North II, Extras, CLEP

Many of these texts are from Gary North’s Christian Economics

Christian Economics in One Lesson

The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics

The Covenantal Tithe

The Five Pillars of Biblical Success

God’s Covenants

Honest Money

Inherit the Earth

An Introduction To Christian Economics

Is The World Running Down?

Dominion and Common Grace

Millennium and Social Theory

Victim’s Rights

The Coase Theorem

The Church vs Socialism

Appendix D, An Economic Commentary of Leviticus, Boundaries and Dominion

Wealth and Poverty

Protectionism and Poverty

Tithing and the Church

The Biblical Structure of History

The Hoax of Higher Criticism

Hyde – Dedication and Leadership

Biblical Blueprints

The following are a series of books that can aid Christians as they reconstruct their society.

The original links to the PDFs below include:

Biblical Blueprints: Introduction
Biblical Blueprint: Education
Biblical Blueprint: International Relations
Biblical Blueprint: Welfare
Biblical Blueprint: Money
Biblical Blueprint: Economics
Biblical Blueprint: Government
Biblical Blueprint: Politics
Biblical Blueprint: Divorce and Remarriage
Biblical Blueprint: Family

An older summary of Biblical Blueprints is also provided below.

Biblical Blueprints (Introduction): Liberating Planet Earth

Biblical Blueprints Education: The Children Trap

Biblical Blueprints International Relations:
Healer of the Nations

Biblical Blueprints Welfare: In the Shadow of Plenty

Biblical Blueprints Money: Honest Money

Biblical Blueprints Economics: Inherit the Earth

Biblical Blueprints Economics: Ruler of the Nations

Biblical Blueprints Politics: The Changing of the Guard

Biblical Blueprints Divorce: Second Chance

Biblical Blueprints Family: Who Owns the Family?

Biblical Blueprints: Web Introduction

Biblical Educator

From the original site.

The Institute for Christian Economics began publishing this monthly newsletter in October 1979.

First, I am posting the PDF of the original newsletter from the 70s/early 80s; then, a transcribed, easier-to-read version of the same newsletter.

1979 – January

1979 – February

1979 – March

1980 – January

1980 – February

1980 – March

1980 – April

1980 – May

1980 – June

1980 – July

1980 – August

1980 – September

1980 – October

1980 – October Supplement:
Courville, The Exodus Problem and its Ramifications

1980 – November

1980 – December

1981 – January

1981 – February

1981 – March

1981 – April

1981 – May

1981 – June

1981 – July

1981 – August

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1982 – January

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From North’s site:

—<Quote begins>–

Never pay retail for a college education!

The average state university costs over $25,000 a year: room, board, tuition, and books. The average private college costs over $54,000 a year. The statistics (not counting textbooks and travel costs) are here.

It gets worse. Most students take at least five years to earn a bachelor’s degree. Some take six years. And over half never graduate.

None of this is necessary. A self-disciplined student who knows about the seven loopholes of the collegiate system can earn a degree in three years or less, for $15,000 or less. I show you these loopholes in my 80-page manual, College for $15,000 (Or Less).

Why do these loopholes exist? Because every system has loopholes. The bureaucrats always create ways around their official rules, if only for themselves and their children. Colleges offer these alternatives in the name of helping the poor, even though the poor rarely find out about all seven loopholes. The good news is that you don’t have to be poor to take advantage of any of them.

In addition, this file contains my two other manuals/reports: Surviving College and College Pitfalls.

I used to sell this report for $97. But I have decided not to charge for it. The final edition was for 2020-21. Download it here:

—<Quote ends>—