Please find below some of the works of the Kuyper Foundation.

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Website: www.kuyper.org

Consider visiting the book links to the original site: physical copies of the books may be available. Regardless, you can freely download the PDFs of the books here.

The works below were written by Author: Stephen Perks.

Disciple the Nations

The Politics of God and the Politics of Man

A Defence of the Christian State

Baal Worship Ancient and Modern

Christianity and Law

Common-Law Wives and Concubines

The Christian Passover: Agape Feast or Ritual Abuse?

The Great Decommission

The Political Economy of A Christian Society

The Problem of the Gifted Speaker

The Christian Philosophy of Education Explained

The Nature, Government And Function Of The Church: A Reassessment

Author: Fred R. Swarbrick

Have You Ever Thought?

Author: Hugh Flemming

Post-Hippocratic Medicine: The Problem And The Solution—How The Christian Ethic Has Influenced Health Care