It Was Inevitable: Mormon Edition

“Utah senate unanimously moves to decriminalize polygamy

The only way the sexual devolutionaries can advance their agenda and enforce its unity in society is by latching on the power of the State. Call it an old Marxist trick if you must, but that’s how you have unified individualism. Or, at least that’s how you attempt to have it. If sexuality, gender, and everything in between is a legitimate expression, then you must not have a transcendent law, otherwise you’ll be stuck; you’ll have to take a Sharpie to the whole “Thus saith the Lord” thing. If we’re supposed to be unified as a people, then you can’t allow for relativity and subjective purpose for individuals. So, what do you do? You strong-arm the Christians with the State. (It always ends in statism. . . .)

So, that’s why America fell off the bed of the truck and tumbled into the ditch. The dialectics get shuffled around a bit, and the LBGQTWHATEVER continues to insist that marriage should be between two people who love each other, all the while failing to give us an answer as to why it should be limited to two.

Dialectical Ninnyhammers And A Sexually Burned-Out Nation, by Jason Garwood

“Service to the State! Glory to…

  • the Race!
  • the Party!
  • the Sex Organ!”

God’s enemies were always laughable – if murderous – clowns. And as time goes on and the tie between Our Betters and reality frays and snaps, the mass murders are increasingly limited to just the very weakest of us, while the earned contempt grows at an increasingly logarithmic rate.

I recommend that Christians get ready to make their move, at the when Our Secularist Betters finish bankrupting and delegitimizing their One True God, the State. It will take at least two decades for them to finish the job, maybe three, but certainly less than five decades.

As they wither and die, we need to grow deep in obedience to God as we multiply in wisdom, wealth, and numbers.

A Bad King

  • The troubling legacy of Martin Luther King: Newly-revealed FBI documents portray the great civil rights leader as a sexual libertine who ‘laughed’ as a forcible rape took place. by David J. Garrow
  • King, Kennedy and Communism, by Cliff Kincaid
  • Martin Luther King Jr Plagiarism Story: by Theodore Pappa: “…he further identified that King’s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’; the ‘I Have A Dream Speech’; and his Nobel Prize lecture, also “contained significant portions taken from other sources.” Yet a liberal committee investigating the plagiarism determined in a September 1991 report “because King plagiarized only 45 percent of the first half of his dissertation and only 21 percent of the second, the thesis remains a legitimate and ‘intelligent contribution to scholarship’ about which ‘no thought should be given to the revocation of Dr. King’s doctoral degree'”.(p.103) “

Right now, none of this matters to the public, nor to academia. The chosen saint shall remain on his perch.

(For as long as it’s politically expedient to the two main branches of the Democratic Party, anyways.)

But my question isn’t “is he politically useful?”

My question is, “is he a hero to emulate?”

Only to the extent that he stood for public justice and race-blind liberty, for the rule of law to be applied equally to black as well as white.

Beyond that? Nope.

There is a common belief today that men’s private sins should not be considered in our assessment of their public lives. This public philosophy can be summarized as follows: “Cigars shared between consenting adults don’t count.” It is always applied by liberals to liberals. Sometimes it applies to conservatives, unless the sins involve money, especially Political Action Committee money taken from business. But money taken by the Democratic National Committee from agents of Communist China is like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s plagiarism: irrelevant.

There is a now-discarded phrase: “If a man will cheat on his wife, he will cheat on anyone.” That is my view. That is the way I vote, when I vote.

King was right about Rosa Parks. He was right about non-violence. But what he did to other men’s wives, and to his own wife, was unconscionable. Also unconscionable was his career-long theft of the words that he stole for public use. But the liberals who dismiss all of this are worse, for they seek to make intellectual theft and adultery seem irrelevant. They prefer to undermine the ethics of civilization for the sake of politics and race.

How Martin Luther King, Jr. Got Away With Plagiarism: Different Strokes for Different Folks. by Gary North

The liberals are happy to make intellectual theft and adultery – and homosexuality and abortion, and murder and mandatory lying – all irrelevant, as they hate the Law of God.

Conservatives don’t much care about the Law either, as seen from the days of the slave-owners to the lynchers to today’s warmongers.

And both love their thieving welfare state, with the only real question being who get to the government feeding trough first and most: academia and their social dominance projects, the corporate leaders, or the military.

And when the money is gone?

*Poof* goes the now-worthless State, the idol of our time.

Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist of the Soviet regime, or any other regime, and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.”

– George Orwell

Christians would be wise to avoid whoring themselves for power, and to disdain and loathe both the Right-wing Darwinian Enlightenment:

Service to the State! Glory to the Race!

and the Left-wing Marxist Enlightenment:

Service to the State! Power to the Party!

We have a God to serve, and His Law-Order to uphold.

As such, we will need to be good kings and priests – as defined by God, but also as recognized by the common man – and not bad ones.

And we will have to start small, in our communities and churches, our families and businesses, our neighbourhoods and social circles.

It will be tough sledding for quite a while… but, as the incoherence, the sterility, the incompetence, and the financial and moral bankruptcy of The Establishment rots their instruments of power and undermines their legitimacy, it will get easier over time.

Priests and Kings

First, a cut-in-past from my sci-fi blog on a fictional interstellar government and ruling class, then a few additional comments.

Mr Wuttke notes supply shortages of basic materials such as packaging are common for many companies. Other challenges range from 14-day quarantines for truck drivers as soon as they return home from a trip, to a myriad of new special permits required by officials across the country as they attempt to protect their fiefdoms from the virus.

“Every city has turned into a little Alamo,” he adds. “You need a lot of permits just to get things from point A to point B. It is unbelievable the challenges logistics departments are dealing with.”

Ether Yin at Trivium, a Beijing-based consultancy, says “officials are in a tough spot — they need to make sure they stop the spread of the virus in their jurisdictions. At the same time, they are under pressure to get things back to normal.”

China: an economy in quarantine by Tom Mitchell and Don Weinland in Beijing and Brendan Greeley in Washington

The Third Imperium is not nearly as controlling as the Chinese ruling dynasties: red/bloody, yellow/golden, or otherwise.

Moreover, the Imperium make no claim to “guarantee economic growth”, only to insure free trade fair measures, weights and standards; and just, predictable rulings on property and contract disputes. Since they make no promises for actively encouraging economic growth, their legitimacy is not harmed directly if there is a local recession/depression.

On the other hand, almost all Nobles prefer to have a bigger economy — and a bigger tax haul — than a smaller one. And most Nobles – Solomani and Vilani alike – treat contagious and dangerous plagues as a “non-sophont enemy” that can hurt & kill their people and their property.

Story idea: release a biological plague – or a techno-plague, like the Virus of Traveller: The New Era – on the peacetime Imperium. Observe how quickly things get hard-core feudal, and how long it will take to restore some semblance of Imperial unity in trade and transportation.

Curiosity: the Peerage is big enough that a few Nobles place something above having a bigger economy. It would be cool to get names on that group, and find out exactly what they are placing above greater wealth. Some possibilities include…

  • Race & Tribe
  • Law & Justice
  • Ritual & Tradition
  • Science
  • Stability
  • Equality/Unity/Collectivism
  • Environment
  • Occultic/Mystic

Special note: placing “Law & Justice” above wealth is somewhat incoherent, as traders and businessmen are attracted to worlds with predictable, reasonably fair justice and legal traditions, and stout protection for life, liberty, and property

A fairly similar situation occurs if “Truth & Wisdom” is placed above wealth: accurate and timely information is, in and of itself, a source of wealth. Same thing for wise actions at the right time.

It would have been interesting if these high roads of gold had more time to spread and impact the Imperial Aristocracy. But it was decided that 1116 years was enough time: and in every life – collective and individual – Judgement Day comes.

So the Imperium was placed on the balances… and found wanting.

End quote.

Now, on to my additional comments:

God expects His people — all of His people, to a greater or lesser extent — to naturally rise to be priests and kings. Not by shooting people or controlling their lives or voice or property, as we are not Marxists or Collectivists. We are to rise by high-level service to others, following the example of Jesus Christ.

As such, we would be wise – and obedient to God – if we remember the importance of Law and Justice in the eyes of God, and as defined by God. Same deal for Truth and Wisdom.

Regardless of what some craven preacher-man says, God does not wish His people, who carry His name, to forever be the tail being wagged by some God-hating dog.

We are to be the head, and lead the nations in the ways of truth, justice, prosperity, and peace. We are to do what Jesus told us to do: obey God, and expand the Kingdom of God to include all nations. Soul-saving is the start, but not the end: the redemption of nations, knowledge, sciences, economies, races, everything on this world, is the goal.

It will help greatly if we got rid of the craven preacher-men, by the way.

Such pervasive hindrances to the Kingdom of God… such man-centred, contemptuous hatred of God’s Law and Commandments… must receive the wages they have earned.

And if we don’t kick them out, God will. In a way that will be effective, but will also have more unpleasant side effects on the laymen, than if we got up and did it ourselves.

Purge the pulpits. Ditch the traitors. Fire the worthless servants.

Build the Kingdom of God.

The Wrong Sort of Scholarship, the Wrong Sort of Truth

Travel was circumscribed in the medieval era, but it did take place. Also, there was a common language of scholarship that unified all of Western Europe: Latin. An investigator who made a discovery could transmit this information to other scientists by letter. There was continual scientific discovery during the Middle Ages. There was a systematic development of theoretical physics. This was not known until it was discovered by Pierre Duhem. It was not known by historians until the mostly posthumous publication of his ten-volume work, Le Système du Monde (1913–1959). He died in 1916. The first five volumes appeared in 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, and 1917. Humanists in France’s academic guild kept the next five volumes from being published until 1954. It took his daughter’s threat of a lawsuit against his publisher to get the long-suppressed manuscripts into print. This is one of the most flagrant cases of academic suppression in history.

Chapter 38: Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks in Christian Economics: Scholar, by Gary North

You won’t find a mention of this outrage in Pierre Duhem’s listing in Wikipedia or in Encyclopedia Britannia.

(“What’s that?” asked the young man in the audience.)

I wonder what Our Betters are suppressing today.

Three Birds in Babylon

A rather popular group, in various reconstructionist circles. Nicely lyrical, with a certain rap-like twang.

Rather different than Bojidar Marinov’s heavy metal, or North’s bluegrass tastes.

Me? Oh, I’m far more pedestrian, mainly instrumentals (including movie themes), popular music from my 80s childhood, late 20th century New Agey stuff.

I do regret that I never truly appreciated classical music, though.

Some country music does stick in my head, though.

The Law of God vs. Bureaucratic Regulations

The whole of the chapter is worth reading, but I want to zero in on the fundamental lawlessness of the regulatory state.

(After quoting Exodus 21:28-34)

The penalties here are different. In the first case, the owner of the ox gets off lightly: the loss of his ox. The ox is brought under public judgment. There is no other payment. In contrast, the penalty is far greater if the owner knew that the ox was dangerous. This knowledge increased his responsibility. He is at risk of his life or a penalty payment comparable to his execution. The threat of the negative judicial sanction encourages him to find ways to restrain the ox if he does not kill it and eat it. This is a high-risk beast. Biblical law pressures the owner to act responsibly in order to protect potential victims.

It is important to understand that this law does not authorize the creation of a mandatory program of ox inspection by state officials. God deems it sufficient that the owner is warned of the threat to him if he allows the ox to move without restraint. The owner has the responsibility of deciding which form of restraint is appropriate. If the beast kills someone, then judges in a court decide retroactively what would have been appropriate. This law identifies the locations of judicial sovereignty. Before the event, it lodges with the owner. After the event, it lodges with the court. It is a misunderstanding of biblical law to lodge this authority with a bureaucratic agency prior to the event.

This principle of interpretation applies to another case law. “If fire breaks out and catches in thorns so that the stacked grain or the standing grain or the field is consumed, he who started the fire shall make full restitution” (Exodus 22:5–6). The person who possesses the greatest knowledge of cause and effects of fire in a field is made responsible for these effects. This person is the owner of the field. The biblical judicial principle is clear: ownership establishes legal responsibility. Ownership establishes lawful control over property. Control establishes legal responsibility.


Biblical law establishes a link between knowledge and responsibility.

Chapter 37: Regulation, in Christian Economics: Scholar’s Edition by Gary North

Today’s explicitly anti-Christian, secularist state works hard to strip men of freedom and responsibility, and give it to itself, in the name of a bogus safety.

Such slavery is not good enough for Christian men, or Christian cultures.

Now, what should happen is that middle, upper-middle, and working class Christians vote to break their chains, and take responsibility for themselves… and therefore, liberty for themselves.

But, as they lack faith in the invisible Creator, and have a deep fear (and thus, a worshipful) attitude to the secularist welfare state, they are going to play the broken Hebrew slave, in the name of peace and safety and government checks.

So instead, the Total State is going to bust its budget unexpectedly — again — and Christians are going to be unexpectedly thrown out of the “Submission to Master means Protection by Master” mindtrap.

Christians will have to rapidly learn to take responsibility for their own lives without any preparation or warning whatsoever.

Most Christians, anyways.

I hope that my readers will prepare themselves, and use this knowledge to ready themselves for a leadership position as they take charge of a rabble of broken-back believers, still wailing for the leeks and onions of Egypt, and bleating about how hard God is on them.

Time to grow up.