who lead and drove the decapitalization and retreat of the Christian Faith (to please their social betters, the atheists and agnostics), and tune into what Christ actually told us to do.

And then, to do it.

Stephen Perks’ The Great Decommission outlines the proper position of those who are hostile to Christ’s Kingdom and Christ’s Authority, within and without the camp.

The blurb from the books’ webpage is duplicated below:

—<Quote begins>—

The dominant contemporary view of the Christian faith as a subjective, private, devotional faith has led to the overturning of the Great Commission, i.e. the de-commissioning of the nations as Christian nations. This modern understanding of the faith is in stark contrast to view of the faith presented in Scripture and accepted as orthodox by previous generations. Until modern times the Church has always proclaimed, and Christians have believed, that the Christian faith is public truth; and public truth is religion. Very many Christians today, however, deny that Christianity is a religion. And it has to be recognised that for these people it is not a religion. It is merely a worship hobby. But in denying that Christianity is a religion Christians have unwittingly denied it the status of public truth, with dire consequences for the life of the nation as a result. The Bible does not see the faith in terms of a personal worship hobby, but rather as a religion that overcomes and transforms the world. The purpose of the Christian faith is not merely to transform the believer’s personal life and make him more holy. It is to glorify God by transforming the world, by bringing the world under the discipline of Jesus Christ and his word. The Christian faith is a political and social faith as well as a personal faith; its mission does not terminate on the individual but on the whole world, which is to be brought into subjection to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we are to win the world for Christ we must take the Great Commission seriously as a commission to bring the nations of the earth under the discipline of Jesus Christ not only by preaching the gospel of personal salvation through faith in Christ but also by baptising the nations and teaching the law of God to the nations.

Author: Stephen Perks
Paperback | 40 pages | £3.50 plus postage | ISBN: 978-0-9522058-8-3

This book is available as a free PDF download. Please read and observe our copyright policy.

Download PDF.

—<Quote ends>—

Its time to end the powerless Roman Mystery Cult that God’s enemies – inside and outside the Church – has corrupted the faith into.

Caesar doesn’t hate private worship hobbies.

Caesar hates public challenges to his unlimited authority.

Christians are commanded to challenge Caesar’s claim to unlimited, Above-the-Law authority.

And we are to do so in the name of Christ, His Truth, His Law-Word. Not the People, not the State, not Power… the only gods any secularist, left- or right-wing, has time for.


We are not secularists: we are not to look to the God-State to pay for (and, own) our institutions… our lives… our children.

We, our families, our congregations represent God. We are to look to God for our daily bread, and put our own hands and societies to work in building capital and wealth, in careful accordance to God and His Commandments.

So, on to Rushdoony’s article Capitalization Is the Product of Work and Thrift, reprinted below.

—<Quote begins>—

“Comments in Brief” in Chalcedon Report No. 225, April 1984*

Capitalization is the product of work and thrift, the accumulation of wealth and the wise use of accumulated wealth.

This accumulated wealth is invested, in effect, in progress, because it is made available for the development of natural resources and the marketing of goods and produce.

The thrift which leads to the savings or accumulation of wealth to capitalization is a product of character (Prov. 6:6–15).

Capitalization is a product in every era of the Puritan disposition, of the willingness to forego present pleasures to accumulate some wealth for future purposes (Prov. 14:23). Without character, there is no capitalization but rather decapitalization, the steady depletion of wealth.

As a result, capitalism is supremely a product of Christianity, and, in particular, of Puritanism which, more than any other faith, has furthered capitalization.

This means that, before decapitalization, either in the form of socialism or inflation, can occur, there must be a breakdown of faith and character. Before the United States began its course of socialism and inflation, it had abandoned its historic Christian position. The people had come to see more advantage in wasting capital than in accumulating it, in enjoying superficial pleasures than living in terms of the lasting pleasures of the family, faith, and character.

When socialism and inflation get under way, having begun in the decline of faith and character, they see as their common enemy precisely those people who still have faith and character.

How are we to defend ourselves? And how can we have a return to capitalism? Capitalism can only revive if capitalization revives, and capitalization depends, in its best and clearest form, on that character produced by Biblical Christianity.

This is written by one who believes intensely in orthodox Christianity and in our historic Christian American liberties and heritage. It is my purpose to promote that basic capitalization of society, out of which all else flows, spiritual capital. With the spiritual capital of a God-centered and Biblical faith, we can never become spiritually and materially bankrupt (Prov. 10:16).

Originally a brochure produced for Coast Federal Savings in the late 1960s, this article was published with Rushdoony’s other brochures as part of a two-sided paper titled “Comments in Brief” with Chalcedon Report No. 225, April 1984.

—<Quote ends>—

The money quote:

This means that, before decapitalization, either in the form of socialism or inflation, can occur, there must be a breakdown of faith and character.

And before re-capitalization, there must be a reconstruction of faith and character.


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