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Helping the Poor

From Ready to Harvest

Those who take responsibility now, are the ones who earn leadership later.

And today’s a pretty good time to master the basic ins-and-outs, get a skeleton organization going, build the basic institutional knowledge within the church.

Because I have a deep, deep suspicion that there is going to be a LOT more poor and desperate people within the next 15 years. Certainly, after the lies of the Welfare State goes *poof*.

The poor are going to need help. And we are the ones called to offer a strong hand of assistance.

Churches – and individual Christians! – that earn their stripes in the field are nobody’s laughingstock.

Authority, Natural and Supernatural

Quote from:

Systematic Theology – Authority
Man’s Relationship to Authority
R. J. R. Rushdoony

[My comments are in bold, in brackets.]

The triune God is the source of all authority. But on the human scene authority can be exercised by man under God. God has not restricted authority and its boundaries to eternity, so that we must say that even more than the fact that authority can be exercised under God, it must be exercised under God. There are spheres of legitimate authority under God. Our work, our family, the church, state, a variety of things wherein we have, in varying degrees, authority.

Now to undermine Godly authority in all these and other spheres is to further anarchy and as a means of rebelling against God himself. But on the other hand if we overstress authority on the human scene, and arrogate to man or to institutions power that properly belongs to God, that too is a very great evil. As men do this, as men arrogate undue authority unto themselves they become demonic, they claim in effect to be their own Gods.

[There were times when the patriarchal head of a family claimed to be a god. There were times when a church hierarchy claims to be a god.

Right now, the State claims to be a god – “The Source of the Law” – but without the supernatural claims, as the supernatural realm is held to not exist.]

After all the scriptures that the devil is a believer in his own authority, encounter this in Matthew 4:9 and in Revelation 13:2 for example. Now authority on the human scene is very closely tied to status or position, but it cannot be equated with status or position. Let me illustrate. Parenthood is a natural fact, any idiot can be a parent, and a good many are. But the authority of parents is not derived from this natural fact but from God’s command.

[Genetics does not give parents lawful authority over children. God’s command does.]

Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord Thy God giveth thee. This is in the Ten Commandments, it is a law from God and it promises long life as a gift from God for obedience to this commandment. The commandment is to adults to honor, not to Children who as in Ephesians 6:1 are told to obey. This law has no true analogue in the world of nature.

[Even in the Bible, it is only children who are expected to obey, not adults.

The Secular State, obviously, has a far more expansive view of Required Obedience than God requires of children.]

Now this brings us to a critical point. One of the problems of our time is that parents are trying to command children naturally, not religiously. Mothers will take time to speak about the trauma of birth “all that I’ve done for you, how I’ve suffered, and what I went through, and you reward me with this.” And what does the child think? “So what? I didn’t ask to be born.” And fathers will go on at great length about how much money they’ve invested in their children, as though that gave them authority. It doesn’t register; the natural fact does not carry any conviction. It has inherent in it no authority unless we look at the religious fact.

[The natural fact that parents sire/gave birth to children does not automatically lead to obedience.

(Looks at the Southwest Airlines strikes, and that of Europe.)

There will come a day when the mere fact that certain men have badges and guns, will not be enough to compel obedience. And if a substantial portion – even as small as 3.5% of the population, in some cases – decide to ignore a law, that law ceases to have authority.

Keep an eye on the concept of delegitimization.]

And so if the religious commandment, God’s word, is left out there is a radical erosion of parental authority. It does not rest on the status of being a parent in the natural order; it rests only on God’s commandment. As a result we have to recognize that authority is a religious fact. Unless it is grounded Biblically it very soon disappears.

[Rushdoony is using a broad definition of ‘soon’ here. Still, he is a long-term postmillennialist, so I accept his basic point.]

This is what we’re seeing in our contemporary world. The authority of parents is disappearing because they were grounding it on the fact that they were capable of begetting a child. But the natural fact doesn’t suffice. 

[IIRC, Rushdoony was speaking in the late 60’s-70s here. By that time, men had made the Welfare State their true heir, the one will take care of them in their old age.]

Or civil authorities will insist “we are the law.” But that has no meaning in a world that does not see law as coming from God, and the modern state has undercut that. As a result the modern state has created lawlessness, it has undermined its own authority. We see this in the church, as churchmen put more and more emphasis on position, on status and less and less on the word of God. And they feel they have to emphasis their authority by pomp and circumstance, by parading themselves as it were, and putting on the appurtenances of office, as though this constituted authority. It is ironic that in low church protestant denominations which historically were very hostile to Catholicism, where the church has forsaken its historic, protestant doctrine of Biblical authority they become a very poor imitation of Catholics. They put on robes and where crosses and genuflect as though the forms were going to give authority when they’ve destroyed the foundation of authority. Position and status in other words do not in of themselves in the natural order give authority. It is a religious fact, it is a supernatural fact and unless it is so grounded it disappears. Our understanding of authority depends on our awareness and acceptance of the religious foundations, not only of authority but of all life. 

[The religious foundations of the West has been properly broken up, and grounded to dust. ‘Soon’, the other forms of public and private authority will give way: I suggest, about 10 minutes after the welfare checks and the government pork runs out.

The Empire cannot be saved: but perhaps, your town or county can be. Having local officials who are seen to be lawful, legitimate officers in God’s social order is going to help a lot in preserving the Rule of Law in your area.]

This is why the story of the centurion, our text, is so important. The Centurion saw this clearly and our Lord said unto him “verily I saw unto you I have not found so great faith, no not in Israel.” The centurion had a very sick servant whom he loved dearly, so when he heard of Jesus he sent the elders of Israel beseeching Jesus to heal him, which they did saying that “this man loves our nation, he has built us the synagogue here in Capernaum, not a small synagogue, a considerable thing.” And they said he was worthy for whom he should do this. Now a centurion, until Rome began to decline, was usually a man of the nobility, an aristocrat of some sort. He was often a man of considerable wealth, in fact all the legionnaires originally were important people, it was privilege to be a member of a Roman legion, and to be an officer thereof indicated a man of great importance, and often of very great wealth as was the case with this man. But this man who said “I also (the man under authority) having under me soldiers and I saw unto one “go” and he goeth and to another “come” and he cometh and to my servant “do this” and he doeth it.” Made clear that he recognized the nature of authority; it was only his name that carried weight. Because as a centurion he did not have to go to every man personally, he sent the word and said “this is what the Legionnaires’ centurion ordered.” And it was done. And he recognized that Jesus was at the very least a great prophet, he spoke of Him as Lord, and he recognized that here was supernatural power and authority, his person, his physical presence was therefore not necessary, and he made it clear that he did not feel that he was deserving of the attention of a physical trip to his house. Therefore our Lord spoke of him as He did, a man of faith; and because he was a man of faith he understood authority. 

Thus he recognized the supernatural nature of authority, that it was not merely a material fact. No more than the authority of a parent over his child is simply a material fact, a product of begetting. It is a supernatural fact, and here in Christ there was the essence of supernatural authority and therefore speak the word only and my servant shall be healed. 

[The authority of class and wealth bent the knee to supernatural authority. And wisely so: all the centurion’s swords and money and political connections could not buy the healing of his beloved servant.]

Let us look now at authority in the church. One of the sad facts is that the church very often over governs and in many quarters today where the anarchy in the church has become apparent, and the lawless, some have developed a gospel of excommunication. Now what our Lord declares Matthew 28:19 when he sets forth the great commission is the duty to teach or to disciple all nations. Discipline comes from disciple; it does not mean punishment nor excommunication, but discipling. That’s the meaning of discipline it means leading someone into the life of faith, it requires a reliance on the Holy Spirit, not coercion.

[The love of excommunication is hardly seen today. I suspect that it was a last gasp of a handful of conservative clerics, now ready and able to fight a war that was lost a century before Rushdoony was speaking. See Crossed Fingers for details.]

Before continuing with this important subject of coercion, excommunication, its relationship to authority let us look briefly at the nature of theocracy. A great many people assume that a theocracy is the rule of man, but it is not. In the Bible there is virtually no state, it is minimal. Government is under God and through His law, and divided into many spheres. In the book of Judges the civil government is minimal and the ups and downs in the book of judges is in terms of apostasy. When men depart from the faith they cannot govern themselves nor can they govern anything. In those days, the author of Judges tells us, there was no king in Israel, God was not the king, and every many did that which was right in his own eyes, there was no authority. When there was authority there was recovery. Where faiths wanes, theocracy wanes. The essential government is the self government of the Christian man. 

[Exactly right.]

Now it is a fact that the United States was best governed when it was governed least. Not because less government was the essential ingredient, but because there was then Christian self-government, and when self government waned then the state had to take up the slack and we have the controls that prevail now. So that to remove those controls we have to re-establish government at the seat of government in the lives of men, to take it back from the state. Men have yielded it to the state, they have surrendered it to the state. Now it’s going to take a little fighting to get it back. Statism always follows the decline of self-government. 

[We Christian Americans placed chains around their necks, and gave the leash to Our Betters, in return for safety and stability.

Bad call.

The first priority is for us Christians to again take responsibility for our own lives, to again learn the laws of self-government. When enough of us have done so, and progressed a good way in governing ourselves well and teaching others the ways of responsible liberty under God, we will find more and more cracks in the feet of the Power Structure.

And a mysterious number of crowbars, close at hand.]

Does Technology Make Us Smarter?

Does Technology Make Us Smarter? Ep. 155 (guest Lee Duigon) – podcast

There is a strong case to be made, that homeschoolers should keep their kids off the internet/computer/cell phones until the children have the self-discipline to ignore the online distractions.

I am a fan of the Ron Paul Curriculum, but some internet connection will be needed. I recommend that there be a lot of printouts for a few years, or restrict the programs on the computer to just what is needed for education.

Chemical Sterilizers, All Around Us

Synthetic chemical in consumer products linked to early death, study finds

(CNN) — Synthetic chemicals called phthalates, found in hundreds of consumer products such as food storage containers, shampoo, makeup, perfume and children’s toys, may contribute to some 91,000 to 107,000 premature deaths a year among people ages 55 to 64 in the United States, a new study found.

People with the highest levels of phthalates had a greater risk of death from any cause, especially cardiovascular mortality, according to the study published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Pollution.

The study estimated those deaths could cost the US about $40 to $47 billion each year in lost economic productivity.

“This study adds to the growing data base on the impact of plastics on the human body and bolsters public health and business cases for reducing or eliminating the use of plastics,” said lead author Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine and population health at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

Synthetic chemical in consumer products linked to early death, study finds
By Sandee LaMotte, CNN

If our media focused on actual environmental hazards – from plastics, or the widespread destruction of life in the ocean, or even cell phone radiation – instead of leftist visions of controlling the economy via Global Warming and COVID manias, I would have substantially greater respect for them.

But Global Warming and COVID terror leads directly to more power in the hands of Our Betters over the Filthy Commoners, transferring liberty, control and wealth from the Wrong Hands to the Right Hands.

In contrast, fighting the Plastics lobby or the Chinese, Korean or Japanese state-backed fishing interests doesn’t bring any bottom-line benefit, financial or emotional.

Abiding in the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is best served when we are most abiding in Christ and relying fully on his grace.

I would have rolled my eyes at the simplicity of this three years ago, but sometimes the most beautiful and powerful truths are also the most simple.

John Reasnor

It seems to be a perfectly Biblical attitude to me.

Now, I believe in work, and fighting where victory is possible (after counting the cost!), and changing the world that we see around us for the better.

But as a certainty, mere labour and planning and commitment – separate from the Holy Spirit – will accomplish nothing of value.

There is a time for rest, and a time to simply listen to the Spirit of God. And we all have different work fields: not all, or even the majority, are expected to directly oppose the forces of Satan in public.

Don’t forget the spiritual power and authority of the Babushka. Even under the yoke of the most oppressive and malicious regime in history.

(Or, perhaps, just the second-most evil government in human history: the historical debate rages…)

Cheaters and Nihilists

Today’s entry is not funny. It involves a very serious trend in schools. But the conundrum faced by researchers at “Charles Darwin University” (yes, there is such a place; it’s spread over several locations in Australia) is ironic to the point of provoking a snicker at least.

COVID-19 creates a new marketplace for contract cheating, new CDU study finds (Charles Darwin University). The researchers behind this study are very concerned over a meteoric rise in cheating during the pandemic. With so many students studying at home where they cannot be monitored, large numbers of internet-savvy students have looked to apps for help. And cheating app writers are pleased to oblige them for a little (rub fingers briskly) dough. Three researchers at CDU looked into how widespread this practice is.


While the e-word evolution does not appear in the paper, neither do the words right or wrong. The word integrity appears 58 times, along with related words like fraud, misconduct and ethics. Those words are stripped of their substance, though, by the lack of a standard of absolute truth and morality. They sound like mere worries among the cooperators about how to hang onto their power.

[…the writer adds…]

There have always been crooks and cheaters, but the majority of people in past eras at least believed that cheating was wrong—actually morally wrong by its intrinsic nature. Concerned by the rise in juvenile delinquency in the decade after World War II, my father, a Navy Chaplain, launched youth clubs that were designed to instill “internal controls that make youth want to behave.” The means to that end were giving them the gospel and then training them in character qualities based on the Bible. Those who rose through the ranks, both boys and girls, who had demonstrated their reputation for good moral behavior were then given opportunities to lead and instruct younger teens or children, who usually looked up to and respected them. His vision was to overcome delinquency with decency by a “chain reaction”– reaching youth through youth. Many of those who graduated through these clubs continued on with those internal controls into their mature adult years, despite having come from disadvantaged homes where a life of crime and purposelessness was often the default outcome. The Chaplain’s work was further reinforced by a society led by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a devout Christian, who prayed publicly and spoke often of the need for national righteousness.

Does Cheating Evolve?
David F. Coppedge

The Better Sort do have real power: 90%+ given to them by a desperately-eager to please Christian leadership.

But that power rots in their hands.

The fundamental point for Christian homeschoolers is that their children are not confused between success (helping people, mastering knowledge, making discoveries) and success-indicators (money, degrees, grants and awards).

Note that the contract cheaters don’t care about religion: just money.

It’s important that Christian students see cheating as not merely unsocial behaviour: it must be seen as wrong and evil. (Long-term, it’s typically destructive too.)

It’s important that Christians be seen — and actually be — men of integrity. That is the road to leadership, not some quest for power.

Long-term victory is worth the price of some short-term failed papers and exams.

North Comments

I recall a bit of insight from Gary North, from his earlier article
Success Indicators in Education: Why So Many Bright Kids Get Sidetracked

—<Quote begins>—

This was posted on a forum.

I tutored kids in math for four years in math. After a lot of failures and some success I’ve noticed the same thing over and over…

1. The successful kids with excellent grades, some getting A’s in calculus their junior or sophomore year even, think of learning math as it’s own reward, and their curiosity shows often.

2. The unsuccessful kids think grades are everything, and all they want to know is just enough to get an A in the class. They end up losers. I suspect more than a few kids who do very well feel the same way.


This is an accurate assessment. But it has implications for every area of life.

Here is the problem. There is success. Then there are success indicators. We like to believe they are the same. They almost never are.

We are rewarded to pursue success indicators. We are only rarely told that success is not the same. I discuss this in my book on success. See Chapter 4.//

The success indicator should tell us: “Can I still stay in the market?” If a person’s objective performance — as assessed by those who hand out the rewards — compared to others is substandard, he may be forced to quit. He will flunk out, go broke, or not make the cut. He has to improve.

The ability to stay in the market may not be success. It may be the wrong market for the individual. His success indicators may lure him into staying in a field that he should leave behind.

There is no escape from success indicators. The trick is to select the one that tells you how well you are doing in the place where you belong. Rarely are these numerical success indicators. It takes wisdom, maturity, and the ability to assess accurately. These skills are rare. Among teenagers, they are extremely rare.

This is why a parent needs to know what the teenager regards as success. Then the parents must help the teenager identify appropriate success indicators. This must be done before the parent starts handing out rewards or punishments.

—<Quote ends>—

See Gary North’s Five Pillars of Biblical Success here.

Our sophisticated Darwinian nihilists place no fundamental value on math per se: as it does not objectively exist in their eyes, it merely means what the powerful people says it means. Two plus two actually does equal five – if there’s enough Evolutionary Success (money, privilege, mates) to make it so.

Same deal for calling a man a woman. Or slavery freedom.

That is Darwin’s road. Christians are not to touch it.

PragerU and Fringe Minorities

—<Quote begins>—

Are young patriots really just a fringe minority?

The left claims young people all love socialism, open borders, and big government mandates. These lies are intended to demoralize you…so you give up.

At PragerU we see hope every single day—as thousands of young people write to us about embracing traditional American values. Even the left knows PragerU is an ever-growing threat to its agenda!          

“It took two months for Prager University, one of the biggest, most influential and yet least understood forces in online media, to mold a conservative.” —Buzzfeed

“Its videos are becoming a staple on college campuses, where Prager is dead set on overturning liberal orthodoxy…” —Los Angeles Times

How are young people breaking free from left-wing brainwashing? It usually starts with one PragerU video.

—<Quote ends>—


An interesting perspective.

“The left claims young people all love socialism, open borders, and big government mandates. These lies are intended to demoralize you…so you give up.”

It’s not like the Mainstream Press would ever offer a politically convenient lie.


But back to PragerU:

—<Quote begins>—

PragerU is flooded with messages from young people who say watching one PragerU video opened their eyes. Then they watch another. And another. They are hungry for the truth and different points of view. 

Young people are just beginning to form their own opinions about government, policies, and how they want to live their lives. By watching PragerU content, they discover flaws in the left’s ideology and are introduced to pro-America ideas they likely hear nowhere else! 

An astounding 70% of viewers say their minds are changed after watching PragerU videos!

—<Quote ends>—

Now, I’m not a serious supporter of PragerU. But I will grant them this: they understand that you can’t beat something with nothing.

And they understand the power of ideas.

Yes to Miracles, No to God

Systematic Theology – Authority
Author and Authority
R. J. Rushdoony

—<Quote begins>—

Let us begin with prayer. Oh Lord our God unto whom all glory belongs we come into Thy present again looking for the day when the glory that is Thine shall fill the earth and Thy righteousness cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Make us thine instruments towards this purpose, that we may proclaim Thy word, Thy salvation, Thy justice unto the ends of the earth, and that we might be instrumental in bringing men, woman, children, and nations under the dominion of Christ our Lord. In His name we pray, amen.

We have been dealing with a theology of work and today we begin a study of the doctrine of Authority. The doctrine of authority, and our subject this morning is author and authority. Our text is Hebrews twelve, one and two. The first two verses of Hebrews twelve.

“1Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

The words author and authority are of course related words. The word author of course comes from the Latin, almost unchanged, and it means to increase or to produce. Its meaning thus is that an author is a creator, an originator, a producer; and an authority is one with the right to command and to exercise dominion, to have jurisdiction. There is however still another word that is commonly used in the New Testament and is translated as author. This particular word appears in Hebrews 12 verse one and two. Here we have a Greek word, not a Latin one which comes from a root archa, as in archangel and it means a prince or a tribal leader. Its root archa means the beginning, or the cause. So the New Testament uses one word from a Latin derivation and another from a Greek derivation and we use these words in the English today. And these word both point to the Creator. 

The basic New Testament word of course is the one used in Hebrews twelve. Thus an author is a creator and an authority is the creator and therefore the one who exercise dominion, makes the law, and has jurisdiction. 

Now religious perspective is always determined by our doctrine of authority. In the Greco-Roman world the autonomous reason of man was the source of authority. So that when we look at Greco-Roman thinking authority is ultimately from man. Thinkers such as Galen, Celsus, Porphyry, and others judged the Bible in terms of their rationalism. In the century before Christ the philosopher of acrecia {?} said, and I quote “nothing can ever be created by divine power out of nothing.” For him all forces in the universe were inherent forces, naturalistic forces, there was no power from beyond nature.

Now this did not mean the Greco-Roman man did not believe in marvels; in things that to us would appear to be supernatural. Their interest however was totally different. They were ready to believe all kinds of marvels could take place because nature had divine power inherent in it. Thus Aristotle was interested in every kind of freakish birth, because that freakish birth could represent the next step in evolution. This is why when Paul at Athens spoke about the doctrine of the resurrection the philosophers were immediately interested because here was a man declaring that somebody had risen from the dead. Their interest was premised in the fact that “maybe this was the next stage in the development of nature, in evolution. And as Van Till noted, and I quote “even among the cultured it was in good style to recognize that there was more in heaven and on earth than they had yet dreamed of in their philosophy, they (the Greco-Romans) believed in the mysterious universe. They were perfectly willing therefore to leave open a place for the unknown, but this unknown must be thought of as the utterly unknowable and indeterminate.” 

In other words they were ready to accept almost any kind of miraculous event provided it could be naturalistically accounted for. This is why when Paul in talking about the Resurrection spoke of God as the source of the power, and God as the judge of all, they immediately said they wanted to hear no more “we’ll listen to you some other time on that.” For them the subject was closed. Had Paul continued to say “this actually happened and there are witnesses, and this is perhaps the next step in evolution, in the development of nature.” The Greek philosophers would no doubt have been ready to appoint a delegation to go to Jerusalem and talk with the surviving people who had been eye witnesses of the resurrection; but not if God had done it. But God of scripture is beyond mans control, this made the God of scripture inacceptable to the Greeks and the Romans. The only Gods they would allow were deified men. They wanted God’s who could be controlled by man and mans reason and were really no more than deified men. Given this premise, their naturalism, they were amazingly gullible. We’ll come to that in a moment.

But for them the miracles of the Bible were very offensive. One verse in scripture at which the critics regularly fought in anger is Luke 18:27 “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” And also “With God all things are possible.” The philosopher Celsus was very upset and outraged by this verse. To him it was the epitome of the absurdity of Christianity, to believe in a power above and beyond nature was intellectually unrespectable, disreputable, and to be avoided. But at the same time they held that to hold that all things are possible with God was bad thinking, they were ready to affirm that all things are possible for nature. 

Let me illustrate what they actually believed in. They believed that men could in time animate the statues of God and effect religious union with them. You all of heard no doubt of the story of Pygmalion, of the statue that was carved by a sculpture and then became animated and a living woman. Now that has deep religious roots. This was believed in; or rather it was a premise of their philosophy. For example Julian the apostate, the Emperor went to study under Maximus of Ephesus, a philosopher. His reason for going there was to study how the powers of nature could be enhanced by the philosopher in order to animate statues and perform all kinds of naturalistic marvels. Well the philosophers did have statues that would have torches in their hands that would burst into flame. They had statues that would talk with hidden mechanisms of course. In fact one such statue at Antioch, the statue of Zeus-Philos or friendly Zeus, issued some very nasty statements about Christians which led to a persecution. 

Now these philosophers believed that the trickery they were indulging in was a kind of prompting to nature. They did not see it as fraud. They believed in theurgy. Theurgy believed that the divinity inherent in nature could be invoked and brought into focus by man. Let me quote the thesis of theurgy. “The divine was invisibly diffused throughout the whole cosmos like a primordial electric wave. The action which succeeded in capturing this wave, that is, whatever induced the divine to reveal itself, was a legitimate theurgic activity”. In effect they were saying “Nature’s charged with all kinds of forces or divine powers, and just as when you get a radio you can hear sound waves that are being sent, so if you get the right combination you can capture those powers that are inherent in nature; and any props they used to capture this divine wave were seen as legitimate, not as trickery. Now this is why the pagan philosophers were so gullible, they did not see nature as fixed, created by God with laws binding it that were God ordained. Therefore they believed all things were possible with nature. Of course there view of nature was humanistic. Man could control nature, therefore if the divine power in the universe is inherent in nature, power is placed in mans hands and proof becomes something that man determines. Mans activities will make things happen.

—<Quote ends>—

Also, from a different source….

When some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and behold, something greater than Jonah is here. The queen of the South will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.

Matthew 12:38-42, English Standard Version


Now Thomas, one of the twelve, called the Twin, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord.” But he said to them, “Unless I see in his hands the mark of the nails, and place my finger into the mark of the nails, and place my hand into his side, I will never believe.”

Eight days later, his disciples were inside again, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

John 20:24-29, English Standard Version

Authority is not rooted in miracles, even though God may bring forth miracles as a concession to our hardened hearts.

Authority is rooted in righteousness, in obedience to God.

And if you are actually paying attention, you will recognize miracles all around you. From the fact that anything exists, to the wonder of communication at the speed of light, to the birth of a child.

And of course, “The words author and authority are of course related words.” To deny God as Author is to deny God’s Authority…. and this denial (and the substitution of God with the new Source of the Law, the State) is the new core of the West.

The new and rapidly failing core of the sterile, dying, and increasingly feeble West.

But so long as Christians point-plank refuse to take the Authority and Law-Word of Christ seriously, for just that long they will die with their new idol, the State, instead of repenting and living under the Authority of Christ the King.

(Stones into Bread, by the power of inflation, deficit spending and the central bank, isn’t going to cut it. Regardless of what Keynes and his followers wish.)

To Die For

From Gary North’s article To Die For. A partial repost:

—<Quote begins>—

In our day, the vast majority of residents of the West would be hard-pressed to articulate an idea or a cause for which they are willing to die. A minority would invoke their religion, but in Western Europe, such people are rare. In any case, they do not associate their religious views with a specific social philosophy for which they would be willing to die.


The future is always captured by committed people who are willing to die for a cause. There are fewer of those people as a percentage of the American population today than at any time in American history. This is true of Western nations in general. This is not a uniquely American problem.

A movement must mobilize the troops. If the movement does not mobilize the troops, it is not a movement. It is a discussion group.

Where are those troops today? Missing in action. Where are the leaders who articulate such a vision of the future? Pat Buchanan does, but he is as much of a dinosaur as I am. He is lamenting the loss of the old American Republic. His most articulate political book is The Suicide of a Superpower. Its subtitle is not suitable for building a political movement: Will America Survive to 2025?

You cannot beat something with nothing.


The West is adrift. That should be obvious. There are few organized groups within the West that have developed a social and political philosophy, let alone one that is tied to a supernatural order that guarantees success to the righteous. That was the basis of political order and political philosophy in the West for 1200 years. But that vision faded in the middle of the 17th century. The Treaty of Westphalia (1648) and the restoration of Charles II to the English throne (1660) ended the religious wars.

A crucial political fact today is this: the legitimacy of the government in Washington is under attack from multiple sides. Internally, the unfunded liabilities of the federal government are such that, at some point, the government will no longer be able to sustain the welfare state for the oldsters. At that point, legitimacy of the federal government is going to erode even faster. There is nothing on the political horizon to replace it. That is why I think decentralization lies ahead.

What is missing is a cogent, well-developed social philosophy that could serve as the foundation of a new civilization based on a decentralized social and political order. There are fringe groups that offer such a view. But if we are talking about any group that has the ear of intellectuals today, there is no such worldview. It would be opposed by the university system and the public schools if it were ever to gain a foothold in the thinking of even a small fraction of American intellectuals.

So, we are basically flying blind as a civilization. There are lots of special-interest groups trying to get their hands into the political trough in Washington, but there is no group that has a curriculum from first grade through graduate school that would serve as the foundation of the construction of a new, decentralized social order.

It is not good enough to offer a philosophy of muddling through. Muddling through gets you through a lot of crises, and most of the time it is good enough to keep the social system going. But, in a time of crisis, it will not work. It will not rally the troops.

Today, I see no social and political philosophy on the horizon that is likely to be able to mobilize the troops. Yet without mobilized troops in the broadest sense, a social order cannot defend itself.

There ought to be at least a bookshelf of books that would serve as the foundation of a new social order. Karl Marx wrote several like this. Adam Smith wrote a major one. Edmund Burke wrote several. But, in our day, there is no single philosopher who speaks for the nation in such a way that he can gain a following large enough to mobilize the troops, or even recruit troops.

I cannot think of any time in the history of the West in which there has been such a vacuum. Societies do not persist without a social philosophy tied to widely accepted principles.

To have any possibility of success, a revolutionary movement must be able to recruit people who are willing to die for the cause. There was a time when Marxian Communism attracted such people. But by the 1970’s, Communists in both the Soviet Union and China were no longer committed to Marxism’s religion of revolution. In 1978, Deng Xiaoping abandoned Communist economics, and in 1991, Gorbachev shut down the USSR. Marxism has ceased to be a widely held social philosophy. Its influence is restricted to Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. These are failed states. They are clearly not the wave of the future. They do not inspire dedicated followers.

Those American movements calling themselves Communist or Marxist today are neither Communist nor Marxist. They are not committed to Marx’s philosophy of the inevitability of the proletarian revolution against the capitalist class. They are surely not committed to Marx’s theory that the mode of production governs the development of history. They are Progressives who want to organize riots in order to get government subsidies. That is not Marxism.

—<Quote ends>—

So, we are basically flying blind as a civilization. There are lots of special-interest groups trying to get their hands into the political trough in Washington, but there is no group that has a curriculum from first grade through graduate school that would serve as the foundation of the construction of a new, decentralized social order.

This is what we will have to do.

There is a partial curriculum out there, to the end of grade school. But there is a need of high-level material through college and graduate school. Creating this material takes both time and commitment.

It’s not going to be created by third- and fourth-rate Christian academic institutions. The failures that led Christendom into the ditch are going to keep on doing what they have always done, even as they dry up and blow away.

It’s going to be up to God-fearing laymen, willing to set aside the time, money, and energy to master the material and do the job right.

And — as the solid majority of Conservative Christians remain committed to the Enlightenment Statist Order (“Right-wing Flavour”) — it will have to be done in a far more difficult time than today, with the Welfare-Warfare State disintegrating about their ears.

No Western Christian bothered to consider how Eastern Europe should be reconstructed, after the Communists were gone.

And no Western Christian — a noticeably smaller group in 2021 than in 1989 — is bothering to consider how the West should be reconstructed, after the Welfare State-Keynesian-Enlightenment social order is dead and gone.

Christian Reconstructionists should get the First Mover advantage here.

Assuming we are willing to move, to serve our neighbours, towns, and counties.

Not just talk.

A movement must mobilize the troops. If the movement does not mobilize the troops, it is not a movement. It is a discussion group.

The COVID Cribsheet

The light of reality keeps on shining.

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet You asked for it, so we made it. A collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need. by Kit Knightly

—<Quote begins>—

We get a lot of e-mails and private messages along these lines “do you have a source for X?” or “can you point me to mask studies?” or “I know I saw a graph for mortality, but I can’t find it anymore”. And we understand, it’s been a long 18 months, and there are so many statistics and numbers to try and keep straight in your head.

So, to deal with all these requests, we decided to make a bullet-pointed and sourced list for all the key points. A one-stop-shop.

Here are key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic”, that will help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and help you enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog (click links to skip):

“Covid deaths” – Lockdowns – PCR Tests – “asymptomatic infection” – Ventilators – Masks – Vaccines – Deception & Foreknowledge


1. The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%. Government medical experts went out of their way to underline, from the beginning of the pandemic, that the vast majority of the population are not in any danger from Covid.

Almost all studies on the infection-fatality ratio (IFR) of Covid have returned results between 0.04% and 0.5%. Meaning Covid’s survival rate is at least 99.5%.


2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality. The press has called 2020 the UK’s “deadliest year since world war two”, but this is misleading because it ignores the massive increase in the population since that time. A more reasonable statistical measure of mortality is Age-Standardised Mortality Rate (ASMR):

By this measure, 2020 isn’t even the worst year for mortality since 2000, In fact since 1943 only 9 years have been better than 2020.

Similarly, in the US the ASMR for 2020 is only at 2004 levels:

For a detailed breakdown of how Covid affected mortality across Western Europe and the US click here. What increases in mortality we have seen could be attributable to non-Covid causes [facts 79 & 19].


3. “Covid death” counts are artificially inflated. Countries around the globe have been defining a “Covid death” as a “death by any cause within 28/30/60 days of a positive test”.

Healthcare officials from Italy, Germany, the UK, US, Northern Ireland and others have all admitted to this practice:

Removing any distinction between dying of Covid, and dying of something else after testing positive for Covid will naturally lead to over-counting of “Covid deaths”. British pathologist Dr John Lee was warning of this “substantial over-estimate” as early as last spring. Other mainstream sources have reported it, too.

Considering the huge percentage of “asymptomatic” Covid infections [14], the well-known prevalence of serious comorbidities [fact 4] and the potential for false-positive tests [fact 18], this renders the Covid death numbers an extremely unreliable statistic.


4. The vast majority of covid deaths have serious comorbidities. In March 2020, the Italian government published statistics showing 99.2% of their “Covid deaths” had at least one serious comorbidity.

These included cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure and diabetes (among others). Over 50% of them had three or more serious pre-existing conditions.

This pattern has held up in all other countries over the course of the “pandemic”. An October 2020 FOIA request to the UK’s ONS revealed less than 10% of the official “Covid death” count at that time had Covid as the sole cause of death.


5. Average age of “Covid death” is greater than the average life expectancy. The average age of a “Covid death” in the UK is 82.5 years. In Italy it’s 86. Germany, 83. Switzerland, 86. Canada, 86. The US, 78, Australia, 82.

In almost all cases the median age of a “Covid death” is higher than the national life expectancy.

As such, for most of the world, the “pandemic” has had little-to-no impact on life expectancy. Contrast this with the Spanish flu, which saw a 28% drop in life expectancy in the US in just over a year. [source]


6. Covid mortality exactly mirrors the natural mortality curve. Statistical studies from the UK and India have shown that the curve for “Covid death” follows the curve for expected mortality almost exactly:

The risk of death “from Covid” follows, almost exactly, your background risk of death in general.

The small increase for some of the older age groups can be accounted for by other factors.[facts 79 & 19]


7. There has been a massive increase in the use of “unlawful” DNRs. Watchdogs and government agencies have reported huge increases in the use of Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRs) over the last twenty months.

In the US, hospitals considered “universal DNRs” for any patient who tested positive for Covid, and whistleblowing nurses have admitted the DNR system was abused in New York.

In the UK there was an “unprecdented” rise in “illegal” DNRs for disabled people, GP surgeries sent out letters to non-terminal patients recommending they sign DNR orders, whilst other doctors signed “blanket DNRs” for entire nursing homes.

study done by Sheffield Univerisity found over one-third of all “suspected” Covid patients had a DNR attached to their file within 24 hours of hospital admission.

Blanket use of coerced or illegal DNR orders could account for any increases in mortality in 2020/21.[Facts 2 & 6]



8. Lockdowns do not prevent the spread of disease. There is little to no evidence lockdowns have any impact on limiting “Covid deaths”. If you compare regions that locked down to regions that did not, you can see no pattern at all.


9. Lockdowns kill people. There is strong evidence that lockdowns – through social, economic and other public health damage – are deadlier than the “virus”.

Dr David Nabarro, World Health Organization special envoy for Covid-19 described lockdowns as a “global catastrophe” in October 2020:

We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of the virus[…] it seems we may have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition […] This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe.”

A UN report from April 2020 warned of 100,000s of children being killed by the economic impact of lockdowns, while tens of millions more face possible poverty and famine.

Unemployment, poverty, suicide, alcoholism, drug use and other social/mental health crises are spiking all over the world. While missed and delayed surgeries and screenings are going to see increased mortality from heart disease, cancer et al. in the near future.

The impact of lockdown would account for the small increases in excess mortality [Facts 2 & 6]


10. Hospitals were never unusually over-burdened. the main argument used to defend lockdowns is that “flattening the curve” would prevent a rapid influx of cases and protect healthcare systems from collapse. But most healthcare systems were never close to collapse at all.

In March 2020 it was reported that hospitals in Spain and Italy were over-flowing with patients, but this happens every flu season. In 2017 Spanish hospitals were at 200% capacity, and 2015 saw patients sleeping in corridors. A paper JAMA paper from March 2020 found that Italian hospitals “typically run at 85-90% capacity in the winter months”.

In the UK, the NHS is regularly stretched to breaking point over the winter.

As part of their Covid policy, the NHS announced in Spring of 2020 that they would be “re-organizing hospital capacity in new ways to treat Covid and non-Covid patients separately” and that “as result hospitals will experience capacity pressures at lower overall occupancy rates than would previously have been the case.”

This means they removed thousands of beds. During an alleged deadly pandemic, they reduced the maximum occupancy of hospitals. Despite this, the NHS never felt pressure beyond your typical flu season, and at times actually had 4x more empty beds than normal.

In both the UK and US millions were spent on temporary emergency hospitals that were never used.



11. PCR tests were not designed to diagnose illness. The Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test is described in the media as the “gold standard” for Covid diagnosis. But the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the process never intended it to be used as a diagnostic tool, and said so publicly:

PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”


12. PCR Tests have a history of being inaccurate and unreliable. The “gold standard” PCR tests for Covid are known to produce a lot of false-positive results, by reacting to DNA material that is not specific to Sars-Cov-2.

A Chinese study found the same patient could get two different results from the same test on the same day. In Germany, tests are known to have reacted to common cold viruses. A 2006 study found PCR tests for one virus responded to other viruses too. In 2007, a reliance on PCR tests resulted in an “outbreak” of Whooping Cough that never actually existed. Some tests in the US even reacted to the negative control sample.

The late President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, submitted samples goat, pawpaw and motor oil for PCR testing, all came back positive for the virus.

As early as February of 2020 experts were admitting the test was unreliable. Dr Wang Cheng, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences told Chinese state television “The accuracy of the tests is only 30-50%”. The Australian government’s own website claimed “There is limited evidence available to assess the accuracy and clinical utility of available COVID-19 tests.” And a Portuguese court ruled that PCR tests were “unreliable” and should not be used for diagnosis.

You can read detailed breakdowns of the failings of PCR tests herehere and here.


13. The CT values of the PCR tests are too high. PCR tests are run in cycles, the number of cycles you use to get your result is known as your “cycle threshold” or CT value. Kary Mullis said“If you have to go more than 40 cycles[…]there is something seriously wrong with your PCR.”

The MIQE PCR guidelines agree, stating: “[CT] values higher than 40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should not be reported,” Dr Fauci himself even admitted anything over 35 cycles is almost never culturable.

Dr Juliet Morrison, virologist at the University of California, Riverside, told the New York TimesAny test with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive…I’m shocked that people would think that 40 [cycles] could represent a positive…A more reasonable cutoff would be 30 to 35″.

In the same article Dr Michael Mina, of the Harvard School of Public Health, said the limit should be 30, and the author goes on to point out that reducing the CT from 40 to 30 would have reduced “covid cases” in some states by as much as 90%.

The CDC’s own data suggests no sample over 33 cycles could be cultured, and Germany’s Robert Koch Institute says nothing over 30 cycles is likely to be infectious.

Despite this, it is known almost all the labs in the US are running their tests at least 37 cycles and sometimes as high as 45. The NHS “standard operating procedure” for PCR tests rules set the limit at 40 cycles.

Based on what we know about the CT values, the majority of PCR test results are at best questionable.


14. The World Health Organization (Twice) Admitted PCR tests produced false positives. In December 2020 WHO put out a briefing memo on the PCR process instructing labs to be wary of high CT values causing false positive results:

when specimens return a high Ct value, it means that many cycles were required to detect virus. In some circumstances, the distinction between background noise and actual presence of the target virus is difficult to ascertain.

Then, in January 2021, the WHO released another memo, this time warning that “asymptomatic” positive PCR tests should be re-tested because they might be false positives:

Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different NAT technology.


15. The scientific basis for Covid tests is questionable. The genome of the Sars-Cov-2 virus was supposedly sequenced by Chinese scientists in December 2019, then published on January 10th 2020. Less than two weeks later, German virologists (Christian Drosten et al.) had allegedly used the genome to create assays for PCR tests.

They wrote a paper, Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR, which was submitted for publication on January 21st 2020, and then accepted on January 22nd. Meaning the paper was allegedly “peer-reviewed” in less than 24 hours. A process that typically takes weeks.

Since then, a consortium of over forty life scientists has petitioned for the withdrawal of the paper, writing a lengthy report detailing 10 major errors in the paper’s methodology.

They have also requested the release of the journal’s peer-review report, to prove the paper really did pass through the peer-review process. The journal has yet to comply.

The Corman-Drosten assays are the root of every Covid PCR test in the world. If the paper is questionable, every PCR test is also questionable.



16. The majority of Covid infections are “asymptomatic”. From as early as March 2020, studies done in Italy were suggesting 50-75% of positive Covid tests had no symptoms. Another UK study from August 2020 found as much as 86% of “Covid patients” experienced no viral symptoms at all.

It is literally impossible to tell the difference between an “asymptomatic case” and a false-positive test result.


17. There is very little evidence supporting the alleged danger of “asymptomatic transmission”. In June 2020, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said:

From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,”

A meta-analysis of Covid studies, published by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in December 2020, found that asymptomatic carriers had a less than 1% chance of infecting people within their household. Another study, done on influenza in 2009, found:

…limited evidence to suggest the importance of [asymptomatic] transmission. The role of asymptomatic or presymptomatic influenza-infected individuals in disease transmission may have been overestimated…”

Given the known flaws of the PCR tests, many “asymptomatic cases” may be false positives.[fact 14]



18. Ventilation is NOT a treatment for respiratory viruses. Mechanical ventilation is not, and never has been, recommended treatment for respiratory infection of any kind. In the early days of the pandemic, many doctors came forward questioning the use of ventilators to treat “Covid”.

Writing in The Spectator, Dr Matt Strauss stated:

Ventilators do not cure any disease. They can fill your lungs with air when you find yourself unable to do so yourself. They are associated with lung diseases in the public’s consciousness, but this is not in fact their most common or most appropriate application.

German Pulmonologist Dr Thomas Voshaar, chairman of Association of Pneumatological Clinics said:

When we read the first studies and reports from China and Italy, we immediately asked ourselves why intubation was so common there. This contradicted our clinical experience with viral pneumonia.

Despite this, the WHOCDCECDC and NHS all “recommended” Covid patients be ventilated instead of using non-invasive methods.

This was not a medical policy designed to best treat the patients, but rather to reduce the hypothetical spread of Covid by preventing patients from exhaling aerosol droplets.


19. Ventilators killed people. Putting someone on a ventilator who is suffering from influenza, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or any other condition which restricts breathing or affects the lungs, will not alleviate any of those symptoms. In fact, it will almost certainly make it worse, and will kill many of them.

Intubation tubes are a source of potential a infection known as “ventilator-associated pneumonia”, which studies show affects up to 28% of all people put on ventilators, and kills 20-55% of those infected.

Mechanical ventilation is also damaging to the physical structure of the lungs, resulting in “ventilator-induced lung injury”, which can dramatically impact quality of life, and even result in death.

Experts estimate 40-50% of ventilated patients die, regardless of their disease. Around the world, between 66 and 86% of all “Covid patients” put on ventilators died.

According to the “undercover nurse”, ventilators were being used so improperly in New York, they were destroying patients’ lungs:

This policy was negligence at best, and potentially deliberate murder at worst. This misuse of ventilators could account for any increase in mortality in 2020/21 [Facts 2 & 6]



20. Masks don’t work. At least a dozen scientific studies have shown that masks do nothing to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.

One meta-analysis published by the CDC in May 2020 found “no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks”.

Another study with over 8000 subjects found masks “did not seem to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections nor against clinical respiratory infection.”

There are literally too many to quote them all, but you can read them: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Or read a summary by SPR here.

While some studies have been done claiming to show mask do work for Covid, they are all seriously flawed. One relied on self-reported surveys as data. Another was so badly designed a panel of experts demand it be withdrawn. A third was withdrawn after its predictions proved entirely incorrect.

The WHO commissioned their own meta-analysis in the Lancet, but that study looked only at N95 masks and only in hospitals. [For full run down on the bad data in this study click here.]

Aside from scientific evidence, there’s plenty of real-world evidence that masks do nothing to halt the spread of disease.

For example, North Dakota and South Dakota had near-identical case figures, despite one having a mask-mandate and the other not:

In Kansas, counties without mask mandates actually had fewer Covid “cases” than counties with mask mandates. And despite masks being very common in Japan, they had their worst flu outbreak in decades in 2019.


21. Masks are bad for your health. Wearing a mask for long periods, wearing the same mask more than once, and other aspects of cloth masks can be bad for your health. A long study on the detrimental effects of mask-wearing was recently published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Dr. James Meehan reported in August 2020 he was seeing increases in bacterial pneumonia, fungal infections, facial rashes .

Masks are also known to contain plastic microfibers, which damage the lungs when inhaled and may be potentially carcinogenic.

Childen wearing masks encourages mouth-breathing, which results in facial deformities.

People around the world have passed out due to CO2 poisoning while wearing their masks, and some children in China even suffered sudden cardiac arrest.


22. Masks are bad for the planet. Millions upon millions of disposable masks have been used per month for over a year. A report from the UN found the Covid19 pandemic will likely result in plastic waste more than doubling in the next few years., and the vast majority of that is face masks.

The report goes on to warn these masks (and other medical waste) will clog sewage and irrigation systems, which will have knock on effects on public health, irrigation and agriculture.

A study from the University of Swansea found “heavy metals and plastic fibres were released when throw-away masks were submerged in water.” These materials are toxic to both people and wildlife.



23. Covid “vaccines” are totally unprecedented. Before 2020 no successful vaccine against a human coronavirus had ever been developed. Since then we have allegedly made 20 of them in 18 months.

Scientists have been trying to develop a SARS and MERS vaccine for years with little success. Some of the failed SARS vaccines actually caused hypersensitivity to the SARS virus. Meaning that vaccinated mice could potentially get the disease more severely than unvaccinated mice. Another attempt caused liver damage in ferrets.

While traditional vaccines work by exposing the body to a weakened strain of the microorganism responsible for causing the disease, these new Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines.

mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines theoretically work by injecting viral mRNA into the body, where it replicates inside your cells and encourages your body to recognise, and make antigens for, the “spike proteins” of the virus. They have been the subject of research since the 1990s, but before 2020 no mRNA vaccine was ever approved for use.


24. Vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission. It is readily admitted that Covid “vaccines” do not confer immunity from infection and do not prevent you from passing the disease onto others. Indeed, an article in the British Medical Journal highlighted that the vaccine studies were not designed to even try and assess if the “vaccines” limited transmission.

The vaccine manufacturers themselves, upon releasing the untested mRNA gene therapies, were quite clear their product’s “efficacy” was based on “reducing the severity of symptoms”.


25. The vaccines were rushed and have unknown longterm effects. Vaccine development is a slow, laborious process. Usually, from development through testing and finally being approved for public use takes many years. The various vaccines for Covid were all developed and approved in less than a year. Obviously there can be no long-term safety data on chemicals which are less than a year old.

Pfizer even admit this is true in the leaked supply contract between the pharmaceutical giant, and the government of Albania:

the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known

Further, none of the vaccines have been subject to proper trials. Many of them skipped early-stage trials entirely, and the late-stage human trials have either not been peer-reviewed, have not released their data, will not finish until 2023 or were abandoned after “severe adverse effects”.


26. Vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal indemnity should they cause harm. The USA’s Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) grants immunity until at least 2024.

The EU’s product licensing law does the same, and there are reports of confidential liability clauses in the contracts the EU signed with vaccine manufacturers.

The UK went even further, granting permanent legal indemnity to the government, and any employees thereof, for any harm done when a patient is being treated for Covid19 or “suspected Covid19”.

Again, the leaked Albanian contract suggests that Pfizer, at least, made this indemnity a standard demand of supplying Covid vaccines:

Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer […] from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses



27. The EU was preparing “vaccine passports” at least a YEAR before the pandemic began. Proposed COVID countermeasures, presented to the public as improvised emergency measures, have existed since before the emergence of the disease.

Two EU documents published in 2018, the “2018 State of Vaccine Confidence” and a technical report titled “Designing and implementing an immunisation information system” discussed the plausibility of an EU-wide vaccination monitoring system.

These documents were combined into the 2019 “Vaccination Roadmap”, which (among other things) established a “feasibility study” on vaccine passports to begin in 2019 and finish in 2021:

This report’s final conclusions were released to the public in September 2019, just a month before Event 201 (below).


28. A “training exercise” predicted the pandemic just weeks before it started. In October 2019 the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University held Event 201. This was a training exercise based on a zoonotic coronavirus starting a worldwide pandemic. The exercise was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI the vaccine alliance.

The exercise published its findings and recommendations in November 2019 as a “call to action”. One month later, China recorded their first case of “Covid”.


29. Since the beginning of 2020, the Flu has “disappeared”. In the United States, since February 2020, influenza cases have allegedly dropped by over 98%.

It’s not just the US either, globally flu has apparently almost completely disappeared.

Meanwhile, a new disease called “Covid”, which has identical symptoms and a similar mortality rate to influenza, is apparently affecting all the people normally affected by the flu.


30. The elite have made fortunes during the pandemic. Since the beginning of lockdown the wealthiest people have become significantly wealthier. Forbes reported that 40 new billionaires have been created “fighting the coronavirus”, with 9 of them being vaccine manufacturers.

Business Insider reported that “billionaires saw their net worth increase by half a trillion dollars” by October 2020.

Clearly that number will be even bigger by now.


These are the vital facts of the pandemic, presented here as a resource to help formulate and support your arguments with friends or strangers. Thanks to all the researchers who have collated and collected this information over the last twenty months, especially Swiss Policy Research.
If you have anything you would like to see included, let us know in the comments

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—<Quote ends>—

Also see Cost of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report (which I noted previously here)

Summary: Our Betters hate us, and want to see us impoverished, enslaved, and dependent so they can flex their muscles and yak endlessly about how Superior they are.

Age-Adjusted Mortality Is at 2004 Levels. Yet They Tell Us Covid Is Worse Than the 1918 Flu.

Always another puffed-up boogieman, that only Our Leaders can save us from.

My gratitude to Gary North, for the OffGuardian link, found in COVID-19 Facts That You Will Not See in the Mainstream Media.