On Thomas Achord and Classical Christian Schools

So, poking around, I found an article on Thomas Achord, the (now former) headmaster of the Classical Christian school on Alastar’s Adversaria

Like, wow.

That’s a LOT of serious racism, classism, and social superiority-seeking going on in those Classical Christian schools.

(VERY Roman, by the way. The Empire would fit right in… along with her whips.)

These guys need to link up with the Racial Darwinists for maximum impact, to “become who they truly are”, so to speak.

And drop the Christian pretences.

I am very pleased that Gary North always loathed these Greco-Romans. For North, it’s God over Race.

Good to see.

From a search page on the garynorth.com site:

—<Quote begins>—

Intellectual Schizophrenia: The Classical Christian Curriculum
Gary North
Like a dog to its vomit, fundamentalists return to classical Greece…. keep reading

Why Classical Education Is Statist Education
Gary North
The Classical Christian curriculum is an oxymoron: the fusion of liberty and statism…. keep reading

The Classical Christian Curriculum: Marriage to a Corpse
Gary North
You may ask why I am so hostile to the classical Christian curriculum. Because I learned about it from Van Til and Rushdoony…. keep reading

Classical Christian Education Is Like Marxist Christian Education, But a Lot More Subtle.
Gary North
Classical education is opposed to Christian education…. keep reading

The Academic Case Against Latin
Gary North
Think of classical education as oil and Christianity as water. Would you toss your child into a lake covered with oil, and then set the oil on fire?… keep reading

Nine Corrupt Pillars of Classical Greece
Gary North
The idea of a classical Christian curriculum is a sales ploy to deceive Christians who do not know the basics of classical Greek history…. keep reading

On Corrupting Your Child With a Classical Education — and Losing $200,000 (After Taxes) to Do This.
Gary North
The best thing I can say about classical education is that it’s just about dead…. keep reading

What Protestant Evangelical Home School Parents Want: A Roman Catholic/Greek Curriculum
Gary North
Reasons why I am in no hurry to move from my 8th grade home school curriculum (never published) to grades 9-12…. keep reading

The Trivium: Pagan vs. Christian
Gary North
Dorothy Sayers’ 1947 essay has gaping holes in it…. keep reading

—<Quote ends>—


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