Ron Paul Curriculum

I strongly believe that homeschooling is the way to the future.

And the best set of homeschooling courses for the Christian is the Ron Paul Curiculum!

But first…

Why Ditch the Public Schools?

First: It is demanded by God that parents – and not the State – take control of the education of their children. It is obvious that our governments have no interest in the following:

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4: all from NASB)


These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7; also see Deuteronomy 11:19)

Parents are to obey God, and not put convenience over the salvation and success of their sons and daughters. Christians may not sacrifice their children to Moloch, nor may they tithe their children to a State that despises both their God, and the very distinction between right and wrong, truth and falsehood.

Second: It has been emphatically proven by neutral observers that homeschooling is more effective in teaching children than government schools.

Third: In Rushdoony’s The Messianic Character of American Education, he focuses on the deeply religious (and deeply Anti-Christian) views of the creators of the American Public School system:

But if skills are only a necessary but subordinate part of freedom, then in themselves they cannot constitute a liberal education, however necessary to it. The question again remains basically a religious question, and, to its credit, progressivism has been essentially a religious movement, as indeed has been the whole of the movement from Horace Mann to the present, to liberate man by means of a universal system of state-supported schools.

The public schools remain the only government-backed church in America. (A deeply corrupt and intensely corrupt church, too!)

Fourth: Moreover, John Paul Gatto demonstrated in his book, The Underground History of American Education, that…

Schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population. Schools are intended to produce through the application of formulae, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and controlled.


What should make you suspicious about School is its relentless compulsion:

“The net effect of holding children in confinement for twelve years without honor paid to the spirit is a compelling demonstration that the State considers the Western spiritual tradition dangerous.”


Growth and mastery come only to those who vigorously self-direct. Initiating, creating, doing, reflecting, freely associating, enjoying privacy – these are precisely what the structures of schooling are set up to prevent, on one pretext or another.”

In Summary:

  • Christians are to present their children to God, and not to the State.
  • Christians must raise their children to be capable of independent thought and action.

Why go with the Ron Paul Curriculum?

A whole list of 26 reasons (and four reasons not to) are provided here.

But the Number One reason is right at the top of the page:

Reason #1: This curriculum helps you pass on your most important inheritance: your worldview. It is the only video-based, self-taught, reading-intensive, writing-intensive, online homeschool program that provides a systematic defense of limited government and the free market economy. I call this the freedom philosophy.

This is what you need to know.

Of course, I myself back it because Gary North has had a major hand in shaping it. Dr. North is among the very best thinkers and researchers who publicly stands with Christ today, and he’s interested in Victory in THIS World, and not Retreat into some Shrinking Pious Ghetto.

The pervasive evil and corruption in our society is directly traceable to:

It’s time to ditch this nonsense, and it is up to us – and our children – to push Christ’s cause forward.

  • The world does not belong to corrupt, self-adoring, power’n’pleasure statists: it belongs to God, and to those who follow in His ways.
  • The government is not a master, to make the laws that serve only itself and the Connected Few: it is a servant, to enforce an unchanging Code of Law that is written by God, and not by powerful men.

Those who train their children to walk with God will reap the rewards, in this life and the next, in this generation and to the thousands that follow.

THAT is why I recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum!


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul Curriculum

  1. Hi, there. I’m a homeschooling mom. I am also an affiliate marketer. My family has decided to use RPC this year. When I learned that there was an affiliate marketing opportunity, I got excited. I want to seek out a homeschooling family using RPC who has taken the time to write a review and use their affiliate link in order to bless them. I went to the… like 8th… page of Bing results to find someone. I found you. Can you tell me if a) you’re still homeschooling with RPC and b) if the links within this blog are your personal affiliate links to the program? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lyn!

      1) While I have enjoyed various classes with RPC (for my own use), I am not currently using it.
      2) The link is not a personal affiliate link. I’m more than pleased to encourage everyone to use RPC, as I think think that getting more Christian entrepreneurs is more important than getting more Christian scientists – which would be handled by the Robinson Curriculum,

      Yes, we need definitely need more high-caliber Christian scientists: but in my opinion, we need a broad culture of Christian business excellence first. Few are called to science, but many, many Christians can benefit from mastering their own business. Also, more and better Christian businesses can change the culture faster and more powerfully than the – admittedly necessary – push to regain the scientific fields for Christ.

      I have no problems if you (or all of my readers!) make your own affiliate links on your own site, though – I am more than comfortable with people being paid to spread the good word! And if you have a strategy to get the good RPC word out to a broader audience, I’m all ears!

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