“Nobody wants to read anymore.”

When I read this, I think This is how we win.

Well, at least This is how homeschooled Christian children will mop the floor of the public school processed products.

Submission to the manufactured consensus is something left to others.

The ability to think, reason, follow long chains of logic, weigh the evidence for ourselves… THIS is what we need.

And lots of reading and storytelling. Understanding how the Law of God hooks together (Thanks, Rushdoony!) Knowing why Christianity is capitalistic and pro-liberty (Thanks, North!)

The road to Christian victory means, by definition, the victory and dominance of our children: ethically first, but also intellectually, health-wise, physically, even emotionally.

(Not necessarily children by blood. But necessarily children – natural and adopted – who call Jesus Christ LORD and GOD.)

If we take good care to raise our children well, God will go out of His way to insure that we get to share in their early victories.

Just as it should be.

From Quora, What is something you need to get off your chest that has been bothering you lately?

—<Quote begins>—

Amy Fellows Administrative Assistant

Nobody wants to read anymore.

To be brutally honest, Quora has been hanging on by a thread for years, and with the recent announcement that much of the staff has been sacked, that thread is about to snap. In a desperate attempt to keep itself relevant, you might’ve noticed that the site has been cycling popular answers from years ago back through your feed. This means some of my most popular answers from four-ish years ago are getting fresh views – answers written in a time where this site/app was for written information, and not memes.

The biggest one that’s been recirculating is a four-minute read, according to Medium. I’ve gotten comment after comment like these, from people of all ages:


Or this one…

Or this one…

Or this one…

And many, many more. On a four-minute read.

Nobody said that here years ago. This, to me, is really troubling. Because of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook reels, and similar social media, our attention spans have seemingly gone down the shitter.

I rolled my eyes as a child when my elders complained about “text speak” and complained that technology was making us distrait. This study actually supports that theory, but it was over a decade ago and relates only to instant messaging. That is child’s play compared to apps such as Tik Tok that seem to be tailored to packing your brain with quick spurts of stimulation over and over and over again. Social media is evolving so rapidly that research can’t seem to keep up with it. Quora, with its thousands of spaces filled with unrelated screenshots answering “What photo is worth 320092848.5 views?” is no different.

I can’t find a good platform that appreciates writing, not one of Old Quora’s caliber. The fact that people are actually getting irate with me because I had the nerve to write more than two sentences years ago just boggles my freaking mind and makes me feel like something important is no more.

—<Quote ends>—

Our future must read books – and digest them, draw good value from them – even as the their future circles around Twitter and memes and TikToks.

The ability to master the Holy Bible — and put the lessons to work — is a gateway to many roads to victory.

I want the children of Christian believers to get all the victories, all the time.

The future must belong to those who put King Jesus and His Law-Word first.

God’s people (and their families) must win, and God’s enemies (and their families) must lose.

We must inherit, and they must be disinherited.

Just the way God likes it.


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