Across The Stars

New Introduction

Over a decade ago, this website was launched to distribute a free product, an imagined Christian sci-fi future. You can see the original product blurb at the end of this page.

But I just kept posting on my ideas on how Christianity should develop and grow, to expand Christian civilization – the Kingdom of God – across the world.

My blog sees the world from a Christian Reconstructionist/Theonomic/Postmillennialist perspective: The Christian duty is to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus Christ laid out for us, and teach the nations (as well as individuals!) to be His disciples, and to follow His Law and Commandments.

It’s His world: and the more we live and organize our lives – personal and communal – along the lines He expects, the better it will be for us.

The blog is a mix of my thoughts and opinions on history and science, assorted cultural developments, and plenty of reposts of material elsewhere (especially of Rushdoony and Gary North, but a few other Christian Reconstructionists and fellow believers).

I also use this site to store several works of Gary North, Bojidar Marinov, and Stephen C. Perks for public access.

Old Introduction

Across the Stars: A View of the Distant Future is a short work, speculating on the future of Christianity and our destiny in the stars. This issue is mainly non-fiction, discussing why Christianity is naturally allied with libertarianism, and why both are needed to build a better future for all mankind. There is a brief fictional story included as well, an introduction to a Christian culture in the future. This work argues that, while our destiny is to expand across the stars, it will take a lot of work to get there: we need to follow the guidance of the Holy Bible to know the right direction to go, and the liberty to change our tools, social organizations to get there. Our God is a God that loves both justice and liberty, and He expects great things of us.


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