The Price of Disbanding the Police

If you are going to disband the police, you had better have something better set up to replace them before you actually break them up.

In New York City, there is real trouble brewing due to just breaking their units up and cutting their funding… and replacing all that with nothing.

From Law Enforcement Today: As crime explodes in New York City, the NYPD Commissioner admits: “Our criminal justice system is imploding”

For a little bonus, you can see North’s version, here.

Lesson? Count the cost.

“You can’t fight something with nothing.”

…to Pursue the Serious Study of Scripture

Serious Bible Men

For those readers who truly wish to pursue the serious study of Scripture, I suggest the following as an absolutely necessary first step: Pack all your books on hermeneutics in a trunk until you have read Laurence Perrine, Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, sixth ed., 1982), and John Ciardi and Miller Williams, How Does a Poem Mean (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., second ed., 1975). More courageous souls may wish to continue further with two books by Northrop Frye: Anatomy of Criticism (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1957) and (with caution) The Great Code: The Bible and Literature (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982).

David Chilton, The Days of Vengeance
Page 34, footnote 78.

Now, that’s an interesting set of recommendations for a Calvinist!

I think we should take him up on it.

Writing in Code

From Chilton’s The Days of Vengeance, page 35

For example, the symbolic number 666 (Rev. 13:18) clearly refers to Nero Caesar; but if St. John had merely intended that his readers should understand “Nero Caesar,” he would have written “Nero Caesar,” not “666.” 79

and the footnote:

79. The idea that he wrote it in “code” because he was afraid of being arrested for treason is obviously false: The prophets were not timid men; and anyway, the Book of Revelation is “treasonous” long before St. John gets around to talking about Nero. Christians could be killed for saying simply what St. John says in Chapter 1 – that Jesus Christ is “the Ruler of the kings of the earth.”

Let’s see how long it takes, for the regular Western, seminiary-trained pastor to have the spine that the sweetest & gentlest of the gospel writers had.

Hint: expect a long wait. At best.

“Intellectual Freedom? No University Needs THAT!”

A copy-paste from Uncommon Descent’s Do universities still need intellectual freedom? Why?

—<Quote On>—

ID folk, Michael Egnor says, know how to survive Cancel Culture while doing meaningful work. Now the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis has intensified everything for everyone else. Can we help them understand?:

Perhaps the most terrifying characteristic of this collapse is the precipitous loss of ordinary civility and ordinary conventions of interpersonal conduct. Diversity of opinion is not tolerated, and dissenters from the mob are routinely hounded out of their jobs. Groupthink is mandatory in many sectors of our society, particularly (ironically) in academia. Simply to speak up to question orthodoxy is to invite professional and even personal ruin. It is undeniable that there is a totalitarian flavor to this forced orthodoxy.

For those of us in the intelligent design movement, this is not new. This emerging Orwellian society is just a grand version of the Orwellian science we ID folks have been dealing with for the past couple of decades. In science, and especially in evolutionary biology, there has been a progressive loss of ordinary civility and ordinary conventions of scientific conduct. Challenging Darwinian groupthink in the biology community — merely asking questions about the adequacy of Darwinian theory to explain all of life — is professional suicide. Diversity of scientific opinion is not tolerated, and dissenters from the Darwinian mob have been hounded out of their jobs. Simply to speak up to question Darwinian orthodoxy is to invite professional and personal ruin — subjecting Darwinian orthodoxy to an objective discussion of the evidence is unthinkable in most public schools — and scientists — professional colleagues who should be devoted to academic freedom and open discussion — will testify that you should be silenced by legal force.

Michael Egnor, “A Note from the Canaries” at Evolution News and Science Today

Of course Darwinians want legal force! At this point, their diktats have little relevance to nature.

Tenured Darwinian mediocrities now flourish best when doubt is forbidden and punished. Intellectual freedom is to them what bleach is to microbes. Can’t have too little of it.

Egnor goes on to stress the importance of recommitment to intellectual freedom and he is right.

But there is another dimension that we may not have examined and I (O’Leary for News) would welcome a discussion of it:

At one time, a university education was a prized opportunity to be part of an intellectual elite. Academic freedom was a club rule because it served well in the days when Einstein and Bohr, to name just two, provided us with a much better understanding of physics by overturning all that we thought we knew in certain areas. One could multiply examples.

To end various types of discrimination, we decided to make university education available to a much larger group of people. Overall, the results have been good. Surely no one would want to go back.

But a difficulty has arisen: Once university education becomes a simple requirement to hold down a job somewhere, intellectual freedom wanes as an important commitment.

For example, the dull, union-protected science teacher just wants to bark Darwin in peace. He is glad for a court judgement that creates a legal obligation to bark at his class in peace. Intellectual challenges have always frightened him and he has now acquired a right not to be challenged. Count on it, he’ll be out on the barricades to protect that right.

And he honestly believes he is advancing science…

Sure, it works for him. But for the history of ideas, not so much. Protecting intellectual freedom is protecting our future as a civilization based on ideas. One must choose.

—<Quote Off>—

By and large, colleges and universities are simply tax-supported temples and cathedrals, preaching Official State Doctrine. The high holy places of the Right Sort.

And the more State Protection they get from the filthy masses with their disgusting, subversive ideas, the more solid their doom.

But they don’t really care too much, no more than the (long-dead) Official Christian Churches in Europe care. Just so long as Job Security, coupled with an Official Consensus, is there to ensure steady income and zero challenges.

Leave the Secularists to join the complete irrelevance of the first wave of Christ-haters, the mainstream denominations (and their seminaries, and their colleges and universities). Let all of the above cry out to their Lord and Saviour, the State, when the money’s gone for good.

God’s People have work to do and a future to build.

And their own rewards to earn, serving God and ordinary men. As opposed to getting on the State’s payroll, serving the Right Sort.

Love of History, Hatred of History

A Love of History, Truth, Knowledge, and Logic: A Demonstration

A quotation from The Days of Vengeance, by David Chilton, with some of my commentary in square brackets, [like so].

Footnotes included!

There are several Biblical indications that St. John was a priest, and even came from the high priest’s family.[1] His name was probably common in that family (cf. Acts 4:6; contrast Luke 1:61). St. John himself tells us of his close relationship to the high priest: On account of this he was able, on an extremely sensitive occasion, to gain access into the high priest’s Court, using his influence with the guard to achieve entry for St. Peter as well (John 18:15-16). Moreover, numerous references in both the Gospel and Revelation reveal their author’s unusual familiarity with the details of Temple services. As Alfred Edersheim observed, “the other New Testament writers refer to them in their narratives, or else explain their types, in such language as any well-informed worshipper at Jerusalem might have employed. But John writes not like an ordinary Israelite. He has eyes and ears for details which others would have left unnoticed….

[Well, they never taught me this in Bible school: as a boy, or as a man! John being a priest changes quite a bit about how I view him.]

“Indeed, the Apocalypse, as a whole, may be likened to the Temple services in its mingling of prophetic services with worship and praise. But it is specially remarkable, that the Temple-references with which the Book of Revelation abounds are generally to minutiae, which a writer who had not been as familiar with such details, as only personal contact and engagement with them could have rendered him, would scarcely have even noticed, certainly not employed as part of his imagery. They come in naturally, spontaneously, and so unexpectedly, that the reader is occasionally in danger of overlooking them altogether; and in language such as a professional man would employ, which would come to him from the previous exercise of his calling. Indeed, some of the most striking of these references could not have been understood at all without the professional treatises of the Rabbis on the Temple and its services. Only the studied minuteness of Rabbinical descriptions, derived from the tradition of eye-witnesses, does not leave the same impression as the unstudied illustrations of St. John.”[2]

[Details matter, to John, and to God.

Not so much to all those “The Rapture is coming” fakers, who have no idea what they are talking about. Where John is coming from is much less important than tying the latest End of the World book to the latest news headlines, and getting those fat sales figures/web-clicks….

All those failed prophecies, all those defeated, confused, discouraged, and dispirited Christians, and no immediate consequences on the heads of most of these false prophets.

Fakers who have inflicted far more damage to the Christian Faith than the atheists and the secularist have done, by the way.]

“It seems highly improbable that a book so full of liturgical allusions as the Book of Revelation – and these, many of them, not to great or important points, but to minutiae – could have been written by any other than a priest, and one who had at one time been in actual service in the Temple itself, and thus become so intimately conversant with its details, that they came to him naturally, as part of the imagery he employed.”[3]

[As always, you write about what you know.]

In this connection Edersheim brings up a point that is more important for our interpretation than the issue of Revelation’s human authorship (for ultimately [see 1:1] it is Jesus Christ’s Revelation). St. John’s intimate acquaintance with the minute details of Temple worship suggests that “the Book of Revelation and the Fourth Gospel must have been written before the Temple services had actually ceased.”[4] Although some scholars have uncritically accepted the statement of St. Irenaeus (A.D. 120-202) that the prophecy appeared “toward the end of Domitian’s reign” (i.e., around A.D. 96),[5] there is considerable room for doubt about his precise meaning (he may have meant that the Apostle John himself “was seen” by others). [6] The language of St. Irenaeus is somewhat ambiguous; and, regardless of what he was talking about, he could have been mistaken.[7] (St. Irenaeus, incidentally, is the only source for this late dating of Revelation; all other “sources” are simply quoting from him. It is thus rather disingenuous for commentators to claim, as Swete does,that “Early Christian tradition is almost unanimous in assigning the Apocalypse to the last years of Domitian.”)[8] Certainly, there are other early writers whose statements indicate that St. John wrote the Revelation much earlier, under Nero’s persecution.[9]

[You see, that’s how real scholars work. You actually chase down all those “sources”, right back to the original source… exactly ONE original source, in this case.]

A good deal of the modern presumption in favor of a Domitianic date is based on the belief that a great, sustained period of persecution and slaughter of Christians was carried on under his rule. This belief, as cherished as it is, does not seem to be based on any hard evidence at all. While there is no doubt that Domitian was a cruel and wicked tyrant (I come to bury a myth about Caesar, not to praise him), until the fifth century there is no mention in any historian of a supposedly widespread persecution of Christians by his government. It is true that he did temporarily banish some Christians; but these were eventually recalled. Robinson remarks: “When this limited and selective purge, in which no Christian was for certain put to death, is compared with the massacre of Christians under Nero in what two early and entirely independent witnesses speak of as ‘immense multitudes,’[10] it is astonishing that commentators should have been led by Irenaeus, who himself does not even mention a persecution, to prefer a Domitianic context for the book of Revelation.”[11]

[Rome was no friend to Christians.

But if Rome didn’t persecute you at a particular time, then they didn’t do the crime. At least not during the rule of Domitian: a repulsive Emperor, but NOT a hardened enemy of Christians per se.

A criminal who steals and kidnaps and defrauds may be punished for his theft and fraud, and even executed for his man-stealing… but may not be executed for murder. You may not punish (or slander!) even an evil man for a crime he did not commit.]

Our safest course, therefore, must be to study the Revelation itself to see what internal evidence it presents regarding its date. As we will see throughout the commentary, the Book of Revelation is primarily a prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. This fact alone places St. John’s authorship somewhere before September of A.D. 70. Further, as we shall see, St. John speaks of Nero Caesar as still on the throne – and Nero died in June 68.

[This is the core of the Book of Revelation: the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the end of the Old Covenant.

Not whoever is the leader of China or Russia or America, or any world power.

Not outer space.
(“There. I said it!”)

Not some future clash of tanks in Syria, or some big-A Antichrist World Leader that will rise up any moment now.
(“Any minute now… any minute….”) ]

More important than any of this, however, we have a priori teaching from Scripture itself that all special revelation ended by A.D. 70. The angel Gabriel told Daniel that the “seventy weeks” were to end with the destruction of Jerusalem (Dan. 9:24-27); and that period would also serve to “seal up the vision and prophecy” (Dan. 9:24). In other words, special revelation would stop – be “sealed up” – by the time Jerusalem was destroyed. The Canon of Holy Scripture was entirely completed before Jerusalem fell.[12] St. Athanasius interpreted Gabriel’s words in the same way: “When did prophet and vision cease from Israel? Was it not when Christ came, the Holy One of holies? It is, in fact, a sign and notable proof of the coming of the Word that Jerusalem no longer stands, neither is prophet raised up nor vision revealed among them. And it is natural that it should be so, for when He that was signified had come, what need was there any longer of any to signify Him? And when the Truth had come, what further need was there of the shadow? On His account only they prophesied continually, until such time as Essential Righteousness had come, Who was made the Ransom for the sins of all. For the same reason Jerusalem stood until the same time, in order that there men might premediate the types before the Truth was known. So, of course, once the Holy One of holies had come, both vision and prophecy were sealed. And the kingdom of Jerusalem ceased at the same time, because kings were to be anointed among them only until the Holy of holies had been anointed….

“The plain fact is, as I say, that there is no longer any king or prophet nor Jerusalem nor sacrifice nor vision among them; yet the whole earth is filled with the knowledge of God,[13] and the Gentiles, forsaking atheism, are now taking refuge with the God of Abraham through the Word, our Lord Jesus Christ.”[14]

[This is the future trend that matters: the expansion of the Gospel and the Kingdom of Christ, in converts AND in national submission to His Law-Word.

Justice – as defined by God, not powerful men – brings prosperity and robust health, individually and collectively.

But injustice – again, as defined by God – brings poverty and misery, individually and collectively.]

The death, resurrection and ascension of Christ marked the end of the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New; the apostles were commissioned to deliver Christ’s message in the form of the New Testament; and when they were finished, God sent the Edomites and the Roman armies to destroy utterly the last remaining symbols of the Old Covenant: the Temple and the Holy City. This fact alone is sufficient to establish the writing of the Revelation as taking place before A.D. 70. The book itself gives abundant testimony regarding its date; but, even more, the nature of the New Testament as God’s Final Word tells us this. Christ’s death at the hands of the apostate children of Israel sealed their fate: The Kingdom would be taken from them (Matt. 21:33-43). While wrath built up “to the utmost” (1 Thess. 2:16), God stayed His hand of judgment until the writing of the New Covenant document was accomplished. With that done, He dramatically terminated the kingdom of Israel, wiping out the persecuting generation (Matt. 23:34-36; 24:34; Luke 11:49-50. Jerusalem’s destruction was the last blast of the trumpet, signalling that the “mystery of God” was finished (Rev. 10:7). There would be no further canonical writings once Israel was gone.

[1] This is, to some extent, substantiated in the tradition recorded in Eusebius that as Bishop of Ephesus St. John “was a priest, and wore the sacerdotal plate” – i.e., the petalon, insignia of the high priest worn on the forehead (Ecclesiastical History, v.xxiv). It is likely, of course, that St. John and the other “ministers of the New Covenant” wore a distinctive “uniform” corresponding to their official status, and it is possible that their garments and “badge of office” were similar to those worn by the Israelite priesthood.

[2] Alfred Edersheim, The Temple: Its Ministry and Services as They Were at the Time of Christ (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1980), pp. 14lf.

[3] Ibid., p. 142.

[4] Ibid., p. 141.

[5] St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies,; Quoted by Eusebius in his Ecclesiastical History, iiLxviiL2-3; v.viii.6.

[6] See Arthur Stapylton Barnes, Christianity at Rome in the Apostolic Age (London: Methuen Publishers, 1938), pp. 167ff.

[7] See the discussion in John A. T. Robinson, Redating the New Testament (Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1976), pp. 221ff.

[8] H. B. Swete, Commentary on Revelation (Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, [1911)1977), p. xcix.

[9] See the detailed discussion in Moses Stuart, Commentary on the Apocalypse (Andover: Allen, Morrill and Wardwell, 1845), Vol. I, pp. 263-84; see also James M. MacDonald, The Life and Writings of St. John (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1877), pp. 151-77.

[10] Robinson has in mind the statements of the Christian pastor St. Clement (I Clement 6) and the heathen historian Tacitus (Annals xv.44).

[11] Robinson, p. 233; cr. pp. 236ff.

[12] While he does not base his case on theological considerations, this is J. A. T. Robinson’s thesis in Redating the New Testament. He arrives at this conclusion through a careful study of both the internal and external evidence regarding each New Testament book. Support from archeological findings for an early New Testament is presented in David Estrada and William White Jr., The First New Testament (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1978). See also Ernest L. Martin, The Original Bible Restored (Pasadena: Foundation for Biblical Research, 1984), for his interesting thesis that the New Testament was canonized by St. Peter and St. John.

[13] St. Athanasius, the “patron saint of postmillennialism,” thus applies the “millennial” promise of Isaiah 11:9 to the triumphs of the New Covenant era.

[14] St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation, Sister Penelope Lawson, Trans. (New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., 1946), pp. 61ff. Rousas John Rushdoony makes the same point in his exposition of Dan. 9:24: “‘Vision and prophet’ will be sealed up or ended, the New Testament revelation of Christ summing up and concluding the Scriptures.” Thy Kingdom Come: Studies in Daniel and Revelation (Tyler, TX: Thoburn Press, 119701 1978), p. 66.

A Hatred of History, Truth, Knowledge, and Logic: A Demonstration

In contrast, let’s examine the Enlightened viewpoint of Our Masters:

The educrats who run this country’s schools are systematic in their hatred of history. They do not want students educated in history, and especially not in the history of Western civilization. They want to cut off the present generation of students from any understanding of the heritage of liberty that came in the West, and only in the West.

We are seeing the results of this outlook in the riots. This outlook is not new. It was dominant among the public school establishment 100 years ago. But it has taken a century for them to persuade teachers and the general public that students can do without an understanding of Western history.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a world history course. I did well in it. I had a knack for history. It has taken half a century for the educational establishment to get world history, and especially Western history, out of the curriculum.

I am convinced that we are seeing in the streets of this country the effects of the war against Western civilization. These rioters are nihilists. They are doing their best to overturn the tradition of Western liberty. They have no understanding of the past. They have no understanding of the legacy of liberty that has been delivered to them. They have never studied the history of the West. They have no respect for this legacy. They have been taught that it is an evil legacy. They have taken to the streets in the name of destroying this legacy.

This cannot be dealt with by means of a reform of tax-funded education. The use of coercion in establishing the public schools was, from the beginning, illegitimate. The fruits of that illegitimate use of power are now becoming visible. But the average American doesn’t understand this. He is the product of that school system. The parents are as ignorant of Western civilization as the rioting children are. The battle was lost in the 1830’s in Massachusetts. That is to say, the defenders of Western civilization have been on the defensive ever since then.

Until parents pull their children out of these indoctrination centers, we are going to be subjected to waves of violence against the West. These waves are intermittent. They don’t last for long, but they keep coming back. They are going to keep coming back until there is an alternative educational system that studies the principles of Western liberty and the application of these principles for 3500 years.

Public School History Curriculum: No Moses, Jesus, or Muhammed, by Gary North

North not only points out the problem: he also has a solution.
(See the article for details.)

“By their fruits ye shall know them.”

The Police and their “Qualified Immunity”

From New Colorado Police Reform Ends Cops’ Qualified Immunity and Sidesteps Federal Courts by Ryan McMaken

—<Quote On>—

The governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, signed new legislation on Friday, which immediately puts into effect a wide variety of new reforms regulating the state’s police agencies. These include a number of provisions related to the use of force, body-cam recordings, and qualified immunity for police officers.

Specifically, the bill states:

  • All local and state police officers must wear body cameras by 2023.
  • Body camera footage must be made public (with the exception of footage the violates the privacy of victims and other non-police officers shown in footage.)
  • Chokeholds are prohibited.
  • Shooting at fleeing suspects is prohibited.
  • Deadly force can only be used if a person’s life is in imminent danger
  • Police must report every instance in which they stop someone who they suspect of a crime; they must also include that person’s race, gender, and ethnicity. Police reports must also include information on if the officer’s weapon is unholstered or discharged.
  • Police must report other officers for wrongdoing
  • Officers can be held personally liable for damages up to $25,000 if they are found guilty of violating an individual’s civil rights
  • Officers convicted of unlawful physical force shall has his “peace officer certification” permanently revoked which “shall not under any circumstances” be reinstated. An officer who fails to intervene to end or prevent unlawful use of force shall also have his certification revoked.

Perhaps most significant is the section of the legislation eliminating qualified immunity as a defense for police officers accused of violating an alleged victim’s human rights. (Writers here at the Mises Institute have called for the abolition of qualified immunity, among other reforms, as an critical means of reining in runaway government police power.)

Specifically, if a police officer “causes…the deprivation” of another person’s rights under the Colorado Bill of Rights, then the police officer is “liable to the injured party for legal of equitable relief of any other appropriate relief. Moreover, “qualified immunity is not a defense to liability ….”

—<Quote Off>—

This is important: tyrants can’t operate, if they are held to be accountable by the law for their actions.

But I wonder: who placed the police above the law in the first place, completely free from any accountability for their actions?

—<Quote On>—

What is also of special interest here is how the state legislature sought to do an end run around the federal court system. This new reform works to decentralize legal methods of suing police officers for abuse out side the usual federal “civil rights” system.

This was necessary because nearly forty years ago federal judges intervened to hand law enforcement officers far greater protections in federal court than had previously been the case. As Christ Calton has noted:

Prior to the case Harlow v. Gitzgerald in 1982, qualified immunity was essentially “good faith” immunity; as long as officials believed “in good faith” that their actions were legal, they were protected from lawsuits. Harlow rejected the good-faith clause—which depended on the subjective evaluation of the officer—so that the only “qualification” for qualified immunity was that no “clearly established” law was violated. At face value, the subjectivity of the good-faith clause appears to provide an open-ended defense for police abuses, but by eliminating this condition, police officers actually gained even more immunity from liability.

In practice this meant police officers were immune from liability in nearly all cases. Federal courts have ruled that it is almost never “clearly established” that a police officer is being abuse at any given time.

As is so often the case, the US Supreme Court invented this new principle out thin air based apparently on little more than the personal whims of the court’s voting majority.1 Congress had never provided such sweeping protections to police officers, and it’s unlikely any state legislature did either. However, the court’s ruling made it clear that from then on, it would become exceptionally difficult to establish a police officer’s personal liability in abuse cases in federal court.

—-<Quote Off>—

One grows weary of the tyrannical and ham-fisted controlling nature of the US Supreme Court.

Until their jurisdiction is broken, though, expect more arbitrary nonsense by people who can never be held personally accountable for their actions.

At least, so far as the US legal system is concerned.

The Myth of the Irish Slave

Directly copy-pasted from Lamb’s Reign. My comments after the post.

From The Myth of the Irish Slave by John Reasnor

—<Quote Begins>—


Lately, this image has been shared all over social media along with a long historical explanation. The photo, allegedly, shows early 15th-century Irish slaves who were sold to English settlers in the Caribbean.  

Here are a few tips before we consider this post. 

First of all, don’t trust social media posts from a random guy online. Second, ask for citations and sources. Third, the first recorded photograph was taken in the early 19th-century. Unless someone took a time machine back a few hundred years, this photo could not be of 15th-century Irish slaves. If that is not a red flag, I’m not sure what is. Though the exact origins of this photo are unknown, it’s likely an early 20th-century photo of Italian miners in a Belgium mine. These workers, though probably working in inhumane conditions, were not slaves.  

Though the Irish, and virtually all more impoverished peoples, experienced difficult indentured servitude and inhuman working conditions, the difficulties of Industrial Revolution labor was shared by every ethnicity. There was no race-based slavery or hereditary slavery of the Irish. 

Indentured servitude was often a brutal and abusive system. This system contractually obligated the servant to work without pay in exchange for some benefit. Usually, this benefit was passage to the Americas or some other benefit such as room and board or a large loan. While the Irish servants of the Caribbean certainly were subjected to severe brutality, their servitude was contractual. In other words, they agreed to the servitude. I’ll also readily admit that, at times, indentured servitude could become de facto slavery. The key difference is that when indentured servitude became de facto slavery, it was an abuse of the system. And even then, there was hope. For the African slave trade, slavery was the system and the system was abusive in its very nature.

Even the abused and mistreated Irish servants had legal recourse. The Irish could go to the law and the courts for complaints and the law recognized their fundamental human rights. Though I’m confident that the poor had an uphill legal battle against their abusive economic betters, the fact that a legal way of making complaints and pressing charges existed for them places them in an entirely different category from African slaves. 

Irish and poor servants either had a set date of freedom or a set amount of money to pay off. They regularly paid off their debt and earned their freedom. 

Contrasting their situation with African slaves, slaves were not legally seen as humans. They were treated as property, not servants. Unlike indentured servants, they never agreed to their servitude. They had no legal recourse, could not press charges or file complaints, could be forcibly bred like animals, could not earn their freedom, and their children were also enslaved. 

Lastly, their dehumanization was racially based. Though all peoples have been mistreated at various times and although inhumane and dangerous labor practices were the norm for the vast majority of human history, it is either ignorance or outright deception to compare the plight of poor white people to the dehumanizing slavery of Africans during the Transatlantic slave trade. It is also true that the Irish were enslaved along with all other peoples during the early Middle Ages and during Antiquity. However, please note, that this myth being shared by bona fide white supremist groups is not making the argument that slavery has existed at some point in time everywhere. It is specifically obfuscating 15th through 20th-century indentured servitude into something that it’s not. It is specifically equating the indentured servitude of whites with the racial based and hereditary slavery of Africans.

Speaking of deception, it is no coincidence that this falsified meme of “Irish Slavery” is making the rounds again. It is not a mistake that amid our nation dealing with racial injustice against African Americans that some have made attempts to “level the playing field” by creating and sharing lies about history. The spreading of the “Irish Slavery Myth” is political. 

The pseudo-historical post being shared around concludes with this line.

“But, if anyone, black or white, believes that slavery was only an African experience, then they’ve got it completely wrong.

Irish slavery is a subject worth remembering, not erasing from our memories.”

With this closing, those who create and share such fabrications show their hand. The Transatlantic slave trade was a distinctly African experience. Though much could be said about the abuses in the indentured servitude system, conflating what the Irish experienced with what the Africans went through is not only a lie, it’s a politically charged lie designed to justify and minimize the sin of chattel slavery and racism. 

Christians must uphold truth, and white Christians are only showing self-interest, political partiality, and their ignorance when memes such as this are shared. We should do a lot better. 

See here for more information and an extensive five-part analysis of this myth from an Irish historian.

See here for more information about American Chattel Slavery.

—<Quote Ends>—

Unfortunately, I am confident that only a minority of white Christians will stand with the truth, instead of standing with politically-expedient posturing.

Those Christians who know better, and refuse to do better, earn greater damnation than those Pagans who never knew the Commandments in the first place.

Much like after the destruction of the Temple by Rome 2000 years ago, I am expecting great things from those few white Christians who turn away from the idols of power and safety.

But again, I fear that most will prefer to stand with their idols, and fall with those idols.

A grim loss: but people are free to choose death. I can preach and pound the table: but at the end of the day, I can’t stop them. Moreover, it’s not my right: I was never chosen to be any kind of governor or judge by anyone.

After a while, what can you do but shrug, and walk away?

But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house:

For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.

And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.

And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

Luke 16: 25-31, King James Version

Of course, I believe in the final judgement of the afterlife….

…but I also believe in preliminary judgements, that occur on earth for all to see.

The meek before God are going to inherit the land – eventually, all of it – in time and on earth. It will take some time, but it will be done.

And the wicked – even the wicked who clothe themselves with the Bible and church garments – will be stripped of all they have, even in time and on earth.

If it were no so, then why is the Christian Church in America so weak, if it is not due to unconfessed sin and arrogance and pride?

God is just: therefore, the increasingly irrelevance of American Christians is earned.

“Over time, the good guys win. And the bad guys lose.”

“And the wicked who claim to speak for God lose first.”

A Bit More on the L.A. Mini-Pogrom

Not long after the first riots linked to the death of George Floyd had erupted, I realized a fact that hadn’t been emphasized at all in most media: How huge swaths of major cities had been destroyed by rioters.

It took the New York Post’s video on the wreck that was downtown Manhattan — block after block after block of broken glass and boarded-up storefronts — (plywood and board-up companies are making a killing these days) for me to see a side of the protests that most media weren’t showing us.

Out on the Left Coast, the ruin was similar. The Oregonian called riot-plagued Portland “a city of plywood.”

Since then, images have emerged of a darker narrative, with rioters targeting Jewish businesses. Israeli newspapers ran with this angle this past Saturday, but by the end of the day, there was nothing about the Jewish vandalism to be found on the New York Times website. Usually the Times is pretty up on anti-Semitism, but it was easier to find a piece about Anna Wintour than any mentions of vandalized Jews.

So now we’re avoiding news about anti-Semitism in these riots urging diversity? American Jewish media have been on this for some weeks. The Forward ran this on June 1:

(Local businessman Jonathan) Friedman said he believes Jewish businesses were targeted specifically. “All Jewish businesses and temples in the area were either broken into or had graffiti tagged on their walls. I understand the demonstrators’ frustration, but we have nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd.”

Do read that story, as it’s heartrending, especially the part about the Iranian Jewish immigrant whose jewelry store was completely ransacked. Insurance won’t cover much of the loss, so he’s ruined.

Arutz Sheva, an Israeli TV network, covered the riots with this video.


Now, where’s the mainstream press on this obvious religious targeting? I haven’t seen a thing about this in the Los Angeles Times, not to mention other media. Have you?

Jewish businesses in Los Angeles ransacked in riots, but only Israeli and Jewish media care by Julia Duin

There are going to be an unpredictable set of consequences for all this.

It’s Kristallnacht, the pogrom on Nov. 9-10, 1938, in German and Austrian cities where more than 1,400 synagogues were torched and thousands of Jewish businesses destroyed. The name comes from all the glass that lay on the pavement after Nazi thugs destroyed storefronts. Sound familiar?

With statues being pulled down these days by whoever can gather enough people and some rope, people are realizing the police may not be there for them. One thing that’s spiking is gun sales. Last month, there was an 80% increase in gun sales compared to May 2019.

This Tampa Bay Tribune piece reveals how deep the fear of anarchy is right now — with a devastated economy and street riots.

Perhaps media are ignoring this because they didn’t see anti-Jewish mobs march on heavily Orthodox neighborhoods like Crown Heights in Brooklyn. Was the damage and graffiti in Los Angeles, as one tweeter put it, “just BLM boilerplate about solidarity with Palestinians?”

The Israeli newspapers clearly didn’t think so. The rabbi in the above video with this blog post points to anti-Semitic roots in elements of the #BlackLivesMatter organization, itself. There are documents out there to examine and people debating them.

Jewish businesses in Los Angeles ransacked in riots, but only Israeli and Jewish media care by Julia Duin

I think Black Lives Matter will succeed in defunding many police forces… especially as the Depression deepens, and city & state governments (who have no printing press) deeply cut budgets.

And what happens after the police are gone?

Police have too much power, because politicians have too much power. There is little chance that the George Floyd protests and riots will reverse the criminalization of daily life. How many “Defund the Police” activists are also calling for a radical rollback of politicians’ prerogatives to punish almost any activity they disapprove? There will be some reforms and plenty of promises, but as long as cops have pretexts to harass and assail millions of peaceful Americans every day, the outrages will not end. Until protestors realize that the problem is Leviathan, not the local police chief, oppression will continue.

Repealing Useless and Abusive Laws Might Do More Good Than “Defunding” the Police by James Bovard

If conservatives took the need to restrict police powers seriously, quite a lot of the outrages Black Americans suffer would diminish: and with it, a lot of rage.

But there is zero interest among conservatives (or liberals… or even BLM!) to restrict and diminish police power per se.

Just a drive to get that power in Trustworthy Hands.

Expect more pain and outrage. And perhaps one day, a change of oppressor in various neighbourhoods.

We agree on this:

The solution to mismanaged riots in the blue state cities and juvenile stunts like the six-block Autonomous Zone in Seattle is Federalism. That is, law enforcement is a state and local function that should never have been elevated to the federal level in the first place.

We should get rid of the FBI, DEA, ATF, and the rest of the law enforcement alphabet of bureaucratic fiefdoms by repealing the War on Drugs and the rest of the nanny state statutes.

There is no reason whatsoever that legitimate law enforcement—protection of the lives and property of the citizenry—cannot be handled by the 17,000 law enforcement agencies operative at the state and local level.

That’s not going to happen. It’s a nice thought. It’s also utopian. Everybody is entitled to his own mental utopia, but he had better not get this confused with reality. I don’t think Stockman does.

David Stockman on the Effects of the Lockdowns by Gary North

I would put a modifier: it won’t happen until there is no money to fund federal law enforcement.

Not that there is a LOT of money sloshing around there: the feds can chop their budget 80% (bye-bye Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid) and still have plenty to fully fund federal law enforcement, and the CIA/NSA/etc, and a large number of Army units in the continental US.

(Perhaps not quite enough to cover the aircraft carrier groups or the super-expensive airplanes. But that’s just for pork-barrelling and Imperial adventures, anyways.)

I thing that the money will still go, as the productivity of the average American declines. But that’s a generational process, not tied to a single financial depression or even the Great Default/end of the Welfare State.

The Source of Strength

To those who keep posting nonsensical articles that claim to “expose” BLM: Let me bring you back to reality.

BLM – the organization, I mean, the one that y’all are trying to expose – does not depend on your approval or disapproval. They are not afraid of your “exposing” them, because they are not hiding anything of what they are or what they believe. Your posts and articles and memes and Youtube clips won’t do anything to them, because BLM never intended to have you as their allies anyway. If anything, they have partially bet their success on your opposition. They want you as their enemies, because they understand the concept of having the right enemies (which concept you still don’t understand).

What BLM feeds off is very different. (And I can’t figure why so many Christians and conservatives are so stupid to not see the obvious.) The source of their strength is cases of police brutality. Every new case of police brutalizing or murdering an innocent person adds to BLM’s reputation. It doesn’t have to be a black person; they use the brutality against white victims also. The more police is out of control, the more BLM gains cultural influence. You can break your keyboards typing all your posts and articles “exposing” them for what they believe, and the next case of a uniformed thug abusing his power will nullify everything you write and say – if it ever had any impact at all.

If you want to break the source of their strength, you need to do your job of ending police brutality. You need to be at your next town hall meeting with your Sheriff or police chief – BEFORE BLM gets there. You need to tell your Sheriff or police chief – BEFORE BLM tells him – that you want the records of all the complaints against his cops to be made public. You need to demand – BEFORE BLM demands it – that every single cop who has a record of such complaints should be fired at that very moment without any pension. You need to tell your Sheriff or police chief – BEFORE BLM tells him – that your support of him goes out the window with the next police shooting or case of brutality. You need to demand – BEFORE BLM demands it – that he returns every single piece of military gear and equipment to the federal government and never again arm his cops better than his constituency is armed. You need to inform your judges – BEFORE BLM informs them – that their re-election depends on whether they strike down qualified immunity. Etc., etc., etc.

As of now, you are not doing anything of value. You are only making BLM stronger.

Quit being stupid, for a change.

Bojidar Marinov

Prediction: Nothing Will Change…

I suggest that Christian Conservatives are not going to change.

So, BLM will grow stronger: especially after the Welfare State buckles and snaps, the bribes to the ghettos dry up, and the whole American legal and political system gets discredited.

White America – especially White Christian America – will still put its trust in uniforms and badges and guns. And frankly couldn’t care less if there is some ‘rough stuff’ going on, and the occasional black man is chocked to death.

So long as Order is Maintained.

…Until It Is Entirely Too Late

No Hard Secession

I am assuming that the US military will still be strong enough to keep the country together after a default and a 80% budget cut. Most of that money goes to naval and air force boondoggles: that can all be stripped off, and still have enough money to double or triple the continental infantry ground force — maybe buy some more brigades of light armored vehicles — and set up a proper occupation force with a fair mount of ease.

Zap most of the carriers & ships (keep the subs!), eliminate half or more of the air force, dump the space force, and no need to boost the tanks or artillery. Even if 80% of the military budget is cut, you STILL have enough to build up some more specialized urban warfare/guerilla warfare units.

Summary: Even assuming a serious economic collapse, nobody is leaving the US anytime soon.

Soft Secession? Rather Likely

But note that BLM isn’t interested in seceding from the United States. They are interested in ending police brutality against black people. And defunding the police would make for an interesting start.

The military will be strong enough to maintain the authority of the President for the foreseeable future. But that being said, the President and the Federal government just isn’t interested in getting into the details of running every single state and city and town, especially as one of their two power tools — the financial carrot — will be gone by ~2030, leaving only the stick.

So long as any direct challenge to the territorial integrity of the United States or it’s taxation powers is avoided, it’s quite likely that various forms of soft secession/decentralization will be tolerated: it’s just too expensive to try and out all those petty, fourth-tier disturbances.

Something like the American Civil War is quite unlikely.

Something like the fragmentation of modern Mexico – with less drug-fueled fighting, and more race- and ideology-fueled strife — is a lot more likely.

Winners and Losers

And note: the number and power of those White American Conservatives – Christian or otherwise – have been on the decline for decades now, and will only accelerate into the future.

Nobody likes congenial losers. Especially when said losers see no need to repent, or learn, or change, or even reproduce themselves.

White American Conservatives just don’t have the stamina, the commitment, or the endurance of, say, French Arabs, or German Turks, or the Jews.

White American Conservatives don’t even have to willingness to sacrifice that other declining people have, people like the Ukrainians. Or the Russians. Or the Chinese. Or the Japanese.

(Demographically, all these nations are on deaths road: but unlike the White American, the other peoples are trying to get off that road, somehow. Rather than just put the pedal to the metal, or fixate on How Things Used To Be.)

Obviously, White American Conservatives don’t have the toughness, the endurance, or the commitment of Black Americans.

But also, they can’t match the commitment and self-sacrificial levels of Chinese Christians. Or Iranian Christians. Or Indian Christians. Or Pakistani Christians. Or African Christians, especially those in Islamic lands.

Too much White focus on power and privilege, safety and comfort.

And the awesome glory of a dead past.


Will Black Lives Matter suffer for their sins? Absolutely… later.

But, first things first.

The people with the most power and wealth bear the greater responsibility. And just as they got the greater wealth and honour for greater obedience, so they get the greater loss and shame for disobedience.

And the level of obedience and justice that is demanded only increases for God’s people, never decreases.

Greater knowledge + greater wealth = greater responsibility and tougher levels of accountability.

And sharper penalties for failure.

Meme: “Most People Rejected His Message”

Just touching on a meme, based on an old Jack Chick pamphlet from 1997, based on Galatians 4:16.

Of all the memes I have seen, this is by far the most Biblical: a servant of God telling the truth, only to have the truth rejected by men. Not for the first time, and not for the last time.

And yet, the servants keep on pounding away. Why?

First, because God told them to.

Second, because it is not done in futility. Most people reject the message… not all. And because of the power of the message, the few who do listen and obey change the entire world.

It’s a slow road to victory… but a road to victory, it is.

Big Danger, Silent Media

From Gary North, BLM’s Free Ride in the Media

—-<Begin Quote>—

If you travel south a couple of blocks to Beverly Boulevard, you find a statue of Raoul Wallenberg. This was posted on a Jewish website dated August 1, 2013.

After standing for nearly 25 years on the corner of Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard, a statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives in the Holocaust, will be rededicated on Aug. 5. . . .

The statue was unveiled on Dec. 4, 1988. Designed by the late Italian artist Franco Assetto, it features a bronze silhouette of a man with his hand extended, flanked by two stainless steel wings, symbolizing Wallenberg’s role as an angel of mercy. The drive to create the monument was spearheaded by John Brooks, a Hungarian Jew who was saved by Wallenberg, and Yaroslavsky. In the year prior to the statue’s erection, the street corner on which it now stands was given the name Raoul Wallenberg Square. . . .

Wallenberg, a 31-year-old Swedish businessman, was asked by the United States’ War Refugee Board to travel to Hungary in 1944 and undertake a mission to rescue Jews from the Nazis. Wallenberg produced thousands of Swedish protective papers for Jews in peril. In addition, he established some 30 safe houses in Budapest that sheltered thousands of Jewish refugees, and he set up an international ghetto protected by neutral countries.

Wallenberg was arrested in January 1945 by Soviet officials and was never seen again. In his six months in Hungary, it is estimated that Wallenberg may have saved up to 100,000 Jewish lives.

Why is this relevant? Because of this.

Graffiti on the walls of a synagogue read “Free Palestine” and “f*** Israel.” A statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis, was smeared with anti-Semitic slogans.

Along with the synagogues, Jewish-owned buildings and stores were defaced, in several cases also with anti-Semitic graffiti. The businesses were looted, too.

This city’s Fairfax district, a heavily Jewish area that has been continuously represented by a Jewish city councilman since 1953, was hit particularly hard by the kind of vandalism that has struck major cities following the killing of George Floyd in police custody.

“The attack on our community last night was vicious and criminal,” Paul Koretz, the district’s current city councilman, said in a statement Sunday. “As we watched the fires and looting, what we didn’t get covered were the anti-Semitic hate crimes and incidents. Under the guise of protests, some advanced their anti-Semitic agenda.”

The anti-Semitism included the above messages on Temple Beth El and similar graffiti on the nearby Baba Sale Congregation.

Across the street from Beth El, the Kosher Mensch Bakery and Kitchen and the Jewish-owned clothing store Go Couture were destroyed. Stores on the fashionable Melrose Avenue, on the district’s northern border, also were damaged, as were multiple Jewish institutions in the area: Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Tivereth Avi/Morasha Educational Centre, Shaarei Tefilah synagogue and the Shalhevet school for girls, according to Aram Goldberg, vice president of the Jewish Federation Council.

The city councilman was right. This got no publicity in the national media. I doubt that it got much publicity in the local media. It was covered up. It doesn’t fit the narrative promoted by the mainstream media.

The vandals who defaced the statue and who scrawled graffiti on synagogues knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly who they were targeting. The hatred runs deep.

When black vandals get a free ride in the media when they do this to synagogues, they are getting a free ride across the nation.

—-<End Quote>—

What Was, What Is

The Liberal, Mainstream Media Complex has changed since the days of my youth. There is no way that the Old Guard would have let black Neo-Nazis get away with this vandalism.

But today, there is silence.

The dog is not barking.


  1. Understand who is in charge of the Media today. Understand what their goals are today. Not in the days of Teddy Kennedy. Not in the days of Ronald Reagan. Not in the days of George W. Bush, or Barack Obama.

  2. If the media is going to be silent before such vandalism, they are going to be silent if a few Jews are killed in the street during a riot. Or a few Jewish stores are smashed in during a riot. Or if certain people always seems to get targeted during a riot.

    The Media simply aren’t going to notice, if the Wrong Sort gets hurt.

    (And yes: The Jews are, once again, after all these decades, back in the box of the Wrong Sort. Not a Good Sign.)

    And the Media will NEVER spell this out. They will just decide not to notice as the Jews get targeted, more and more.

    Property will be destroyed, lives will be ended, and the Liberal Media will say not a word.

    They will say NOTHING.

Blinding You

You need accurate information, to know what is going on, to protect your life and property.


They much prefer to keep you in the dark.

They much prefer to blind you.

Remember “If it bleeds, it leads?” If the Media was just interested in making money, just like any other business, they could make Big Bucks yelling about the black Neo-Nazis.

The Media has no interest in making money. They are interested in being a univocal propaganda sheet for the Right Sort, spouting Official Doctrine and covering up the blood.

The Media is doing to do it’s level best to put BLM above the law. Like all the other Officially Approved concerns.

Get Alternative news sources. Get in touch with Unapproved Viewpoints.

Don’t let the Media blind you.

The Crisis Point

Finally: all this is nothing but a dry run.

If you are under the age of 50, you will probably live to see the day when the welfare cheques stop coming.

Today’s black riots are nothing but a dry run for THAT day.

Be prepared…

…and remember, the Media prefers to see you blinded on that day.

Use the eyes, the ears, the brains God gave you.

Get your own info sources up and running before then. Definitely locally, and regionally/naturally for some early warning of trouble brewing.

Even as the media streams stay silent.