A Pious Government, Crushing the Poor

Stable Money

Your silver has become dross, your best wine mixed with water.

Isaish 1:22, English Standard VErsion

The poor need a stable store of wealth the most, as they are the most brutally crushed by inflation.

(As our own pointedly secularist governments are so eager to prove… while, like the Islamic Erdogan, yelling at the top of their lungs about their Concern for the Poor.)

Christian societies are not to follow the road of Islamic or Secularist societies.

As governments – Christian or otherwise – simply cannot be trusted with control over money, I expect that money be taken out of the control of the State in the Christian societies of the future.

The minarchist Christian State, such as it is, can have their taxes paid the coin they wish, gold or silver or bags of wheat. The concept of legal tender, however, must be abandoned to the government-god totalitarians. Debatably, the concept of a gold-only standard is also a scheme of Our Betters, and should be cut off at the knees.

(There is an interesting debate on whether there should be a 100% Reserve Banking system a la Rothbard, or a banking system based strictly on contracts. Gary North reviews the debate here. In any case, factional reserve banking is a fraud, as is the central banking system: both get tossed out the door in a Christian State that exalts God above itself, fears His Justice, and upholds His Law-Word.)

Interest Rates

Hewing close to Islamic financial doctrine, Erdogan refuses to have the government’s central bank raise interest rates on the Turkish Lira.

Erdogan has no interest in abolishing the central bank, instead taking control of it from the major Turkish banks and having his cronies and family run it instead.

Islamic Turks, like Secular Europeans, do indeed believe in the authoritarian, centralized state.1

God’s People are called away from the way of lawless, man-exalting tyranny.

Note that interest rates — the cost of money over time — is part of reality, and is specifically recognized by Jesus Christ as legitimate.

Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest.

Matthew 25:27, English Standard version

Christians are expected to uphold the authority of Jesus Christ, and His every word and deed.

What God DOES forbid, is the charging of interest on loans to the poor. The poor are to be treated with leniency: while they may be granted loans, they are not to be charged any interest on those loans.

“If you lend money to any of my people with you who is poor, you shall not be like a moneylender to him, and you shall not exact interest from him.

Exodus 22:25, ESV

If your brother becomes poor and cannot maintain himself with you, you shall support him as though he were a stranger and a sojourner, and he shall live with you. Take no interest from him or profit, but fear your God, that your brother may live beside you. You shall not lend him your money at interest, nor give him your food for profit.

LEviticus 25:35-36, ESV

God absolutely demands such behaviour, today. Therefore, we must support His commandments, proclaim it as authoritative today, and uphold it ourselves as much as we can… while always pushing Divine Authority to be legally recognized and upheld in the political arenas we happen to live in.

The Kingdom of God – including the Laws of the Great King – must be extended and upheld. Today.

Perhaps slowly

  • as we are weak today, due to our own and our forefather’s faithlessness, willful disobedience, and hatred of God’s Authority and Law-Word,

but steadily, and with increasing success

  • as God strengthens, blesses, rewards, and empowers those who follow the Holy Spirit, and obey Him.


The deeply Islamic President Erdogan is moving to crush the impoverished Islamic foreigner and stranger, to reward the major corporations that want to use the force of law to drive out the small entrepreneur (working 10-hour days, BTW), to secure at a major government subsidy the recycling section of the economy for itself.

Pious Muslim leaders may work and rule in such a fashion.

Pious Christian leaders may not.

The government-business partnership, a.k.a. fascism, is evil on it’s face. It corrupts the law and justice to favour powerful and wealthy men, businesses, and interests. And it undermine and destroys the concept of equality under the law.

The fascist road — “Socialism for hypocrites”, as Rushdoony noted — is forbidden to Christians, under threat of direct punishment of God, and is to be denounced by His representatives, clergy and layman alike.


After all this… if any Western Government has the kind of pro-Christian leadership that Turkey has with it’s pro-Islamic leadership, the conservatives would be rejoicing, and the progressives would be shrieking about the danger of theocracies.

Even if the US was ruled by the Bible-quoting (but privately agnostic) Lincoln, with the level of Christian leadership that his administrating had, the liberals would be out of their mind.

As for me, I would recall the reign of King Josiah. A huge, three-decade-long, top-down religious revival… which could not repair the damage of the half-century+ corrupt reign of King Manasseh.

Or, for the fascist in the audience, the rule of Franco in Spain. Plenty of Christian fascists in authority, for decades. And the fruit of all that pious oppression and theft?

<Points to modern, intensely secular Spain>

“By their fruits ye shall know them.”

But God expects us to be far more godly, and far more lawful, than any fascist tyrant could ever be: cross-waving or otherwise.2

Turkey is discovering the cost of their folly the hard way.

Rather than gloating, we would be wise to learn the lessons they are teaching, at their own expense.

1Although, unlike secularist Europeans, Muslims do not make the state itself the Source of the Law – a.k.a. the functional Lord and God of a society. Instead, the Islamic state is the enforcement arm of an unknowable deity, whose desires are supposedly communicated by Mohammed and his followers.

Kant and his love of the unknowable noumenon — “something that exists independently of human senses”, in contrast to the knowable and measurable phenomenon — would instinctively recognize and admire the Islamic deity.

“God can Finally Shut Up, so the Right Sort can speak for Him.”

The Christian deity, in contrasts, speaks directly to us, and has indeed sent His Son to bridge the divide.

(And Moses was sent before Christ. Odd, how Muslims who proclaim Moses as a prophet have not the faintest idea of the Laws of Moses actually are. The people who know God, knows how He thinks, what He said, and what pleases Him.)

We have heard God’s voice, and recognize it…

….which is why the solid majority of humanity instinctively hates it.

Just as we did in the Garden of Eden, preferring the words of a snake to the words of God.

Fortunately for us and our future, the Holy Spirit was sent to the world after Jesus rose to rule at the right hand of the Father. Due to the power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel gains power, and the Kingdom of God – including justice, liberty, growth, prosperity, and even technology – grows.

As for the difference between Muslims and Secularists?

Muslims refuse to kill their children. And Muslims refuse to kill their unborn girls while sparing their unborn boys: all the little innocents get to live.

This factor, alone, is sufficient to insure Islam crushes the Secularists… including the Marxists.

Some obedience to the Law of God is better, and provides a better future, than No obedience to the Law of God.

Arabs have a future… even if that future ends up with them keeling before the throne of Christ, as least they will have biological descendants who will be alive at the end of time. Better humiliation and surrender before King Jesus – “you know, like the rest of us sinners!” – than rotting in some grave, and then roasting in the flames for eternity.

For God is the Lord of the Living. Not the Dead. Even though He has total authority over the dead as well, God has no interest in being called their Lord.

The partial obedience of the Arab in protecting the innocent leads to their partial blessing of their future by God. No such gift is planned for the future-hating Secularist Europeans, contemptuous as they are for the lives of the weakest among us. Or the sterile, Confucian East Asians, for that matter. And the Hindi East Indians had better watch out: Satan is hunting them, too, and the grave cries out for their future as well.

Best repent while you can.

2Note: Lincoln – and his opponent, Stephan Douglas – both had massive ties with major corporations of their time, railroad companies.

Fascism is older than Mussolini.

A LOT older.

Insert: the sound of the major Republican Rome business interests, as they look with raw hate at their profitable Carthaginian business competitors.

Carthago delenda est.


But was always was a profitable – and power-centralizing! – racket. The very health of the State, and its’ powerful friends.

There’s always a push for empire with these fascists.

But Turkey is not Germany: they will burn through their wealth, and lost the ability to finance major wars, far faster than the Germans did.

A grim warning: while the video certainly pushes the God of Power – the deity Mohammed respected most highly – the comments illustrate that there are many Western secular supporters of such a pragmatic Islamic philosophy.

Not surprising.

But Christians know: Law, Truth and Justice FIRST.

Political power? Second. Third. Fourth… maybe.

On “The Stranger, the Alien, the Sojourner, the Desert, and No Lasting City” Escape Hatches

Excerpts from Healing the Damage Caused by Bad Theology by Martin G. Selbrede

—<Quote begins>—

Cornelis van der Waal (1919-1980) was a scholar that I’ve drawn attention to twice before, in respect to his book The World, Our Home.1 It might surprise many to learn that his name has appeared in other studies2 alongside the names of Rushdoony, Bahnsen, Van Til, Gentry, North, DeJong, etc., whereby we’re served notice that his contributions would be equally valuable for us to consider. His is a name that should be better known, especially given that his survey of the entire Bible (available free online) is an impressive work in its own right.3 Not all of his material has been translated out of the Dutch, which has tended to restrict its circulation, but The World, Our Home is an important exception.

When referencing van der Waal’s book, I will simply put the page numbers in brackets behind the relevant citation to simplify matters.

Our focal point will be van der Waal’s dismantling of the scriptural texts that are used to justify Christian inaction, impotence, and irrelevance in respect to culture. His handling of the concepts of the stranger, the alien, the sojourner, the desert motif, appeals to here we have no lasting city, and the denigration of our cultural responsibilities, deserves a wider audience. By clearing these supposed obstacles out of the way, by denying slothful Christians these alleged prooftexts to justify the perpetual warming of pews (what Ron Kronz calls “their static approach to Kingdom business”), he guides us back to our duties to our King.

No Lasting City Here?

In the spirit of Proverbs 18:17, van der Waal casts a critical eye at the texts deployed by those who defend the cultural retreat of Christians into a spiritual ghetto. One of these is Hebrews 13:14, and his comments are worth reproducing here.

[Hebrews 13:14 in the ESV] is translated as follows: “For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” This text has been interpreted very piously to suggest the abandonment of earthly life … But the text demands that we read it in its proper context … The whole letter to the Hebrews speaks of the fulfillment and the realization of the shadows and figures of the old covenant, but also exhorts the believers to break with Jewish worship and to join the Christian church.

A compelling ground is given as well: the old city Jerusalem is not permanent; we do not have a lasting city here … the author speaks in clear terms about the covenant wrath that will come upon the covenant people who reject Christ as High Priest …

… we must explain Heb. 13:14 in light of the prediction of Christ about the destruction of Jerusalem. We are not permitted to use this text to describe our resignation to the fact that everything is in vain. We cannot permit ourselves to base our pessimism about culture on this text … When Bible quotations are used as popular expressions we must always be on guard!

Hebrews is not speaking about what we accomplish, but about the antithesis between synagogue and church. How often has not a pietistic approach taken texts out of their covenantal context only to give them a completely different meaning? There is such a thing as pietistic demythologization! In shunning culture, many have grasped the opportunity to use isolated texts to support their position … It is useful though to investigate the traditional slogans of cultural pessimists. They lack solid ground to support their interpretation. [34-35]

And we must agree: it is indeed “useful to investigate the traditional slogans of cultural pessimists” so that they are understood properly, and are set aside as faulty rationales for cultural abstention. We’ll take a look at a few more examples of van der Waal’s analyses to whet the reader’s appetite for more.

—<Quote ends>—

Useful and productive work.

For cultural winners. Not cultural losers.

I hope that the rest of his work will be translated into English soonest!

—<Quote begins>—

So you might then conclude, “Perhaps van der Waal has neutralized two texts (Heb. 13:14 and Ps. 84:6) used to justify cultural pessimism, but there are many, many more such texts. He’d have to walk through all of them and make equally strong refutations of how they are popularly understood.” This is precisely what van der Waal’s The World, Our Home purports to do: analyzing each class of prooftext used to keep Christians culturally impotent. And we clearly can’t provide every example here within a short article in Arise and Build, but we can illustrate by example his approach to these objections to Christians being culturally effective.

—<Quote ends>—

Van der Waal fights for the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom, against the most dangerous enemy: the internal, Christian opposition to Christ’s victory in time and on earth.

I like that.

Once the in-house evil has been driven out, the external opponents will be easy to brush aside.

So it was in Jesus’ time, and so it is today.

Note how little time — as in no time at all! — Jesus spent attacking the Roman gods, the Roman Imperial Cult, or the blasphemous claims of the totalitarian Roman state to own all men, and control all things.

His target was always the religious professionals of the Temple. Including the liberal Sadducees, but most especially the conservative Pharisees.

“Both wings of the humanist, man-focused thought” which naturally lead to both wings of the Enlightenment.

As for the Politics First Zealots, Christ always warned His people to flee Jerusalem, to respect Roman authority (and pay your taxes!), and that Jerusalem will be ground under the heel of the gentiles. That the Politics First people are destined to fail.

Build up obedience to God first: personal, familial, Christian community, business. Politics Fifth. (Politics fourth if you fold business into the family, as family property.)

It’s not that politics isn’t important: it’s just that many other things are more important. But in time, the laws of God is to be reflected by the laws of the land. The Kingdom of God is about discipling the nations, the governments of men — ALL the governments of men (personal, family, church, state) — to the Authority of King Jesus.

In time, and on earth.

But, first things first. Patience is demanded of the obedient, faithful, and productive Christian. The worthy servant does everything in order, in the proper time, as God rightfully expects.

—<Quote begins>—

Dr. van der Waal points out that we’ve inherited many of our faulty ideas from earlier giants of the faith. The impact of Neoplatonism has done immeasurable harm in this regard. Small wonder that Dr. R. J. Rushdoony devotes one of his books to exposing its inherent dangers (The Flight from Humanity), for its effects are utterly pernicious. On van der Waal’s part, he sees Augustine as the man who injected these philosophical toxins into the bloodstream of Christian theology:

Augustine worked with the notion of pilgrimage and placed the kingdom of God outside of the social realm. Neoplatonism had an impact on Augustine’s thinking, creating a contrast between earth and heaven. The stamp of “Babylon” is thus pressed on society and culture.

The ideas of Augustine so seized the church of old that there was barely any opportunity for the development of a Christian culture. The pilgrims meditated and theologized, but earthly life was, as Seneca said, merely a hospitium. Only the heavenly city was important. [32]

After illustrating the shifting meanings of “Jerusalem” and “Babylon” throughout history under the influence of “dualistic interpretation” [33], van der Waal shows that “Babylon” was first connected with “the papal church of Rome” and later to “the world state and world culture of the future. ‘Come out of her, My people.’” [33] Here van der Waal corrects the misconception and subsequently draws an important conclusion:

The symbol “Babylon” is therefore not in itself a word that disqualifies culture (from the processing of flax to the purifying of gold). As we have already seen, in the New Jerusalem there is an abundance of works of culture. With all due respect to Augustine, let us steer clear of the Neoplatonic and Augustinian false dilemmas between an earthly and a heavenly city. Such false dilemmas create a wrong approach to culture, and cause us to waste the opportunities provided by God. [34]

If you find it shocking that Babylon (yes, Babylon) is somehow a redeemable entity, consider the equally astounding text of Psalm 87:4-5 which speaks of the nations that comprise the glorious Zion of God:

For I will make mention of Rahab [Egypt] and Babylon as knowers of Me; behold Philistia and Tyre, with Ethiopia: this man was born there. And of Zion it shall be said that each and every man shall be born in her, and the Most High shall establish her. (Psalm 87:4-5 from the Hebrew)

Just as the first two great enemies of God’s covenant people, Egypt and Assyria, become covenanted to God and build legitimate altars to His glory (Isaiah 19:18-25), a similar transformation is promised for later enemies of the Lord’s people. Dr. van der Waal shows how misuse of Revelation 17 and 18 at this point has wrought serious damage to the Christians who have been influenced by such interpretations.

—<Quote ends>—

Plato was a true believer in the power and the lies of that cruel tyrant, the philosopher-king, a true enemy of the free society (as the agnostic Karl Popper correctly spelled in in The Open Society and Its Enemies). Marcus Aurelius, a pointedly (perhaps murderously) anti-Christian Roman Emperor, was the closest actual model of such a philosopher-king.

PS: Marinov wrote an excellent article on Marcus Aurelius, in The Tale of the Two Aurelii. I previously mentioned it — The Destiny of the Elite — but it’s definitely worth the original article in its entirety!

A shame that Augustine chose to show respect to the State-adoring, proto-Gnostic pagan and his Noble Lies.

Now, unto what  van der Waal calls the Further Reformation, but what I will call the Fake Reformation.

As the snake is always ready and willing to sow tares among the wheat.

—<Quote begins>—

We invite the reader to walk through the entire argument made by van der Waal, as we do not have space to provide further examples. It is important, however, that we examine the implications of these various distortions of Scripture and the impact such misunderstandings have had upon His people, historically speaking. Van der Waal holds that the transition began after the Reformation.

[During the Reformation] there were dangers, persecutions, and many tears! But people did not feel burdened by all those thoughts about their existence as sojourners, thoughts which promote passivity. They had plans and goals to fulfill. They were a generation that produced works of great renown in many areas of life … The Reformation … liberated the church from the differentiation between clergy and laity. Each baptized Christian had his office in which he was to work to the honor of God. That was his calling. Though Calvin spoke about our pilgrimage, he put the emphasis on our office. This thought went to the hearts of the learned and the laborers.

In the centuries after the Reformation, a “Further Reformation” (“Nadere Reformatie”) took place with the arrival of pietism. It was, in other words, not a true reformation. Troubles and problems that had not played a role in the Reformation were introduced. The Bible was explained in a different manner. One sees the differences immediately when the sermons of the time of the Reformation are compared with those of the Further Reformation. The Reformation emphasized our calling in daily life and called the church to service. The Further Reformation busied itself with the “precious soul,” with “heaven,” and with the “perils of Babylon.” The accent was placed on the soul and not on the office of the Christian. Thus man stood in the center, instead of his task. The earth was merely a thoroughfare. [48-49]

Concerning students in the Third World, van der Waal adds, “let us hope that they are not burdened with a wrong understanding of the sojourner motif that puts the brakes on true Christian cultural activity.” [52] The impact that pietism has had on the arts deserves special censure from van der Waal:

How many artists have we lost for the church, because the church paid no attention to their profession? … While Vincent van Gogh lived in Amsterdam, he heard sermons in the white plastered church buildings of the Dutch Reformed church. They did not help him, however, because they were moralistic or focused on the supernatural, and drove him into the desert. [52]

At this point, van der Waal quotes from the poet H. Marsman:

When things become tense or oppressive, the Christian withdraws, with or without pretense, back to the kingdom that is not of this world and leaves us, including the poets, alone, with the chestnuts still in the fire. This is also what makes the Christian an unreliable player in the affairs of this world, particularly in culture, and especially from the Protestant one can expect nothing when push comes to shove. He is constantly ready to flee. [52]

It is as if the counterpart to Ron Kronz’s book, Fighting to Win: And Other Things I Didn’t Learn in Sunday School is the pietist’s idea to Flee so We can Flee Again Tomorrow. It is for this reason that Cornelis van der Waal surveyed the “mishandled texts” [53] that sap our collective Christian strength and resolve.

We’ve only scratched the surface of this issue, but we must recognize that a problem exists (diagnosis) and apply the appropriate measures. We start with works like van der Waal, and then put forward good theology that is God-honoring, scripturally solid, and promotes the imperatives laid down for God’s image-bearers in the world that He has sent his Holy Spirit to convict of sin and of righteousness.

1. C. van der Waal, The World, Our Home: Christians Between Creation and Recreation (Pella, IA: Inheritance Publications, 2013). The book can be purchased at this link: https://inhpubli.vercel.app/products/14574

2. e.g., Mark Robert Kreitzer, Paradigm Shift in South African Dutch Reformed Social Theology (1974-1990) (Busan, S. Korea, n.p., May 2013).

3. https://www.monergism.com/search-scriptures-10-volumes-pdf

—<Quote ends>—

It’s time to back van der Waal up… and to cut down the powerless and worthless imitation of Godly, world-shaping, Kingdom-expanding living.

On Protecting the Future

An except from that other blog:

—<Quote begins>–

Sturgeon was a lifelong pipe smoker. His death from lung fibrosis may have been caused by exposure to asbestos during his merchant marine years.

Wikipedia, Theodore Sturgeon


“But what more stories could Sturgeon have woven, with another 10 years of life?”

“A fine question.”

“But on the other hand, Sturgeon would not have been Sturgeon, if he had skipped the merchant marine years (pre-war, 1935-38, from ages 17 to 20). I doubt if the pipe actually did him much harm, actually: tobacco then didn’t have the pesticides of tobacco toady.”

“You aging smoker apologist! Still fighting a war that was lost long ago.”

“Truth is truth. Something the tobacco corporations forgot in the 50s, and the anti-tobacco (but pro-marijuana!) Ruling Class forget today.”

“You just don’t ever give up, do you?”

“It’s just more class warfare, of a different flavour.”

“I wonder how social superiority games are played in the Imperium.”

“You have no idea. It’s a very important thing though: every [player-character in a far future RPG game] is given a social rank, after all! But back to the topic: A better question is, how many would-be great SF writers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries died in their late teens and twenties, 1914-1945?”

“Oh yeah? Tell me how many of those great men were murdered in the womb, 1973 to this very day?”

“Humans are a murderous species.”

“Have been since Cain. But those cultures who don’t indulge in cutting open the future’s throat have a better shot at actually shaping the future, near or far.”

“Well, duh.”


As for why the young men are always the prime target of our betters… you might want to ask King Herod about that. Or Lamech.

Lamech said to his wives: “Adah and Zillah, hear my voice; you wives of Lamech, listen to what I say: I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for striking me.

Genesis 4:23, English Standard Version

In patriarchal cultures, young women also need to keep an wary eye on their fathers, and their brothers, and their husbands.

*Waves to the Arabs*

It’s always something about killing the future – or those who bear the future – near or far.

I will put enmity between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and her offspring;
he shall bruise your head,
    and you shall bruise his heel.”

Genesis 3:16, English Standard Version

Check out Revelation 12, too. Snakes do grow into dragons, if given the chance.

Christians would be exceedingly wise, to protect their future from both the murderers and the thieves (ie: the public schools).

God has plans for it, after all.
Plans that we should work to protect, and to bring to pass.

—<Quote ends>—

I would be remiss, if I fail to mention Psalm 127:

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127:4-5, English Standard VErsion

I don’t hold with the failed quiverfull movement: it’s abusive to women, which is directly contrary to Christ’s example. So God cursed it, and it failed… despite the pious religious words.

Satan really can quote scripture, after all.

But even so, the psalm itself is correct: a fertile and godly people will triumph over a sterile and godless people.

But that fertility must be based on love, not power. Otherwise, you just get some variant of Islam. Why should God put up with that? God-hating cultures1 who go that road will be punished eventually, but Christians who go down that road will be punished quickly.

God WILL protect His name, after all. And greater knowledge means greater — and harsher — accountability.

And God punishes His children far more quickly, than He will some stranger’s kids.

“Spare the rod, and spoil the child.”

1True: Arabs do not abort their young girls, unlike the Hindi Indians and pragmatic East Asians. So, they will not be gelded and have their future destroyed as quickly as the other two groups. Pagans who obey God will be blessed by God: Pagans who defy God will be cursed

The Designed Universe, and the Existence of God

From Uncommon Descent, If Math Is A Reality, Atheism Is Dead

—<Quote begins>—

This from ScienceAlert:

Earlier this year, researchers discovered what they described as a previously unknown law of nature: a growth pattern which describes how pointed shapes form again and again in nature – from shark teeth and spider fangs to bird beaks and dinosaur horns.

“The diversity of animals, and even plants, that follow this rule is staggering,” evolutionary biologist Alistair Evans from Monash University in Australia said at the time they discovered the mathematical formula, dubbed the ‘power cascade’.

“We found it almost everywhere we looked across the kingdoms of life – in living animals, and those extinct for millions of years.”

Back in 2015, scientists were also delighted to find a classic formula for Pi – the ever-constant ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter – lurking in hydrogen atoms.

In a roundabout way, that discovery leads us back to the idea that mathematics provides a structural framework for the physical world. It’s an interesting idea to entertain – so long as your head doesn’t explode.

Claire Watson, “What if Math Is a Fundamental Part of Nature, Not Something Humans Came Up With?” at ScienceAlert (January 2, 2022)

No head explode. We live in a designed universe. Math proves it.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

—<Quote ends>—

The funeral services for atheism?

Oh, you mean Easter!

Well, I do like Easter, but most Christians (and the general popular culture) prefers Christmas.

Eh. I can live with either – Passover, too.

From Uncommon Descent, A Teenager Does A Good Job Of Explaining The Existence Of God.

—<Quote begins>—

If it weren’t for God, you would not know anything at all.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

—<Quote ends>—

Kudos to the young lady!

We are going to need more young men – make and female alike – who can think and fight.

They are going to need determination, commitment, grit, courage and faith as well — everything that their elders lacked.

(That’s why we’re in the fix we’re in: not the failure of the young, but the failure of the old.)

It’s time to change things, and the young and committed Christians are the people who will have to do it.

And not the aging Good Losers and the Run-from-the-fight Rapture People of previous generations.

Violence and Video Games? DDT? Baby Powder? The Woke Don’t Care What the Facts Are

Violence in Video Games

From Uncommon Descent: Woke Wars: When Psychology Blew Clear From Science

—<Quote begins>—

People usually find out accidentally when the Woke have moved in. They don’t believe the warnings. But then they discover how deep it is:

My concern is that the APA no longer functions as an organization dedicated to science and good clinical practice. As a professional guild, perhaps it never did, but I believe it is now advancing causes that are actively harmful and I can no longer be a part of it.

I originally became engaged with the APA in a futile effort to “fix from within.” Much of this focused on the APA’s deeply misleading policy statements in my own area of research: violence in video games. The APA maintains a policy statement linking such games to aggression, despite over 200 scholars asking them to avoid making such statements, a reanalysis of the meta-study on which the policy was based finding it to be deeply flawed, and the APA’s own Society for Media and Technology asking them to retract it. Other policy statements related to research areas I’m familiar with such as spanking appear to be similarly flawed, overstating certainty of harmful effects.

In the clinical realm, the APA’s advice has similarly been questionable. A 2017 recommendation highlighted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT; in which I am myself primarily trained) as treatment of choice for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It remains in effect despite several meta-analyses subsequently finding CBT has little benefit over other therapies. More controversial were practice guidelines for men and boys which drew deeply from feminist theories, dwelled on topics of patriarchy, intersectionality, and privilege, and arguably disparaged men and families from traditional backgrounds. This guideline is actively harmful to the degree it both misguides therapy in favor of an ideological worldview and likely discourages men and families from more traditional backgrounds from seeking therapy.

Christopher J. Ferguson, “My APA Resignation” at Quillette (December 31, 2021)

In so many disciplines, it is coming down to: Do you want to be science or Woke?

Prediction: Most Big Science will buckle and agree to be Woke in defiance of fact. Real science will increasingly depend on the rebellious outliers. Happened before.

—<Quote ends>—

Hey Christians! Guess who the rebellious outliers are going to be this time.

Like all the other times.

…I can here the prophets sigh all the way from here, across time and space…

But their sighs, and ours, don’t really matter. The work MUST be done, the truth MUST be upheld, and WE are the ones called to do it.

Every Christian must carry his cross.

Baby Powder

From Thank You, Trial Lawyers, For Protecting Us From The Scourge Of Baby Powder by  Alex Berezow, PhD

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) touted the results on its website, proclaiming, “‘No evidence’ that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer new review finds.” But for reasons that I will never understand, American websites remain wishy-washy. The American Cancer Society, for instance, says that the evidence is “less clear.”

That is a travesty. Trial lawyers looking to make a buck (or, in this case, billions of bucks) use scientific uncertainty to score jackpot lawsuits. In situations like this, the scientific community must speak loudly and clearly: “No. Baby powder does not cause cancer. End of story.”


Once again, it’s sort of pathetic that we have to rely on British scientists and medical doctors to defend American companies. What’s the point of organizations like the FDA if they sit on the sideline while American companies are subjected to blatant highway robbery by unscrupulous lawyers?

As usual, the lawyers win. They always win. And because Johnson & Johnson will continue selling baby powder in the UK and everywhere else, the rest of the world wins. But science, common sense, and American consumers lose.

Note that I support the jury trial process: the population should determine how the law applies on their own soil. The Jury Trial is the strongest barrier we have to the grinning, self-satisfied Rule of the Certified Master-Class: so it must be protected, even strengthened.

That being said: if the jury gets it wrong, we should say they got it wrong. Even if our words can’t change a thing legally, speaking the truth is what God expects of us.

From the comments:

Tort Reform Richard 

If “the lawyers always win,” wouldn’t you expect Johnson & Johnson to win? They have virtually unlimited resources and can hire armies of the best lawyers to defend them…


Josh Bloom Mod  Tort Reform Richard Juries hate big companies. There are parts of the south where class action suits are brought, regardless if the damage took place there. 60 Minutes actually uncovered jury payoffs in the Wyeth Phen-Fen trial 20 yrs ago.
That cost me dearly.


Eric Bjerregaard  Josh Bloom •Mississippi used to be a biggie. May still be. I saw a report that included a juror saying “somebody has to pay” Nope. sometimes no one should pay.

I sympathize with the Southern hatred of the major corporations.

However: there is only one standard of justice, for the big and the small.

Moreover, perfect justice is unattainable in this life.

Sometimes, the only lawful course of action is that no one should pay. Or at least, we humans – not even the State – have the lawful right to make someone pay.

Another comment:


It is a (small) beginning to even bring up this issue. As to why the “scientific community” doesn’t stand up for truth and reality–that’s easy. They too are a bunch of cowards and whores. No one seems to remember back in the early 1960s, when St. Rachel Carson was spreading her absolute BS about DDT, the ONLY voice against her was the president of American Cyanamid.

Not a peep from the legions of pampered, useless academics in your “scientific community.” Ditto for BPA. And that goes double for the craven and pointless American Chemistry Council. I was on a panel years ago, assembled by ACC, dealing with journalists and others on BPA.

One of the points I raised was that BPA is probably the most studied chemical on earth, and more than 6,000 studies have been done on it. How many more, I mused, would be necessary? Or even better, why replace it with something that has not been studied at all? Not surprisingly, that struck a chord.

However, not ten minutes after this webinar was over, I got a phone call from ACC, reaming me a new one for being “too harsh.” It was a good long time before they ever asked me to join another panel. Then I realized the game: They “fought” to fight again, but never to win. In fact, only days after that fiasco, a movement was put together to form an alternative to ACC.

There was plenty of interest, including from ExxonMobil (major producers of BPA), but just as this effort was gaining traction, it fell apart. Surely by coincidence, one of the leaders of the group had just gotten a big job with another lobbying organization. Ironically, ExxonMobil was pretty silent publicly about BPA.

And here’s the best part: Ever heard of Joe Schwarcz, Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society? He’s the supposed go-to guy to give the straight scoop on all things “Science.” In a separate encounter, he and I had a somewhat public online discussion about BPA, and I mentioned the 6,000 articles, suggesting that the chemical was safe. His reply? “We still haven’t proven that it’s safe. That will take further research.” Spoken like a true feckless academic.

With friends like that…

Some scientists are disgusting.

Perhaps not as repulsive as the most disgusting priest or pastor: secularist scientists at least spare us from the revolting, blasphemous claim that God approves of his evil.

But still: disgusting scientists do exist.

Anti-Wokeness from the American Council of Science and Health

Indirectly from The American Council of Science and Health

First the intro from Uncommon Descent: Will Science Media’s Slow Descent Into The Woke Crazy Empower Competition?

—<Quote begins>—

Covered at American Council on Science and Health:

Last week I highlighted four disturbing trends in science journalism that are destroying the public’s trust in mainstream academic and public health institutions. It’s time to add a fifth bromide to the list: science publications that prize “social justice” activism over evidence-based analysis.

Scientific American may be the worst offender in this respect, publishing groundless opinion pieces such as “Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy” and “Modern Mathematics Confronts its White Patriarchal Past.” Biologist Jerry Coyne and science writer Michael Shermer have taken apart both articles in great detail, but Scientific American hasn’t stopped there. The magazine’s coverage of crop biotechnology has tragically devolved into social justice foolishness as well.

On December 27th, SciAm published a story so ridiculous it could have been written by a Greenpeace activist: “How Biotech Crops Can Crash—and Still Never Fail.” American Council on Science and Health (December 29, 2021)

Cameron English, “‘Woke’ Scientific American Goes Anti-GMO” at American Cou

Yes, English notes that Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne denounced the unhinged claim in a Scientific American op-ed earlier this year that creationism was a form of white supremacy: “Sure, there may be racists among creationists—there has to be given the connection between Evangelical Christianity and the South—but you’d have to essentially make things up to argue that creationism comes from white supremacy and that its connection with religion is ‘a lie.’”

Okay. But — Cameron, Jerry, are you listening?: Just making things up and enforcing belief in their fantasy is a privilege the Woke give themselves. As we enter the new year, we need to soberly assess the fact that Wokeness is claiming some science media the way cancer claims a body.

On the bright side: In a still-free society, Wokeness will create a space for a new popular science magazine. Lots of Woke-weary folk who value evidence over ideology would likely support it. That magazine should allow evidence-based criticism of Darwinian theory — which is treated with considerable skepticism anyway once you get outside the venue of the very people who blew up SciAm with their Wokeness.

Hey! We have stories. No rants, no picket signs. Lots of stories.

You may also wish to read: Cameron’s Four awful science journalism trends that should die.

Yer news hack (O’Leary for News) is so old that she remembers when science journalists started to denounce the idea of listening to both sides, some time early in the millennium. And here we are today…

—<Quote ends>—

I doubt if there will be any real opposition to wokeness, until AFTER the Great Default. The Woke claim to money and power relies on a centralized state for fuel: but frankly, they are just following the steps of the Establishment guilds – lawyers and doctors, engineers, and the rest of the bureaucratic professions (that included pastors and priests of the state churches, a few centuries ago).

The “coloured & humanities” Woke people just want their government-sheltered guaranteed income streams that the “white and sciences” people got over a century ago.

I want an end to ALL the government-sheltered guild systems, regardless of race or academic pedigree. I doubt that I will get it before the Great Default of the welfare state: and even afterwards, the corporations and the experts and the academics and the military and the mob and the lawyers will savagely fight to protect their share of the shrinking government pie and legal set-asides.

God’s People should stay out of all those power-seeking delusions. We need to build our own wealth, especially our children and families and local businesses and neighbourhoods. All these God-despising jokers are sterile and innately build for delusions and death: but if we guard our children, and our neighbourhoods, and our faith in God’s victory, we will win.

I wouldn’t be surprised if God’s people are the ONLY people still walking around by, say, AD 2150. Not because of any great might or power our part, but because we were the only ones to bear and raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, the only ones to have any real, encouraging, and positive hope in the future.

The mere fact of consistence obedience to God’s Law-Word, of striving for more God-pleasing excellence and greater perfection, of building self-governance and wisdom in the Holy Spirit, is it’s own victory.

Not some ghostly mystical irrelevant victory, but a material and substantial and lawful victory, cultural and financial and (in time) political and legal victory. A victory grounded in the power of King Jesus, who lives today in the flesh as well as in spirit.

In time and on earth, as well as in eternity.

Directly from the American Council of Science and Health

From 4 Awful Science Journalism Trends That Should Die In 2022, by James Cameron

—<Quote begins>—

Ultimately, fact-checking is a much more subjective enterprise than we would like it to be. Truth is real but sometimes difficult to ascertain, particularly when political ideologies and motivated reasoning are involved. To eschew these pitfalls, fact-checkers need to be keenly sensitive to such biases. Otherwise, fact-checkers will be seen as simply another manifestation of ‘fake news.’

As we now know, fact-checkers (and the media more generally) haven’t avoided these pitfalls. In the wake of COVID-19, they have become apologists for “the science,” defined as the federal government’s response to the pandemic. On the other side of the argument are (often conservative) commentators who find problems where there are none, especially when it comes to the coronavirus vaccines. 

Since reporters are human and all humans are flawed, sloppy science coverage is inevitable to a certain extent. But the advocacy-as-journalism trend needs to be reversed before science media loses what remains of its dwindling credibility with the general public. We need to address four broad issues to get science journalism back on course.

Fair-weather science advocacy

The media happily promote sound science as long as the evidence comports with the their broader agenda. But if the facts run afoul of those political or social causes, they are summarily dismissed in the service of promoting ideology. The examples are legion [1], but here is perhaps the most recent, egregious case of fair-weather science advocacy:

While lecturing the public about the dangers of spreading “misinformation,” the Washington Post published an anti-pesticide article by Stephanie Seneff, an academic-turned-activist who has called the COVID-19 vaccines “extremely toxic” and works closely with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD). In early 2020, CHD posited that the pandemic was planned in advance and has consistently attacked the coronavirus shots.

Naturally, the Post’s collaboration with Seneff occurred just months before the paper boasted about “Debunking anti-vaxxer RFK Jr.’s claim about ‘suspicious’ coronavirus vaccine deaths.” If you asked me to satirize a major newspaper, I don’t know that I could have invented a story as preposterous as the truth in this instance. In any event, the media can’t credibly attack vaccine skepticism while platforming anti-vaccine activists. Hopefully, they’ll stop in 2022.

Conclusions in search of evidence

Over the last two years, the media have often reported conclusions as incontrovertible before all the facts were available. The debate over a lab-leak origin for SARS-CoV-2 may be the best example. In February 2020, everybody knew that the virus jumped from animals to humans at a wet market in Wuhan; to suggest otherwise was to demonstrate your racial bias. Only fringe senators from the sticks we’re foolish enough to challenge this accepted scientific wisdom.

But the narrative changed in May 2021, once the Biden Administration (rightly, in my view) called for a fuller investigation into the virus’s origins. Major news outlets had to edit the headlines on their lab-leak stories, and Facebook suddenly decided that users could openly discuss the idea. The about-face looks even worse in light of recent evidence that the US government has indeed funded bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

We still don’t know where SARS-CoV-2 originated, but the fact remains: many reporters, following some in the science community, reached a premature conclusion before the evidence was in. Worse, they clearly allowed government policy to dictate the boundaries of acceptable opinion. That’s a serious mistake in any setting, but it’s especially troubling in light of the public’s well-documented disdain for US media.

Nuance? What’s nuance?

Science reporting often lacks nuance. In line with our politicized culture, the media like to identify individuals and organizations as heroes or villains, chemicals as dangerous or safe, and certain viewpoints as good or evil. For example, masking is good, mask mandates are even better and, again, only “anti-science politicians” are brazen enough to claim otherwise, as Scientific American alleged in September.

The truth is more complicated, though. Masking, while important in certain contexts, has serious limitations that publications like SciAm have done everything they can to minimize. Vaccine skeptics have the same absolutist outlook on COVID shots. Pfizer has paid billions of dollars in fines for engaging in shady marketing practices; therefore, you shouldn’t get a COVID vaccine, the argument goes. 

In neither example is the certainty justified. Pointing out the limitations of masking doesn’t make you “anti-science,” nor is Pfizer’s vaccine dangerous just because of the company’s undeniably checkered past. All medical interventions have limitations, masking included. Pharmaceutical companies can develop life-saving drugs and engage in shady business practices at times. The public would be better served by a media class that could tolerate that sort of nuance.

Cheerleaders for censorship

Many journalists have expressed enthusiastic support for online censorship during the pandemic. A lot could be said here, but the most important point for now is that speech restrictions aimed at “misinformation superspreaders” inevitably silence reliable scientific voices, too. This often prevents experts from counteracting the nonsense that proliferates across the internet. We’re on the cusp of a very dangerous precedent. Hopefully, the campaign for social media censorship will lose momentum in the coming year.


The media often advance simplistic narratives about very complex topics. That’s troublesome because it distorts the public’s understanding of those issues, but more so because it distorts how people approach scientific questions more generally. News outlets that distort evidence to suit an agenda give everybody else the perfect excuse to do the same.

If we want a scientifically literate population that consistently checks its beliefs against the facts, we in science media have to practice what we preach.

—<Quote ends>—

I doubt if mainstream science will in any way ‘correct itself’. Its core ideology is Darwinism, and Darwinism is all about the Powerful Elite stuffing itself at the cost of everyone else, beyond the reach of the Divine Law that Darwin & company so deeply hated.

“The human mind is not designed for truth. It’s designed for survival.”

That is, it’s designed for gaining power over the Inferiors, first and last. Everything else is just so much temporary cultural posing, in the name of what’s really important, power and control over the Commoner trash.

“Power Justifies All Things.”

That’s a great concept if you’re a Marxist or a Racist or a Muslim or some other Collectivist, where people of the wrong race or belief system or nation are to be ground under the heel of the Righteous, the Ideologically Pure, the Patriot.

That’s a worthless belief system for Christians, though.

Personal, and then familial, then local and congregational, obedience to the Law-Word of Christ, upholding the word of Truth and Justice for All, THAT comes first.

Political power comes second third fourth.

Maybe fifth, depending on the circumstances.

Personal, profound obedience to God and His Will comes first.

God’s eye isn’t focused on them. They are focused on you.

Little to Fear from China

Note that all of this incompetence and corruption is AFTER an 11-year anti-corruption campaign, from the head of a totalitarian atheistic oppressive one-party state.

Americans — and the West — have little to fear from such total failures.

(I am tempted to say “nothing to fear”… but something is holding me back.

Perhaps our own corruption and delusions, stemming from our own wanna-be totalitarian atheistic one-party oppressive Woke people?)

Rather than fear the sterile and incompetent Chinese, we have everything to fear from Him who is sees – and despises – our own corruption.

We may well mock the Chinese, whose highways collapse because a heavy truck is driving off-centre.

But in a generation, will it be the same way in the West? Especially after the “Math is Racist” people get their way in the universities, the government, and the engineering and scientific societies?

We will see. But right now, things don’t look too good for us.

Repentance is necessary.

And Christians must lead the way in that, if we are ever to lead society in general.

Why People Don’t Trust Science Any More

From Uncommon Descent’s Why People Don’t Trust Science Any More

—<Quote begins>—

As we enter the new year, full of cranks, quacks, and crackpots with huge power, here is a powerful statement on why people don’t trust Big Science any more (and shouldn’t):

You’re struggling to understand why some people are vaccine hesitant, TRIGGERnometry co-host Konstantin Kisin explains.

There are restrictions on watching this at YouTube – all the more reason to watch it or subscribe to any alternative medium that hosts it.

No conspiracy theories — just an iteration of what we all know has really happened.

Yer news hack, (O’Leary for News), got wiser when they closed the churches but kept the bars open in her own city.

Government Covid police have been raising merry hay with O’Leary’s own church, with no basis in fact.

Result: Old ladies kneeling in the frozen gravel to receive the sacrament because we were locked out of the building (to “protect” us) and couldn’t even legally use the washrooms.

Something’s gotta give. Better it be government.

Science, as traditionally understood, is not at risk here. Masses of government/media science is at risk. What use is it all, really?

—<Quote ends>—

It’s this bit…

Yer news hack, (O’Leary for News), got wiser when they closed the churches but kept the bars open in her own city.

…that helps us understand that Caesar loves his friends, and hates his enemies.

Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

(Also see the playlist Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs)

North continues:

He makes the point that the schools define a successful career as a profession: law, medicine, dentistry. These are bureaucratic professions. They involve passing tests. They are profitable, because there are barriers to entry established by the state.

He is opposed to getting an MBA. He is correct. The MBA is a bureaucratic degree. It is taught by people who have not run profitable businesses. They are certified to teach, because the universities screen access. Only certified people are allowed to teach there. Rich people cannot afford to get certified.

The speaker had the gift of buying low and selling high at age 7. This is rare. But when you spot this in a child, encourage him.

Education That Works – Do You Pay Your Children an Allowance? Stop! You Are Ruining Them.
Gary North

You know I don’t like guilds.

North continues:

The problem that adults face is that they are salaried. They do not have entrepreneurial skills. So, they cannot teach them to their children. Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad is based on this theme. His high-salary father was the poor dad.

It’s a lot more fun to undercut the guild membership, and outfox them, and drive them into the mud, when you can make heaps of money by doing so.

Obeying God and earning profits and helping out thousands (or millions!)
and undercutting the tyranny-loving Establishment?

That’s the life to work for!

That’s a goal to achieve!

The Dream of Reason

From Chalcedon, The Dream of the Golden Age of Reason
[Excerpted from “The Dream of Reason,” Chalcedon Position Paper No. 13, June 1980, in An Informed Faith, vol. 3 (p. 950-955).]

By R. J. Rushdoony

—<Quote begins>—

The Platonic … ideal of a rational state has long been a dream of Western man. The French Revolution was a classic example of it: the revolutionaries debated as to what would be an ideal population for France, and then began to exterminate people to reduce France to the desired status. Unwanted peoples and classes were similarly executed. The Russian Revolution gives us the same ideal. From top to bottom, men are expendable at the altar of the ideal order. Classes are liquidated; Christianity is made the target of obliteration, and mass murders made a policy of state. … All things are to be destroyed, to make way for the “rational” and planned society. This same goal is very much with us. It is basic to the thinking of virtually every modern state. For this reason, the modern state is at total war with its peoples: they are its real enemies, who must be remade, and, if they refuse, destroyed in one way or another, economically, if not physically.

The means to the goal are twofold. The older version, as in the Soviet Union and Red China, holds to total terror as the main instrument in attaining the dream of the golden age of Reason. The more “advanced” humanists of the West have an improved version of the dream, … [T]his new model relies on the control of education, economics, and technology. In this dream, efficiency requires that the slaves of the philosopher-kings be educated to love their slavery and to regard it as freedom…

… If this sounds familiar to Americans, Canadians, and others, it is with good reason so. It is all a part of the same rationalistic dream of a scientifically planned order by philosopher-kings. These philosophers now have added science and behaviorism to their repertoire; they have moved from a rigidly planned to an existentially planning order, but their goal is the same.

Justice has now become, not the righteousness and law of God, but the law and interests of the modern and humanistic state… “Justice to them means upholding the interests of the State, not primarily guaranteeing fair play to the citizen.” This is increasingly true of every modern state.

This course of events should not surprise us. When men despise God’s law and its requirement of very severely limited civil and human powers, they will create their own dreams of order. If we deny God’s law, we will choose man’s law; if we deny God’s predestination or plan, we will substitute a man-made plan or decree of predestination. The dream of reason, a nightmare reality, will be with us as long as we deny God’s law and government.

—<Quote ends>—

When Will We Change?

So, how long will we – “we”, meaning Bible-believing Christians – deny God’s law and government?

If it were up to the solid majority of churches, the answer would be “functionally forever”.
Romans 13 and all that, you see.

‘We have no king but Caesar!
No law but Caesar’s Law,
from Caesar’s Certified Authorities.’

But God didn’t establish some Roman mystery religion cult, to provide spiritual consolation while the State did all the real work, establish what actual justice is, and both claimed and enforced its ownership of all men, all property, all liberties.

That’s the way for pagans, and run-from-reality mystics, and God-despisers of every flavour, naturalist and supernaturalist alike.

But that’s not the way for Christians.

So again, how long will Bible-believing Christians deny God’s law and government?

When the Checks Run Out (As Usual)

My guess is: until the treats from the government handouts run out. No more “free”, government-supplied health care (for the poor, or the elderly, or anyone else). No more checks for the masses, or for the corporations.

No more saviour-state.

The end of government-supported real estate will accelerate things… and not just in China, either. So would an increased, obvious inability of the State to stifle crime.

But really, it’s going to be the end of Free Stuff — no more treats to pacify the dogs — that really will wake people up.

“No more leeks and lentils? Bad Caesar! Bad Pharaoh!
No more obedience and respect for you!”

By this time, naturally, the cultural course for the grave would have been quite firmly fixed, so far as both East and West are concerned. Even if the masses mouth Christian words as the latest fashionable pose a generation from now, they will still do exactly as they please.

And why should God regard and bless mouth-service?

He won’t.

Yelling “Lord, Lord” in the flood of may waters will only hasten your drowning.

The Survivors, the Rebuilders, the Future-Shapers

That is, the men, women and children who held fast to their faith in King Jesus before the hard times came. And prepared wisely for that judgement, as did the five wise virgins.

For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.

Psalm 32:6, KIng James Version

Any independent Christian culture that survives a profound disintegration of the State will have to be strongly grounded in Divine Authority.

Not the rule of priests and churches: they will be going down with their actual, functional Lord and God, the real Source of Their Law.

When I say Divine Authority, I mean rule of the Word of God, accessible and enforceable to any man who makes the effort to consistently obey the Law of God.

A strong mind and a strong faith will be needed.

A strong community, too!

I believe that even one single faithful man may well be protected by God, if he asks for that protection and obeys the Protector (so signifying who is that man’s REAL Lord).

But as the Bible teaches, two are much better than one, three stronger still.

As for individuals, so for families.

Debts to Pay

Now is the time to prepare.

Before the Hard Times arrive in force, not leaving for decades or even a century or more.

In recent decades, God hasn’t spent much time or energy on destroying His external enemies… the Warsaw Pact being a major exception, and the Islamic State the minor one.

Mainly, He has spent the time crushing and humiliating and rendering powerless His internal enemy, the faithless church – pastor and layman alike.

But now, as these worthless servants have been ground down into the complete and total cultural irrelevance they have always sought, God can now deal with the less important enemies: in the courts and academia, the corporations and the media, the legislators and the government palaces.

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men

Matthew 5:13-16, King James Version

The savourless, tasteless salt has been properly disposed of, under the heels of contemptuous men.

But God now turns His eyes – and His fury – on the idols of those contemptuous men.

Most certainly including the tyranny they have placed their full faith in, the Rational State.

The times, they are a-changing.

And all debts will be paid in full.