“The Government Can Make The Tech Tyrants Play Fair”

There is a road that seems right to a man…

Whatever the result of the massive Twitter purge, it made one thing clear to the world. Carl Schmitt’s most important and controversial aphorism, “sovereign is he who decides the exception” is still timeless.

In the American republic, the sovereign is not the state, which has hollowed out. The sovereign now is the group of neo-feudal oligarchs, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook, who now decide and control who can speak, see, learn, and buy, and what and when. Give them an army of their own like the East India Company, and the American state is over.

This is an accelerationist’s dream, and a centrist and moderate’s nightmare. The question at the heart of the debate within conservatism, of “who holds the real power,” was settled for good as the tech purge rolled.


No wonder China, Russia, the European Union, and India are trying to control their internet. Their sovereignty is in question if tech oligarchs decide who can speak and who cannot. And the Chinese are happy to rub it in that at least in China, the state remains supreme to a bunch of feudal lords arbitrarily deciding rules.

“This Schmittian political landscape has urgent lessons for us in Europe: we need to disentangle ourselves from America’s political chaos as urgently as we do from China’s industrial and economic stranglehold,” British war reporter Aris Roussinos wrote recently. “The result of the free-market ideology trading under the name ‘conservatism’ is that we have handed control of information to California’s tech oligarchs just as we have handed control of industry to the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Global Consequences Of The Tech-Lash Will Be Severe by Sumantra Maitra

Christians would be wise to avoid going down this road.

For the Tech Tyrants, for all their progressive bias and bigotry, don’t have the power of badges and guns and the courts to delete (“temporarily or permanently”) opinions they don’t like.

The State does.

And the harm of the unpredictable Tech Tyrants can do with their money is, frankly, trivial than the government can do with armed men and censorship laws and prison terms (…and executions, in certain jurisdictions).

So the corporate winners of today’s fascist economy (“Now with Progressive seasoning!”) can shut you up on their platforms. That’s bad, but there are ways free men can get around that, with time and work.

(North has his own suggestions to deal with the de-platforming gangs. You might want to take a look at them.)

America’s Calling

Finally, I would note that the article author….

Sumantra Maitra is a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, UK, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. His research is in great power-politics and neorealism. You can find him on Twitter @MrMaitra.

English intellectuals have no love of free speech. Christian Britain died a long time ago.

Christian Americans would be wise to avoid placing British chains on their wrists, and tying British gags on their mouths.

Don’t kneel to Caesar, looking up to some Mighty Man, begging him to save you.

Think like a Man of God… and not a dependent slave of Leaders Who Will Protect You.

Listen to God’s Holy Spirit, understand where you are, and count the costs.

When you can afford it, and when it is just and right to do so… get to work, justly, wisely, without fear or dependence on Powerful Men With Guns.

Obedience to Christ and the Fear of the Lord brings victory in the here and now.

Loving Animals, Hating Humans

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

(JTA) – The European Union’s highest court has upheld Belgium’s bans on slaughtering animals without first stunning them, a ruling that confirms the prohibition on the production of kosher and halal meat in parts of Belgium and clears a path for additional bans across Europe.

Israel’s ambassador to Belgium called the ruling “a blow to Jewish life in Europe.”

EU court upholds Belgian bans on ritual slaughter, dealing major blow to Jewish and Muslim advocates

The pious masters — a strictly secular piety, of course, all about THEIR moral superiority over US — puts those strange superstitious outsiders in their place.

These Europeans are just SO much more pure and clean than those filthy aliens.

To continue from the GetReligion article:

The Examiner piece wasn’t a comprehensive news piece. Rather, it was an opinion column that ran under the in-your-face headline, “EU court prioritizes animals over Jews and Muslims in backing ritual slaughter ban.”

The banning of shechitah — as the kosher slaughtering process is called in Hebrew — is ripe with angles. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are the two most obvious, as has been noted above. Religious freedom issues are, of course, also front and center, as also noted.

But what peaked my interest most is the reek of hypocrisy this story carries.

The shechitah ban is rooted — to give its proponents the benefit of the doubt based on their rhetoric — in concerns over animal cruelty. But here’s the rub.

If easing animal cruelty is the motivation, why are factory farming, the isolation and confining of veal calves, the cutting of hens’ beaks, the production of foie gras and the endless pregnancies that dairy cows are forced to endure also not outlawed? Then there is the continued use of animals for human medical research and the legality of hunting strictly for sport.

This opinion piece from the Jewish News Syndicate articulates clearly what I consider to be this blatantly two-faced approach. And this essay from RationalistJudaism.com notes:

The possible suffering of animals in how they die pales into insignificance compared to the suffering of animals in how they live. Yet all this is legal in every country, for human benefit. Belgium – the country at the forefront of the opposition to shechitah – even permits sport hunting!

Given the amount of animal suffering which is perfectly legal in every country in the world, one can only conclude that the targeting of shechitah has less to do with compassion for animals and more to do with hostility to religion.

Need to read more? Then try this opinion piece from Tablet, another online Jewish publication. It ran under the no-messing-around headline, “Europe’s Highest Court Gives Its Approval to Attempts to Outlaw Jewish and Muslim Life.”

Finally, here’s a far more theologically nuanced essay on the issue written by an Orthodox rabbi for the largely conservative Christian readership of First Things.

[…snip quote…]

EU hypocrisy? Foie gras and factory farming continue, but kosher and halal traditions nixed by Ira Rifkin

Observing the rampant incompetence of Our Betters, it’s quite likely that the secularist state will disintegrate by 2100. Pick your poison: economic bankruptcy, demographic implosion, total political delegitimization, intellectual logic collapse, disconnect from reality.

Most Christians won’t be ready to take the reigns, still listening to some delusional prophet or dreaming about a Rapture escape from their problems.

But some Christians can be ready: and the more of those kind of solid, grounded, compassionate, just, and capable Christians there are, the better.

Forget about the Galactic Empire, run from Washington: that’s doomed to irrelevance. Focus on your own county, town, neighbourhood.

And start teaching your children now that justice and liberty is a birthright given from our Father to all humans. Not just Christians.

Not just the saved and heaven-bound. Not just to those beloved of God.

Every man and woman, boy and girl deserves justice, and the right to live in liberty, even if they are going the wrong way…. and it is God (and not powerful men) who defines what Justice and Liberty mean.

Aside: A human life is worth more than the life of an animal, because God says so. To not believe is to despise Law in the name of emotion-driven Sentimentality and Man-grounded moralism. But still, animals are of worth, and are to be respected: the Biblical principles for this has already been set in Scripture, both the Old and New Testament.

I am weary of power-hungry atheistic moralizers: moralizers only and solely because virtue posing gives them the opportunity to more aggressively control the lives of other people — especially their religious enemies — and not out of any concern for the animals.

But it is foolish for Christians to expect much truth, justice and righteousness from those who oppose Christ. If you want justice in the government, Christians will have to get it themselves, from the bottom-up.

From the top-down simply won’t work, and it won’t last. The hearts of men must be shifted for enduring expansion of the Kingdom of God, and that takes face-to-face contact and networking, personal time and personal connection.

Abstract and distant power-seeking from on high… throwing someone elses’ money about as a hollow substitute for personal love and concern… is a waste of time and energy, a snare and delusion.

PS: The Jewish Telegraph Agency was founded in 1917. That means that they should have records of the events leading up to, including, and immediately after the Holocaust. They should also have information on general antisemitism from that time period.

I suggest that an academic could spend some profitable time in their records.

Foolish Fundamentalists

North used this video to illustrate the delusions of believers who claim to have special access to God. “God doesn’t speak to the church. He speaks to me!”

As those messages are typically about buying more Ovaltine — or, more realistically, to get political vindication or back some other man-serving delusion — Christians should stop listening to those future-tense liars, claiming to have the Word of God when they obviously do not.

The fact that multiple millions of Christians follow false prophets — and don’t fling them out of the church, as God commanded us to — is a big neon sign to our enemies: “Here’s a pack of morons to financially, economically, and culturally gang-bang!”

Obedience to God brings salvation — literally, as Christ’s obedience covers our own flawed, rebellious, and disobedient lives — and in more than a few other ways: a guide to a good life, a guide to a good society, increased holiness, wisdom, sanctification, and intelligence, and a comprehensive deterrence against the snakes and the vipers.

Today’s references from North:
Pat Robertson on Trump

Rev. Dana Cornerstone’s July Dreams About December 2020: Sucker Bait for Deluded Christians

The Love of Your Betters

From Project Veritas:

“We go for all the Republican voters and Homeland Security will take their children away…we’ll put them into the re-education camps.”

“Enlightenment camps. They’re nice, they have Sesame Street characters in the classrooms, and they watch PBS all day.”

“Americans are so f*cking dumb. You know, most people are dumb. It’s good to live in a place [Washington, D.C.] where people are educated and know stuff. Could you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns or cities where everybody’s just stupid?”

“What’s great is that COVID is spiking in all the red states right now. So that’s great…a lot of them [red state voters] are sick and dying.”

As I wrote earlier:

Christians had best be aware of the goals of Our Betters: for you can be sure, if it was up to them we would be the ones in the mass graves, and they would be the ones holding the machine-guns.

Fortunately, it is not up to them.

Our Betters missed the boat in the 1930-50s, as all they could do is build on their disastrous failures of 1914-1929. Everything else is just a long retreat, funded by the thieving welfare state (that numerous Christians voted for), and protected by Christian cowardice, faithlessness, and their refusal to repent before God.

We keep the Right Sort in power. Not their superior intelligence.

The lawyer’s statements reflect the attitude of America’s ruling class toward the rest of us. We are dumb. Those inside the Washington Beltway are smart.

I have repeatedly referred to the 2010 article by Angelo Codevilla on the ruling class. He sees the great divide in America as social far more than political. It has to do with the outlook of the ruling elite towards the rest of society. They are arrogant. They are contemptuous of normal people. They seek power as a way to manifest their legitimate control over the lives of people they regard as inferiors.


We need to de-fund the Left. We probably will not do it electorally. Too many people are on the federal dole. But the dole money goes mainly to middle-class retired people. It is going to overwhelm the ruling class, which will not have the money to continue to dominate the public.

The lawyer who got interviewed was too forthright for PBS to keep on the payroll. But his attitude is the attitude of the ruling class. The ruling class is at war with the American people.

Project Veritas (James O’Keefe) Takes Down a PBS Lawyer by Gary North

Your masters hate you.

They hate you very, very much.

But, unfortunately for them, this isn’t 1917 Russia, or 1933 Germany.

It would be good to find more and more ways to remind them that they day is dead and gone.

I doubt if most Christians will stand against the Power Class until after they have been publicly and pointedly dethroned. But someone must be the first to stand, to make straight the way of the Lord, to expand His Kingdom today (and so get the footing to expand it more strongly and swiftly tomorrow).

The earlier we take responsibility… the more faith we have in God… and the more we recognize our complicity with evil, and renounce it in our deeds as well as our words… the more powerfully we will shape the future.

They Don’t Get Their Own Jokes

[The media monopoly] have no idea how they appear to others; they can’t see themselves; they lack even a glimmer of the ironic self-awareness that is a prerequisite for wisdom. They are idiots. they don’t even get their own jokes.

Tucker Carlson

They still don’t.

“Define the discussion, and you win.”

Except that doesn’t work too well, when the Ruling Class is handing narrative control to cretins.

I don’t know about you, but I smell weakness.

The Masters don’t like being laughed at.

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Christian Reconstruction

A good podcast here from Chalcedon: it was definitely worth my time, and I think it will be worth yours too!

Blaming vs Healing

One additional comment: they note that some people tend to blame the current weakness of the Church on the pulpit. I am one of those people — “The leader is always responsible” — but even I will grant that they cannot shoulder all of the blame.

People choose the leaders they follow, and so the weakness of the leader is implicitly their weakness as well. “Like priest, like people.”

The weak pastors are derived from the weak (and unbiblical!) seminary system, and the denominational focus on empire-building: making more church members and more churches, as opposed to expanding the Kingdom of God.

But as North would rightfully declare, you can’t replace something with nothing. It does no good to whine, without building a replacement.

I don’t think that I can come up with a replacement with the current, rotting church structure: that takes concentrated, prayerful thought and real leadership skills with a whole host of committed brothers and sisters.

As such, I will continue to attend my church without complaint to the local elders.

But I will strive to be more charitable to the needy myself, and to encourage the birth of something better than today’s failing, broadly sterile denominational structure. I refuse to merely fold my hands, and let the church die without notice, complaint and criticism.

But better still would be constructive action on my part.

And that personal repentance and concentrated, prayerful thought and meditation would be good too!

The Social Media Fairness Trap

A direct copy/paste from Lamb’s Reign

As much as I disagree with the politics of Twitter and Facebook, and no matter other secondary issues surrounding this question (like tax subsidies for Big Tech and so on), their right to censor their own platform and their right to dissociate with people they deem undesirable is a genuine First Amendment issue. Private companies self regulating, even in a way I don’t like, is not a First Amendment issue. They may be biased, inconsistent, and maybe even violating their own terms of service, but it’s not a First Amendment issue. However, the government deciding that private companies can’t regulate the usage of their product is absolutely a First Amendment issue. 

This is the same principle behind not being forced to bake a LGBT wedding cake. It’s the same principle behind Christian colleges having moral standards for admission and employment. There’s differences, of course, but it’s the same core idea. In other words, tread carefully. This one really matters.


I get the desire to limit the harm that left-owned social media platforms can cause by stifling political speech. I really do. But this is not a new economic conundrum. Our nation has gone through similar “problems” with the railroad industry, American steel, oil, car manufacturers, and more. These industries were seemingly too powerful, so the government stepped in. The interventions to “help” the market and to bring “fairness” to the market didn’t help in the long run. These interventions almost always help the large companies even more. Too often these regulation bills were literally written by the lawyers of the companies they were intended to regulate. It will never be a real, organic, market based competition. 

A real “fix” for the Twitter/Facebook problem (and I do think it’s a problem) is to abolish intellectual property (or at least dramatically reform IP law), quit subsidizing these companies, deregulate the telecommunications market, and level the playing field. Don’t just give lip service to competition, but lower the market barrier of entry so that real competition can develop. 

The fix isn’t to slap an additional regulation on the social media market. It’s tempting because that “fix” (which isn’t really a fix at all) is far more likely to happen than fixing the problems that actually created the current situation. 


As far as social media censorship goes, I think things will get worse before it gets better. However, things can get a lot worse if we crawl to Caesar in DC and ask him to to “pretty please take more power”. No matter how good that solution may seem now, it’ll come back to haunt us. Don’t take the cheese. It’s a trap. 

The Social Media Fairness Trap by John Reasnor

Serious food for thought, here.

Think before you cry out for Masters to Save You…
…the help they offer always comes with a nasty price tag.

1) Towards a Social Counter-Revolution 2) Logic Chains

The leftists who run the major social media sites despise conservatives generally and supporters of Trump specifically. They would like to de-platform every site that favors Donald Trump. They want to harass Trump loyalists. A public call for this strategy is here. This will not be a problem after January 20 at noon. Trump is going to be gone at that point. But they still want to get even. They despise him. Yet his views on massive government spending are theirs. Then why this hatred?

Their hatred is a social matter. Trump verbally represented a majority of voters who are tired of being pushed around by the Left. They are tired of the social, moral, and sexual agendas of the tiny elite of both parties that has rammed this agenda through Congress and in the media. The public is in reaction. But the Left knows only coercion as the way of changing other people’s minds. They don’t believe in open debate. They control the public schools. They control the mainstream media. They want to control websites. They believe in control. But they can’t snuff out the resistance movement that Trump has now made visible.

Their algorithms will look for certain keywords, such as “stolen election.” But the heart of this battle socially and culturally is not the stolen election. That was the symbol of the underlying struggle, not the issue itself.



The solution to the revolution that has been imposed from above politically, beginning no later than 1912, is a counter-revolution. It is a counter-revolution that is built, commitment by commitment, institution by institution, from the bottom up.

The Left is always committed to a reform program managed from the top-down. Conservatives ought to be committed to a program of reform from the bottom-up, but they aren’t. They also are committed to a top-down revolution that captures the institutions dominated by the Left. This is the heart of the conservatives’ problem.

I use this slogan: “Replacement, not capture.” The goal should not be to capture the public schools. The goal should be to replace the public schools. This should be the conservatives’ goal for every government-run welfare program.

Problem: American conservatives want control of the badges and guns. They want their agents to stick guns in the bellies of their neighbors. They want their programs to be funded by stolen political money. They want their share of political power.

This is why there is a bipartisan political establishment in control of Congress. The Democrats have offered to share some of the loot with Republicans. This is why newly elected Republican congressmen who go off to reform Congress within three terms have been captured by the old-boy network that dominates Congress. They start getting rich. They go to Washington with a net worth of $100,000, and they retire 20 years later with a net worth of $10 million. Then they become lobbyists. How does this happen? The system buys them off. The heart of the matter was articulated by speaker of the house Sam Rayburn six decades ago: “To get along, you have to go along.” And so they go along.

There is now a possibility for conservative activists to begin to affect significant political change from the bottom up. That is because of the technological revolution offered by the World Wide Web.

The multiplication of activist websites is crucial. I do not mean activism in the sense of politics. I mean activism in the sense of replacing the institutions that are funded today by money that flows down from Washington. We need to get principled people in places of influence locally in our communities. We need to show the public that dependence on the welfare state is psychologically crippling to those who become beneficiaries of the welfare state.

Sites that show people how to help the poor, help children to learn, or help sick people get well will not be de-platformed. They will change the world for the better. They will create leaders. From these, we can move to changing our communities.

This is Burke’s conservatism. It is Tocqueville’s liberalism a generation later. It is ethically revolutionary. It is socially revolutionary.

If we will not do this, what good is political power? It is a snare and a delusion. It corrupts.

Conservatives and libertarians need to gain hands-on experience in the front lines of the social problems that are invoked by the Left as a justification for the expansion of the welfare state. It goes back to that old phrase: “You can’t beat something with nothing.”


Until conservatives switch their efforts from politics to social renewal, America will be trapped by the Left’s paradigm. Politics can undermine social renewal, but only rarely contribute to it. The welfare state is proof. Anyone who has read Charles Murray’s masterpiece, Coming Apart (2012), knows why. It has to do with status. There was a time when men who did not work suffered a loss in status. Those who did work gained status. That system of rewards has been undermined by the welfare state.

One more time: the separation in America is primarily social, not political.

Conservatives are fighting the social war on the national political battleground. They will lose this fight. They are fighting for control of a fiscally sinking ship.

It’s time to head for the social lifeboats. It’s time to make sure they float.

The Left’s #1 Error Is Its #1 Point of Vulnerability. So Is the American Right’s #1 Error. by Gary North

I said it before: if Christians were serious about fighting a culture war, and sacrificing time and money (and some of their careers) to win, they would have won it back in the late 80s/early 90s.

Now, if there is any victory to be had, it will be due to the economic and legitimacy collapse of the State. It will take down both the Left and the Right, instead of just the Left.

Perhaps North’s hope that Trumpers will grow up after Trump is gone will actually come through. It will be good if he’s right.

After the End

I wonder if God will still be waiting for American Christians to get serious about obedience to Him where it counts — among the poor and disadvantaged where they live, regardless of race. “Before you lead the world, first serve His sheep, especially the weakest and most powerless. They (and not the powerless clergy1) are His representatives.”

My personal suspicion: American Christians will never get serious, and God will put them in the same box as he placed the Western European Christians: prepped for incineration (by their own hand!) and replacement by some other population.

You know, some up-and-coming tribe that fears God, and has babies that they raise to fear Him too.

Race, culture, language, money & power… all that’s a secondary matter. A mere symbol of victory, and not the essence of it.

1The clergy are powerless because they point-blank refuse to speak His powerful word… and get themselves into trouble with who they fear the most. And as we all know, who you fear is who you worship!

The logic chain goes like this:

=> God has representatives on earth.

=> God’s representatives are silent, and cringe before the contempt of powerful Men.

=> God’s representatives fear powerful Men.

=> God fears powerful Men.

If you ever wondered why God hates worthless servants, why cowards go to hell, why the entirety of the Second Commandment is tied to misusing the Name of God is … now you know.

It’s why God strikes down rebellious (secretly/implicitly Satanic) churches far more swiftly than He brings down openly evil institutions.

There will be no victory for God’s people, unless and until God’s people repent. And this must be by action, not just words.

My suspicion: the seminaries and the clergy will never change their ways. Just has they have refused to change their course for the last 50, 100, 200 years.

So the laymen will have to do it.

And the laymen can’t afford to be distracted by politics.

Politics is not the core of the matter.

Culture is.

Tucker Carlson and the Idiot Media Corps

(Video originally on YouTube, then deleted)

From January 12, 2021: Tucker Carlson blasts Twitter for interfering in Uganda election (live FOX link, as of 2021-01-13)

From the video’s intro (dead YouTube link):

…Twitter’s Global Public Policy Team is really the company’s own NSC.

So the Global Public Policy people weighed in today — as security councils do — on the upcoming elections in Uganda, and here’s what they said about those elections.

“Ahead of the Ugandan election, we’re hearing reports that Internet Service Providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps. We strongly condemn Internet shutdowns. They are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights, and the principles of the #OpenInternet. Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during the democratic processes particularly elections.”

So marinate in that a bit just let it sink in Twitter is reminding the Ugandan people that censorship is immoral. Sorry Ugandans, you’re not allowed to silence other people’s Twitter accounts: especially in the run-up to an election. You just can’t do that. Now we recognize you don’t have a Bill of Rights or a centuries-old tradition of self-government out there in Uganda, so you might not have known this as we do here. But to restate, censoring voters social media accounts is hugely harmful. Online censorship violates ‘basic human rights’, in fact it’s an attack on democracy itself. Got that Ugandans? Now, we understand you’re a primitive developing nation so we’ll give you a pass this time. But don’t forget it. Censorship Bad. #Internet.

It’s almost too good — in fact we checked to see if it was real — it is. Twitter actually sent that. Which only proves that the tech monopolies are even worse than we thought: they were not only are they cruelly authoritarian and totally dishonest as well as limitlessly ambitious, but they are also (and we didn’t know this) childishly stupid.

They have no idea how they appear to others; they can’t see themselves; they lack even a glimmer of the ironic self-awareness that is a prerequisite for wisdom. They are idiots. they don’t even get their own jokes.

Just to verify:

From North:

First, listen to Tucker Carlson’s editorial on the shutting down of websites by mega-sized corporations. This is what is coming. It is already here. This is the greatest display of corporate collusion in peacetime American history.


It is illegal, but nothing will be done about it. The beneficiaries are in power for the next two years . . . or longer.

The Enemies of Free Speech Are Going Public
Gary North

But as you know, the Right Sort never really believed in free speech.

Just in power and control, to be applied into the faces of the Inferiors.

The Love of the Wicked

Someone once said, this was in the days of Louis the 13th and Louis the 14th, to the count de Gramont, and he did not deny it. And I quote: “Is it not a fact that as soon as a woman pleases you, your first care is to find out whether she has any other lover, and you second how to plague her? For the gaining of her affection is the last thing in your thought. You seldom engage and entreat, but disturb the happiness of others. A mistress who has no lovers would have no interest for you.”

And he agreed that that was right. His whole idea was to conquer somebody, and then to throw them over immediately. And the whole purpose of the gentleman of the day was described, and I quote: “A desire to seduce and desert for malicious (?)” unquote. “And the crown of victory for the seducer was to do his work, without the slightest emotional involvement. So that when the woman, conquered and submissive, begged at last: “At least tell me that you love me.” He can affect a disdainful smile and refuse.” Unquote.

As a result, as one observer commented, as love is judged by most (?) it resembles hate more than friendship. And this is true of what was called love in the age of Reason. Such love was really hatred. A desire to break, to destroy; and it began first of all with a hatred of God. Natural man is at enmity with God. And therefore, against the principle of law everywhere. And so his desire is perpetually to destroy.

Man as a god wants to be self sufficient. As a result, to be dependent upon someone, and love is a dependency, is something that must be denied.

Seventh Commandment: Sex and Crime by R.J. Rushdoony

The Enemies of God cannot create, but they can destroy. That is the power they have; and so, in their eyes, it is the only power there is.

We saw a few months ago that the age of Reason, the Enlightenment, reduced women legally to a slave. And it could only wax poetic about a helpless woman. And the romantic poet for example that followed after the wake of the Enlightenment, could only see a totally helpless woman as lovable. One that they could take and use and throw aside, as (Shelley?) for example delighted in doing. And (Keith?) at one point in his poetry burbled about one love of his life: “God, she is like a milk white lamb that bleats for man’s protection.” And of course the idea is that you can cut a lamb’s throat as well.

Seventh Commandment: Sex and Crime by R.J. Rushdoony

You can be certain of it.

Now, every hostility has as its other face a new sympathy. If you begin to hate something you previously liked, then you have a new liking for something else. If you hate God, then you are going to love everything that is anti God, you will hate His law, and therefore you will love crime.

Seventh Commandment: Sex and Crime by R.J. Rushdoony

And for those who despise God, it is best to change the laws, to call good evil, and evil good.

This is not such a surprise: a Satanist is a Satanist, regardless if he’s waving the red flag over a mass grave or wearing bright priestly robes at the pulpit, tearfully proclaiming his warm sympathy for the murderer (be that murderer an abortionist or a policeman)… and not a mite of thought for the blood of the innocent, or the justice innocent blood demands.

The real surprise are the millions of Christians who quietly, implicitly, but pointedly stand with the Satanist.

Judgement does not start at the official, government-backed temples of Satan. It starts at the Church.

Admittedly, many churches are basically synagogues of Satan. But unlike the blatant temples of the wicked, the demon-occupied churches dare use the Name of God to justify evil; so God will move to defend His name first.

Because the Christian clergymen and seminaries and theologians certainly will not.

The Second Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed centuries before the Temple of Diana fell. Fake friends are cut down by God, before His obvious enemies are.