Who Pays the Most Tax?

Now, you know that I’m a Bible man.

So the State may not extract with guns 10% or more of a man’s income (all taxes combined, local, federal, etc.)

This is because the God Himself commands no more than 10% of your income…

…by promises of blessings and threats of curses.

Rather than a gun in your belly, held by a man with a badge. The way the State does things.

(Note that Rushdoony would dispute that 10% figure: far less than this should go to the formal institution of worship and the Religious Professionals, and the solid majority of this 10% should be used as charity, given as you determine, but with a preference to the poor, the widow, and the stranger.)

The video notes that, for some mysterious reason, the rich pay notably less tax as a percentage of their income than the rest of society.

I suggest that this is precisely because of the envy-driven drive behind the progressive tax: “I want their money in my pocket!”

Fortunately, no great Divine intervention was required here. Merely that the most wealthy have contacts with the most powerful politicians — surprise! surprise! — and were able to get a certain number of obscure, difficult to sniff out, and/or mathematically subtle exceptions for themselves.

(I am reminded of North’s attempt with a friend — I think with the assistance of Bill Bonner — to get rid of the accredited investor scam, where the government, in the name of the politically connected, insisted that these “dangerous and risky investments” could only be “safely handled” by men with a million dollars or more.

They failed.

Instead, the government raised the financial limit to two million dollars.

And the Right Sort laughed and laughed.)

In the meantime, while the truly wealthy always seem to bump into the truly powerful politicians for some unexplained reason or other, the truly wealthy are able to hire the top 1% of tax lawyers, accountants, the occasional judge and senior government bureaucrat, etc, etc.

“Oh, but if this was a Communist/Socialist/Church-run/Racially Pure society, things would be Completely Different!

Time for the point and laugh response.


The only real solution is a hard cap on the level of taxation, no higher than ten percent.

When Christians decide to actually obey God, things change.

And not a second before.

Would this flat 10% impact the poor more than the rich?

You bet!

But it’s a lighter burden than the 30% of our rather corrupt secularist Keynesian society taxes the poor.

And I’ll let you guess the level of real taxation in any and all People’s Republics for the poor (i.e. politically powerless), compared to the rich (i.e. politically connected).

Executive Summary

Envy doesn’t cut it.

Justice does.

For further reading:

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… and a lot more. North was focused on the economic application of the Bible to the real world, after all.


(Note that I’m ignoring all the audio tracks on taxation. But see PocketCollege.com and do a search for the word “Tax”. That should get you started!)

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One more thing: as a reminder on who is responsible for the sordid mess we are in…

How the Church’s Antinomian Attitude Towards Justice and Taxes Led to the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

The solid majority of the American population — and of American Protestants in particular — prefer the Law-Word of the State to the Law-Word of God.

Bad call.


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