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Created in the Image of God… not Satan

…man is not made in the image of Satan but in the image of God. And so even Lucky Luciano (some years ago I read three or four different books on him), wanted nothing more than to give the impression of respectability. So that everything he was, he was trying to live down and claim to be something else. And he spent fantastic sums to try to build up respectability for himself, as all of them do—the entire mafia. In other words, man has within his own nature built in the total condemnation of what he is as a sinner. He is not made in the image of Satan and therefore no matter how much he tries, he cannot be content in evil. He finds in it progressive frustration and death. So he becomes more and more suicidal in his course.

R. J. Rushdoony
The Ninth Commandment
Witness of the False Prophet

It’s why North Korea and China, and the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, Imperial japan and the Belgian Congo, all went way out of their way to appear ‘civilized’.

Only ISIS was truly willing to go public with their comprehensive evil (that they insisted was the will of God, by the way – still playing the righteous game).

Even outright Satanists mostly position themselves as merely amoral, often even ‘more righteous than the Christians’ or as ‘ideological objectivists’.

Marxists and numerous atheists claim to be more moral, to be better a Image of God, than God Himself. A cracked and warped mirror, insisting it’s better than the real thing.

Even a clean and perfect mirror, a true reflection1 of the Image of God, gives only a finite two-dimensional aspect of the Divine Reality! Even a sinless and flawless mirror is no substitute for the actual Creator of Heaven and earth, the real standard of Law and Truth, Justice and Mercy.

Fascists and race-driven National Socialists may well be enthusiastic cross-wavers as well.

Evil pretends to be something it is not. It lies.

It lies because they want to claim the Image of God for themselves.

Even Satan wanted worship, to be as God.

And many of his followers – in and out of the church – claim moral standing as justification for their lawless and contemptible deeds.

1And even an excellent mirror gives a mirrored reflection, a failing that cannot be evaded, ever. The finite can never truly encompass the infinite, even if you ignore the three-dimensional form of the real thing.

But it can be an honest and true reflection, instead of a warped and cracked and miscoloured and photoshopped reflection. Even in the finite world, there are better mirrors, and worse mirrors.

Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality

For the full story, go to Mercola website: COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease

A summary version (without the interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, is presented below, from the LewRockwell version:

Significant Death Toll Will Rise in Months and Years to Come

Five months into the vaccination campaign, statistics tell a frightening story. Seneff cites research2 showing deaths are 14.6 times more frequent during the first 14 days after the first COVID injection among people over the age of 60, compared to those who aren’t vaccinated. That is extraordinary. You can read the full paper here.

(Download this video while you still can.)

Other data,3,4 reviewed in the video above, show that after COVID-19 vaccines were implemented, overall death rates have increased, with the exception of a few areas. Interestingly, Seneff believes she may have discovered why. It appears countries in which COVID-19 vaccines have not raised mortality rates are also not using glyphosate.


COVID-19 Vaccines Are a Public Health Disaster

The typical unprecedented vaccine takes 12 years to develop, and of all the unprecedented vaccines in development, only 2% are projected to ever make it through phases 2 and 3 of clinical testing.

The COVID-19 vaccine was developed with Operation Warp Speed in less than one year, which makes it virtually impossible for this vaccine to be adequately tested for safety and efficacy.

Hundreds of millions of people are now being vaccinated around the world, based on nothing more than preliminary efficacy data. Disturbingly, while sudden death is one apparent side effect, the vast majority of side effects won’t be known until a decade or more from now.


Understanding Your Immune System

As your cells start producing the viral spike proteins, your immune cells rally to mop up the proteins and dump them into your lymphatic system. This is why many report swollen lymph nodes under the arms. This is also a sign of breast cancer. The antibody response is part of your humoral immunity. You also have cellular immunity, which is part of your innate immune system.

Your innate immune system is very powerful. And, if you’re healthy, it can clear viruses without ever producing a single antibody. Antibodies are actually a second-tier effect when your innate immune system fails. The problem is your innate immune system is definitely going to fail if you get a COVID-19 shot, because it’s bypassing all of the areas where your innate immune system would be brought to bear.

[…big snip…]

Are We Creating a Generation of Super-Spreaders?

What comes next is truly chilling. Seneff cites research10 showing that sperm has this ability to take exogenous mRNA, either from a virus or an mRNA vaccine, and reverse transcribe it into DNA and then produce plasmids that contain this cloned DNA. The sperm then releases these plasmids around the egg, which takes them up.

The egg hangs on to those plasmids and puts the new code into the cells of the growing fetus. Hypothetically, a man having been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine could produce a child born with the genetic code to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

This is not a good thing, because this means the child will not have antibodies against the spike protein. Since it’s part of their genetic code, it registers as one of their own proteins and their body won’t produce antibodies against it. If that child is exposed to SARS-CoV-2, their immune system won’t react at all. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but it’s bound to be severely problematic in one way or another.


Such children would be true super-spreaders, and the indoctrination we’re currently seeing, where children are told their mere presence could pose a mortal risk to the people they love, would then turn into grim reality. The calves in question were euthanized to safeguard the rest of the herds. How would we address human equivalents?

Hopefully, this nightmare scenario will not occur, but it appears biologically possible, and that is the problem. The fact that the available science allows for this kind of speculation is reason enough to put the brakes on this vaccination campaign. We have no clue what the long-term consequences are. We don’t even know what the short-term consequences are, other than more vaccinated people are dying, collectively, compared to unvaccinated ones.

[…big snip…]

Woke Rackets


In 2017, Nandini Jammi helped launch a company called Sleeping Giants to pressure corporate advertisers into boycotting conservative media. With little more than a Twitter account, a Facebook group and a gift for incendiary rhetoric, the company reportedly prompted a range of corporations, from Pfizer to Walmart, to pull advertising from Fox News and other right-leaning outlets.

Now, with boycotts becoming a fixed tactic, including secondary boycotts targeting states with new Republican-backed voting laws, Jammi has transitioned from aggressor to protector: advising companies on how to avoid becoming targets. Her new enterprise, “Check My Ads,” says it provides “brand safety training that empowers marketers to protect their brands … We help you identify where your ad dollars are going and to align your media buy with your values.”

A protection racket for woke corporations?

Jammi is part of what some see as a sensible evolution in which corporations behave in a socially responsible manner while shoring up their businesses against market disruptions in a bewildering time of cultural conflict. But critics see the shift as a pure protection racket: a growing field of progressive groups and personalities exploiting cancel culture for both political gain and personal profit.

Are ‘woke warriors’ running a protection racket?
by Mark Hemingway

You gotta admit: liberals and leftists are quite capitalistic, when the money is flowing into their own pockets.

Granger warns that the media climate could still get much uglier than it is now. “I’ve gotten in multiple debates about the value of some of these third parties and the one-sidedness of the accountability measures that are being applied,” he says. “Now, just wait a few years and watch for a right-wing version [of the boycotts]. There have been attempts, but they haven’t been well executed, but when that happens, then it’s just mutually assured destruction. I don’t think that’s a winning strategy for anyone.”

Are ‘woke warriors’ running a protection racket?
by Mark Hemingway

Whenever there is a flow of easy money, competition shows up.

And then, the cries of “Regulation!” and “Fairness!” and “Protect the public!” from Our Betters.


Why Determinism is Delusional

Scientists needs to strengthen its grip on reality.

But that’s not the road they have chosen.

So, we Christians will have to do it.

Fortunately, since science came from specifically Christian assumptions regarding reality, this isn’t a particularly difficult task. Call it two generations worth of work before Christians as Christians take leadership in all theoretical and applied scientific fields.

Assuming that we are willing to commit the time, energy, and money to rebuilt what the increasingly irrational materialists have willfully destroyed, in their frantic drive to escape from God and His Law.

But to regain the territory we willfully threw away, we need to drop the ‘let’s escape reality!’ nonsense:

  • both the “Rapture! Rapture!” babble,
  • and the “mystical otherworldly” gnostic delusions.

Coleridge, Escape, and the Prayer Life Preferred by Demons

The best thing, where it is possible, is to keep the patient from the serious intention of praying altogether. When the patient is an adult recently re-converted to the enemy’s party, like your man, this is best done by encouraging him to remember, or to think he remembers, the parrot-like nature of his prayers in childhood. in reaction against that, he may be persuaded to aim at something entirely spontaneous, inward, informal, and unregularised; and what this will actually mean to a beginner will be an effort to produce in himself a vaguely devotional mood in which real concentration of will and intelligence have no part. one of their poets, Coleridge, has recorded that he did not pray “with moving lips and bended knees” but merely “composed his spirit to love” and indulged “a sense of supplication”. that is exactly the sort of prayer we want; and since it bears a superficial resemblance to the prayer of silence as practised by those who are very far advanced in the enemy’s service, clever and lazy patients can be taken in by it for quite a long time. at the very least, they can be persuaded that the bodily position makes no difference to their prayers; for they constantly forget, what you must always remember, that they are animals and that whatever their bodies do affects their souls. it is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.

C.S. Lewis, the Screwtape LEtters, Chapter IV

The mechanical mumbling of magic words without content or though is the preferred payer life of demons.

The escapism can be from man’s inner problems and the inner tension created by sin and guilt. St. Paul’s declaration that “he is a Jew (i.e., a covenant man) which is one inwardly”(Rom. 2:29), was countered by Mohammed, who asserted, “He is a Muslim who is one outwardly.” The essential duties or “five pillars of Islam” are pure externalism: 1) the regular repetition of the creed; 2) repetition of prescribed prayers five times daily and at three stated times; 3) the duty of almsgiving; 4) observance of the Feast of Ramadan, which called for strict fasting in daylight hours and eating and drinking during the rest of the day; and 5) pilgrimage to Mecca.

R. J RUshdoony, Salvation & GOdly Rule

Of course, Jesus despised those who looked pretty on the outside, and were full of filth on the inside. That’s why pagans of all stripes – religious and secular, in church leadership positions and the various ideological power-seeking mobs – enjoy stressing the outside appearance, which they can control, and Proper Authority can act on.

But they’re good if you just hide in a corner and think good thoughts, or empty your mind, or go ‘ummm’ in your own hand-crafted escape from reality, in the style of Coleridge or the Buddhists.

Escapism has been a dominant note in virtually all non-Biblical religions, and, one may add, in most politics as well. Thus, in Buddhism, the “Four Noble Truths” of Gautama Buddha were: 1) “All existence involves suffering; 2) All suffering is caused by indulging in inherently insatiable desires; 3) Therefore all suffering will cease upon the suppressing of all desires; 4) While still living, every person should live moderately.” No distinction was made between good and evil desires; “all desires” were to be suppressed, and Nirvana, the total obliteration of consciousness, desire, perception, feeling, and emotion, is to be sought. Nirvana is a passionless peace which is beyond consciousness and beyond nothingness.[2] “The Buddhist monk aims at doing nothing at all, and may well end in complete vacancy of mind and character.

R. J RUshdoony, Salvation & GOdly Rule

“A complete vacancy of mind and character.”

The Buddhist and the more mushy-headed Anglo elitists always have a remarkable affinity.

God expects better, of me and of you.

And even of them… but without Christ, they have no hope of pleasing God.

(And without the Law, they don’t even know what God wants, or how to build a God-pleasing – and therefore a blessed, fertile, prosperous, secure, and widely respected – society and nation).

Fake Salvation

The Greek word salvation, soteria, means deliverance, preservation, victory, and health, and it refers to material and temporal deliverance, as well as personal, national, temporal and eternal triumph. The Biblical doctrine of salvation is so clearly one of victory, that it must be emphatically stated that salvation is not escape. Many pagan concepts of deliverance are really doctrines of escape. The deus ex machina (literally, the god from the machine) idea shows us clearly how, in the Greco-Roman world, problems were resolved into men’s hopes and imagination. A god was introduced in the drama to provide a supernatural solution to a dramatic difficulty by intervening in the problem to separate the besieged person from his difficulties. A way of escape was provided. Thus, in Homer’s Iliad (Book III), when the angry husband Menelaos meets Paris, the seducer of his wife Helen, in battle, all did not go well with Paris. At this point, “Aphrodite snatched up Paris, very easily as a goddess may, and hid him in thick darkness, and set him down in his fragrant perfumed chamber; and herself went to summon Helen.” The outcome is that Paris said, “‘sweet desire taketh hold upon me.’ So saying he led the way to the couch, and the lady followed him.”[1] Paris thus was raptured out of a losing battle into the rapture of Helen’s lap, a good model of pagan salvation.

R. J RUshdoony, Salvation & GOdly Rule

Pagan salvation – when it doesn’t mean fleeing God’s judgement by nihilism and magic rituals, or earning it by “the good works of righteous men”…


… means escaping judgement by the power of a god. Modern Western men generally believe that the god — “the source of the law” — should be the State, or some Mighty Man or other.

But a self-conscious pagan may well turn to powerful spirits who also hate God’s law – a.k.a. demons. Most certainly including demons posing as gods and goddesses, or long-dead relatives, or even appearing as an angel of light, calling himself Gabriel, eager to preach some other supposed ‘gospel’ that has no need of Christ as Saviour or His sacrifice.

*cough* Islam *cough*

But back to the old-school European pagans, and their way of evading justice.

The problem confronting paganism is thus apparent: only a fully self-conscious, self-existent, sovereign, and creating God can save man, because only He can fully control, govern, and determine all things. Gods who are themselves determined cannot save man, because they themselves are often in need of being saved. In the cyclical outlook of paganism, the gods themselves are born out of chaos and must ultimately return to chaos with all things else. Such gods cannot save man, for in their universe no salvation is possible; all they can offer is a limited degree of temporary escape, a deus ex machina answer which briefly placed Paris in Helen’s lap. Soon thereafter, Paris was wounded by a poisoned arrow, and the nymph Oenone, whom he had married as a youth and deserted for Helen, was the only one able to heal him; she refused, and Paris died.

R. J RUshdoony, Salvation & GOdly Rule

Buddhist / Coleridge-style mystical, content-free meditation isn’t going to cut it.

Muslim-style whitewashing of our precious outer image, the love of the correct ritual, and PR management isn’t going to cut it.

And longing for the State or some Mighty Man or spirits who stand against Christ and His Word – a.k.a. demons – to shield you from God’s judgement isn’t going to cut it.

Salvation is only going to come from God, and the only way to God is the way that Jesus Christ has opened for us.

These pagan concepts thus cannot offer salvation, not only because they have no God nor universe in which full and assured victory is possible, but also because they have a defective view of man and sin. In paganism, man seeks an escape from his problems, or a retirement into sensual bliss from the world’s work and responsibility. By failing to recognize his rebellion against the sovereign God as his essential problem as well as his sin, pagan man wants not salvation but escape. To admit the real problem, his sin, is to admit that there is no way of escape, only the way of salvation through God’s regenerating grace.

Moreover, the failure of paganism to offer salvation is not accidental. It is a part of the pagan refusal to understand; it is a willful rejection of the truth of God. Lenski has translated Romans 1:18 thus:

For there is revealed God’s wrath from heaven upon all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what is known regarding God is manifest in them, for God manifested it to them. For the things unseen regarding him, by being perceived from the world’s creation on by means of the things made, are fully seen, both his everlasting power and divinity, so that they are without excuse.[12]

R. J RUshdoony, Salvation & GOdly Rule

“In paganism, man seeks an escape from his problems, or a retirement into sensual bliss from the world’s work and responsibility.”

It’s easy to mock the Buddhist and his retreat into powerless nhiliity as an escape from the demands of God. “If I don’t exist, there is nothing to punish!”

It’s easy to deride the Muslim and the seventy-two virgins he believes await him in the afterlife, as his escape from the wrath of God. “I earned this intensely man-centred paradise with my righteous works!”

But I wonder about the Christian with his love of the Rapture:

  • “No need for me to touch any cross: Jesus is coming soon, and rapture me from the pain of life and the coming of death!”
  • “And the Law means nothing now: I am forgiven of everything, so I need not worry about any standard of righteousness or sanctification or expanding the kingdom. “
    • “Besides growing the congregation and the tithe collection, of course.”

It’s an interesting thing, the Parable of the Talents and the Minas: the worthless servant wasn’t some Buddhist or Muslim or self-infatuated Compassionate One, or to any unbeliever.

It was specifically addressed to Christians. People who claimed to follow the Master, and who said they obeyed God’s will.

To be a worthless servant – and so, to be cast into outer darkness, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth – you had to be a servant of God in the first place.

And then, after being a servant, chose to be worthless.

And that servant who knew his master’s will but did not get ready or act according to his will, will receive a severe beating. But the one who did not know, and did what deserved a beating, will receive a light beating. Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.

Luke 12:47-48, English Standard Version

A warning, from Jesus, to all His followers.

Especially to those who are masters of Scripture, who know His will, who are in high places and positions of authority.

We will have to give an account, even in this life, perhaps even before unbelievers… but especially when we meet King Jesus in person.

Get ready. Pray about it – in a way God wants you to! – and then live according to it.

COVID, Cruise Ships, and the Silent Summer

Visiting COVID-19 pandemic on cruise ships, I have discovered that 88 people have died, total, on these vessels due to COVID.

This is regarding cruise ships, which had 29.7 million passengers in 2019.

This is in an industry where cruise ships really are an idea breeding ground for disease – due to its closed-in nature.1

This is in an industry where the average age of the passenger really is pushing the 50s mark, and so actually are more vulnerable to a kind of flu with 10x the fatality rate of an ordinary flu, and where people over 75 have a 10% chance of dying.

A report from Cruise Lines International Association from 2019 states the average age of cruise passengers is 46.9 years, while the largest age bracket is 60–69 years (19%) followed by 50–59 years (18%).[502] Research from 2001 studying the epidemiology of passenger mortalities on two cruise ships, indicated a median age of 65 years of cruise participants. It also stated, that between April 1995 to April 2001 “there was an average of one death every six months per ship”, with an average of 800 passengers on each ship.[503]

COVID-19 pandemic on cruise ships, Wikipedia

A cruise ship is probably the most dangerous environment for older people, when it comes to a dangerous flu.

And a total of 88 people died of it.

You can be certain, that a lot more than 88 lives have been destroyed because of the end of the cruise industry. And a lot more than 88 people have committed suicide, or had their family destroyed, or had (have) themselves and their children go hungry because of the frantic destruction of the cruise industry.

All done because of an novel and untested theory of disease control, which was against 50 years of medical practice, in the name of some bureaucratic power-seekers who don’t need to pay the price for our losses.

“We win. You lose. Just as it should be.”3

The economic damage of destroying the cruise industry – and all the little people who service and depend on it for their living, including small towns like Ketchikan in Alaska2– simply doesn’t matter to our aging Ruling Class, so long as they themselves are safe and feel in control of the situation.

All this destruction wasn’t done for our health and safety, but for their power and psychic comfort, their need to feel in control.

1Interesting, that the governments of the world insist on the isolation of the masses, and cutting them off from exercise and fresh air. “All in the name of safety.”

As opposed to “All in the name of control, and teaching the unruly masses the importance of obedience.”

2“In 2019, 1.2 million people stepped off a cruise ship into the small, south-east Alaskan town of Ketchikan. The next year, in 2020, zero did. After decades of diligent work building a sleepy fishing, mining, and logging town into one of the most sought after cruise destinations in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Ketchikan into an empty shell—lined with restaurants, shops, and attractions for the visitors who no longer come. Now, the town must find a way to survive without its key economy until the day arrives when cruise visitors once again pour into its docks.” – Alaska’s Silent Summer, Wendover, on Nebula

3Note carefully, how loudly the Marxist and the Leftist so vigorously support the impoverishment and the stripping of power, income, self-ownership, and self-control from the working class and the poor, and give it to Our Betters with the correct opinions, certifications, and ideology.

These people are not the friends of the common man. To the contrary.

Moby and Doors

There was an opportunity, a door open, between the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the September 11 attacks in 2001.

We wasted our time, and lost the chance.

But another door will be open, after the Great Default, when the welfare state dies.

I will do my level best, to insure that the people who read this blog is prepared to take advantage of that day.

I hope and pray that you will do the same.

It won’t hurt, to bring some Moby along with you and your people.

Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Two Humanistic Wings

Chalcedon Position Paper No. 114, October 1989
Revolution, Counter-Revolution, and Christianity
by R. J. Rushdoony

Other men recognized the failure of the revolution, and of the counterrevolution. For them, Christianity was not an option. Civilization, as they saw it, needed a new foundation. In this, they agreed with the French Revolution. Two men who were deeply concerned over this issue were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Carlyle. Both had abandoned orthodox Christianity. Emerson, in “Historic Notes of Life and Letters in New England,” wrote of the new generation of men “born with knives in their brains, a tendency to introversion, self-dissection, (and) anatomizing of motives.” These men with knives in their brains put the knife to Christianity. Emerson and Carlyle had seen the removal of Christianity from the center of their own being. Even among conventional Christians, faith was less and less the dominant force in their lives. God’s law was giving way to the state’s law.

Emerson and Carlyle were not as radical as men like Karl Marx, Max Stirner, and Friedrich Nietzsche, although “Carlyle did love destruction for its own sake, the attraction was mainly esthetic” (Kenneth Marc Harris, Carlyle and Emerson [Harvard University Press, 1978], p. 116). As far as ideas were concerned, their premises were very radical. Man and history replaced God and Christ in their thinking (ibid., p. 117ff.). For Carlyle, the hero, and for Emerson, the power of man and his character replaced the power of God (Robert E. Spiller and Wallace E. Williams, eds., The Early Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, vol. 3, 1838–1842 [Harvard University Press, 1972], pp. 243–244, 276–277, etc.).

Conservatives place far too much faith in Mighty Men.

The consequences of this mistake vary between the comedic (when God shows us unearned mercy) and horrific (when God gives us well-earned wrath).

As counterrevolution developed into conservatism, its premises, despite a sometimes pious façade, became as humanistic as those on the left. Both revolution and counterrevolution, right and left, had become humanistic and explicitly or implicitly anti-Christian. Because the churches are themselves all too often infused with humanism, they have been little disturbed by these developments.

National indignation should have been aroused when it became known that, during the Reagan presidency, homosexual prostitutes and their customers were at times given private, guided tours of the White House. One wealthy homosexual in particular had much power among Republicans (Gary Potter, “GOP Homosexuals: The Reason Why ‘Social Agenda’ Gets Nowhere?” The Wanderer, July 20, 1989, pp. 1, 8). John Lofton wrote in the Washington Times (July 31, 1989) about another prominent Republican who had raped and sodomized a teenaged intern, and in another case, was convicted but given a suspended prison term for a savage five-hour rape of a young woman. A prominent conservative publisher berated John Lofton for writing against a Republican! Apparently only Democratic rapes are bad.

Well, at least John F. Kennedy wasn’t a rapist, as far as I know.
And of course, he had the entire media corps to protect his adultery.

How things change… not.

  • The Left pushes forth evil:
  • the Right consolidates, baptizes, and deeply roots the evil:
  • the Left pushes forth onto new evil.

Well, sometimes the Right is the one pioneering new forms of oppression and perversion, and the Left is the one consolidating and protecting the filth. “It depends on who can do the greatest damage while reaping the biggest reward.”

You don’t see any Democrats standing up against the Patriot Act, or Nixon’s War on Drugs, now do you? How… unsurprising.

“Why you are still blathering on about the Patriot Act? That was 20 years ago! The time for more emergencies and more chains is today!”

As any COVID-hysteric would demand.

In the meantime… those old chains still need to go. Regardless of when they were slapped on our necks and our wrists.

Barack Obama rode a wave of bipartisan resentment into office in 2008, then spent eight years betraying the public. Obama’s assault on civil liberties, including his use of the Espionage Act to prosecute whistleblowers, was worse than those carried out by George W. Bush. He accelerated the war on public education by privatizing schools, expanded the wars in the Middle East, including the use of militarized drone attacks, provided little meaningful environmental reform, ignored the plight of the working class, deported more undocumented people than any other president, imposed a corporate-sponsored health care program that was the brainchild of the right-wing Heritage Foundation, and prohibited the Justice Department from prosecuting the bankers and financial firms that carried out derivatives scams and inflated the housing and real estate market, a condition that led to the 2008 financial meltdown. He epitomized, like Bill Clinton, the bankruptcy of the Democratic Party. Clinton, outdoing Obama’s later actions, gave us the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the dismantling of the welfare system, the deregulation of the financial services industry and the huge expansion of mass incarceration. Clinton also oversaw deregulation of the Federal Communications Commission, a change that allowed a handful of corporations to buy up the airwaves.

The Silencing of Dissent by Chris Hedges
As quoted by Gary North, in The Real Reason for the Media’s Attack on Russia

Ah yes, the President Obama that carefully did nothing to stop the War on Drugs, or the War on Terror, or even punish those responsible for the destruction of Black American wealth during the Housing Bust and it’s liar loans.

But eagerly backed whatever pervert projects a tiny sliver of elite intelligentsia desired.

OK, back to Rushdoony:

The rot runs deep, not only in the body politic but in the churches. Too many churchmen are too busy warring against each other, or waiting for the Rapture (due in eighteen months, I was told today), and being generally irrelevant to know what is happening all around them.

The institutional church will be utterly worthless in this fight.

Just as she has always been, for the last 300 years.

And just as she desires to always be.

But do not fear: worthless, uncaring, craven servants in positions of authority will receive their just due.

Just don’t be counted as one of them.

Pay the price for victory.