COVID-19, Millennials, and Military/Government Service

I wonder if anyone will be held accountable for the poisonous vaccines.

Researchers who are interested in science, care about excess mortality, and is uncaring regarding corporate and government carrots & sticks should research this.

In the meantime… I hear that many Christians have been rejected from joining the US military, due to their refusal to accept the COVID vaccines.

Forget the military. Stay alive.

(There are other reasons for Christians to walk away from military service, by the way.)

A comment from the video:

The 🥕 mandate is still in effect not only for Military but millions of Federal Employees and contractors barring the current 5th District Federal Court injunction. All the mandates are based on the mechanism of stopping transmission and infection which neither has admittedly been demonstrated per the CDC. For officials to continue with the mandates is pure malfeasance and they all must be held accountable.

First, stay alive.

Second, secure justice.


Army officer resigns commission in defiance of unlawful Pentagon vax mandate

Now-former Lieutenant Colonel Bradley Miller has resigned from his post in the Army after serving the United States military for over 19 years, citing the Pentagon’s irresponsible and unlawful mRNA mandate.

A highly decorated military officer, Miller commanded a battalion in the 101st Airborne Division, and he was a graduate of the Army’s prestigious School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS).


From Army officer resigns commission in defiance of unlawful Pentagon vax mandate by Jordan Schachtel

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