Winning in a Blue State

Not my thing — “Politics fourth” and all that — but it might be yours!

From Tom Woods, New York governor tells public: drop dead

—<Quote begins>—

When I ask myself who the most trustworthy people in our society are, the governor of New York — whoever it happens to be — never quite makes my top ten.

Kathy Hochul was recently asked about the state of New York hospitals in the wake of purging everyone who declined the shots, and also in the context of a New York State Supreme Court justice declaring the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers “null” and “void.”

The exchange went like this:

Reporter: Our healthcare systems seem in desperate need of staff right now. We’ve had ambulances waiting five hours at our local emergency rooms to unload patients. The hospitals, the nursing home say they’re waiting for DOH guidance on whether they can hire any of those [unvaccinated] workers back. What’s the latest with that?

Hochul: Well, we’re considering all our options with respect to the litigation, so I can’t comment on that. But I will say that last year in my state of the state, we put forth a plan to help retention, also recruitment. And a lot of those programs are just unfolding about $20 billion to bring back the healthcare system, including bonuses for existing workers, helping settle nursing strikes, which I get very involved in to make sure that patients are being cared for. It’s a problem, but I don’t think the answer is to have someone who comes in who’s sick, be exposed to someone who can give them the coronavirus, give them COVID-19. I don’t know that that’s the right answer. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not. So we’re exploring our options.

But I think everybody who goes into a healthcare facility or a nursing home should have the assurance and their family members should know that we have taken all steps to protect the public health. And that includes making sure those who come in contact with him at their time of most vulnerability when they are sick or elderly will not pass on the virus. We lost 34 New Yorkers yesterday. We have 4000 active cases. This has not gone away as much as we wish it would.

Reporter: Couldn’t there be other safety precautions — masking, other mechanisms — in order to allow some of them back in? I mean, we’re at crisis level here in our hospitals in particular.

Hochul: I truly understand the challenge and the balance. And these are never easy decisions, but I cannot put people into harm’s way. Because when you go into a healthcare facility, you expect that you’re not going to come out sicker than you went in. I think that’s something every New Yorker would expect.

[End of transcript]

So the governor is still pretending that the shots prevent transmission, when at this point everyone concedes they don’t.

She’s pretending she’s keeping New Yorkers safe by having understaffed hospitals. Staffing them with the unvaccinated would make people sick, she says, as if the past year hadn’t occurred.

It’s hard to imagine that even a politician could be quite that thick, so it’s probably not stupidity. Whatever it is, it’s another indicator of the sad condition of New York.

On a happier note, ol’ Woods here had a very nice weekend.

We’re living in a tyranny, and it’s demoralizing, and it’s easy to be a defeatist or not even to bother doing anything.

I put on a conference in Orlando for non-defeatists who actually want to do something.

It’s the optional in-person event for my otherwise online Tom Woods School of Life program.

Every single talk dealt with a practical topic. No theory here.

So we learned about:

*winning in a blue state (specific strategies; no fluff);
*de-programming the propagandized;
*financing real estate without the bank;
*what the options are for an online business (taught by School of Life member Adam Schneider, the eCommerce expert who created the merch store for the Mises Caucus and who’s aiming to earn $1 million from his print-on-demand business this year);
*financing your business idea;
*keeping your taxes as low as possible

and plenty more.

Everyone loved it, and we were all thrilled to be surrounded by doers and action-takers. It’s exhilarating to be among people like that.

Below you’ll see a picture of Henri Pellerin talking to us about which exercises are a waste of your time (and may risk injury) and which kind give you the most bang for your buck.

You’ll also see me drawing tickets from a drum. I took all the speakers out for a very nice dinner to thank them, and that drum was going to decide which audience members would join us for a free meal.

And then magician Doc Dixon, who fooled Penn and Teller on their Fool Us television program and who, like you, reads these emails, entertained us with his usual brilliance and hilarity.

An event like this costs in the neighborhood of $25K to put on, but my members attended for free.

We reopen late next week, so watch this space….

Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

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