For the Cultured Christian

The woman notes the importance of (…or the lack of…)

  • Artificial lighting
  • Intervals
  • Toilets
  • Knickers
  • Curtains
  • Female actors
  • Female audiences
  • Photocopiers (and the lack of copy write)
  • Different plays every day
  • Yelling stage instructions & bookholders
  • Very little time for rehearsals, and only in the morning
  • Plays only in the open air, and only in the afternoon

For Your Information

The Big News of 1592 was the start of Japan’s invasion of Korea. I would be surprised if ten men in all of England knew of it: they’d have to be in East Asia in July 1592 to hear of it, and it would take six to twelve months to make the journey ’round the dangerous Cape of Good Hope.

(Note that by 1592 – a hundred years since Columbus discovered the Americas, and 70 years since Magellan’s voyage around the world was completed (Magellan died along the way, but his ship and enough of the crew made it.

Note that the Dutch Cape Colony hasn’t been established yet: that’s still a hundred years in the future. This is the classic hard-mode adventurous, You Are On Your Own era.)

From our side of history, John Amos Comenius was born in 1592: a Moravian Protestant brother who pushed hard for superior education.

(And a lesser clergyman/physician, Charles Chauncy, rose to be the second president of Harvard University.)

You know, back when Christians led the drive for education, instead of sitting at the back of the bus with their mouths hanging open, leaving the future for even more incompetent — but also amazingly power-hungry — Secularists to drive into the nearest mountain.

Over and over again.

=> Classical Education: exalt Roman power, strictly in the name of the Leader and the State!
=> Tabu Rosa: we can make children whatever we want them to be!
=> Patriotic education: more disposable soldiers for powerful men!
=> Industrial education: more mechanical, mentally stunted factory workers who won’t challenge The Rules
(Proven to be very successful during COVID control time, BTW)
=> Pervert education: time to make some small sex toys, to grow into bigger sex toys!

When Christian slack off, the world suffers. Including children.1

We need to get back to work. To be Dominion Men, rather than so many snivelling cowards.

And of course, cowards don’t go to heaven.

1 Assuming that they weren’t killed by being dissolved in a saline solution, or by breaking open their head during a partial-birth abortion.

Remember when that was shocking to even the hardened Progressive in the 90s? Not a problem now, to our Cultured Betters.

“Good thing God is completely powerless to stop us. His laws mean nothing without enforcement, after all. And scary ghost stories about long-ago disasters means nothing in todays rational era.”

Christians had better obey God — and teach others to do the same. We need to inherit the future… and steer clear away from His hatred, contempt, and wrath. In this life, and the next.

As for the rational era… always remember “men are women if they say they are.”

Or enemies couldn’t care less about objective reality, or logic and reason. Or science itself, when it doesn’t tow the Party Line.

They just want power over the Others, in the name of the power of their own arbitrary Law-Word. Their own supposed godhood. Nothing more.

As for us… we had better learn from history, and the God who gives history meaning. Remember that the Bible is heavily grounded in history — especially the Law of Consequences, from Adam onward — and not in philosophical abstractions.

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